Bosch Neff Freezer Drawer Basket

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If the freezer drawer in your Neff fridge freezer has been accidentally damaged, this genuine replacement freezer drawer may be just what you need. This is a genuine freezer storage drawer or basket to fit Bosch and Neff freezer models as shown.


  • Freezer Drawer Basket.
  • Size W x 450 mm, D x 410 mm, H x 150 mm.
  • See below for list of models this part fits.

Fits these models:

Bosch Fridge Freezer Models, GUL1202/01, GUL1202GB/01, GUL1203/01, GUL1203/02, GUL1203/03, GUL1203GB/01, GUL1203GB/02, GUL1203GB/03, GUL1203GB/04, K4316X4GB/01, K4450X0/01, K4450X0GB/01, K4450X0IE/01, K4450XOIE/01, K4452X0/01, K4452X0GB/01, K4452X0IE/01, K4453X0/01, K4453X0/32, K4453X0GB/01, K4453X0GB/32, K4460X0/01, K4460X0/02, K4460X0GB/01, K4460X0IE/01, K4460X2EU/01, K4460X3EU/01, K4460X3EU/32, K4460X3IE/01, K4462X0/01, K4462X0GB/01, K4462X0IE/01, K4462X0RK/01, K4462X0RK/02, K4462X0RK/32, K4463X0/01, K4463X0/32, K4463X0GB/01, K4463X0GB/32, K4463X0IE/01, K4463X0IE/02, K4463X0IE/32, K4463X0IE/33, KI4AEY1IE/01, KIM2600/01, KIM2600CH/01, KIM2600IE/01, KIM2601/01, KIM2601CH/01, KIM2602/01, KIM2602/32, KIM2602CH/01, KIM2602CH/32, KIM2603CH/01, KIM3000/01, KIM3000/02, KIM3000CH/01, KIM3000CH/02, KIM3000IE/01, KIM3000IE/02, KIM3000NL/01, KIM3000SD/01, KIM3001/01, KIM3001CH/01, KIM3001IE/01, KIM3001NL/01, KIM3002/01, KIM3002/32, KIM3002CH/01, KIM3002CH/32, KIM3002GB/01, KIM3002GB/32, KIM3002IE/01, KIM3002IE/02, KIM3002NE/31, KIM3002TC/01, KIM3002TC/02, KIM3003CH/01, Neff Fridge Freezer Models, 3GI9581/01, G4342X0/01, G4342X0GB/01, G4343X0/01, G4343X0/02, G4343X0/03, G4343X0/04, G4343X0GB/01, G4343X0GB/02, G4343X0GB/03, G4343X0GB/04, G4344X4/01, G4344X4/02, G4344X4GB/01, G4344X6/01, G4344X6/02, G4344X6/03, G4344X6/04, G4344X6GB/01, G4344X6GB/02, G4344X6GB/03, G4344X6GB/04

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10 Reviews:

Great Service
20 September 2021  |  Paul

Ordered a replacement Neff freezer drawer late on a Thursday evening which arrived early on Saturday morning with several eímailed updates between. Part as described, at a good price, prompt delivery and great communication. What more could you want? Highly recommended and will definitely be back.

True 5* customer service
28 February 2021  |  Phil

I ordered a replacement freezer drawer which arrived next day. Brilliant customer service, great communication and a competitive price. Canít recommend highly enough 🙌🏻

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