Hotpoint Indesit Oven Cooker Dual Grill Element 2660W

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Compatible low cost 2660 watt dual grill element for select Hotpoint and Indesit oven and cookers. This 2660 watt dual grill element will fit appliance models listed below.


  • Dual Grill Element
  • 2660 Watt
  • Alternative Part Number C00230133

Fits these models:

Hotpoint Cooker Models, 61DCW, BD32P, MK2, C367EWH(T), DY46W/2, 61DCW(T), BD32P, MK2(T), C367EXH, DY46X, MK2, ARC60W, BD32P/2, C367EXH(T), DY46X, MK2(T), ARC60X, BD42SS, MK2, C368EWH, DY46X/2, BD32B, MK2, BD42SS, MK2T, C368EWH(T), EG74G, BD32B, MK2(T), BD42SS/2, DY46K, MK2, EG74G(T), BD32B/2, C367EIH, DY46K, MK2(T), EG74P, BD32K, MK2, C367EKH, DY46K/2, EG74P(T), BD32K, MK2(T), C367EKH(T), DY46W, MK2, EG74X, BD32K/2, C367EWH, DY46W, MK2(T), EG74X(T), EW74G, EW84K, HUD61P, S130EWHMK2T, EW74G(T), EW84K(T), HUD61X, S130EXHMK2T, EW74K, EW84P, HUE61G, UY46K, MK2, EW74K(T), EW84P(T), HUE61K, UY46K, MK2(T), EW74P, EW84X, HUE61P, UY46W, MK2, EW74P(T), EW84X(T), HUE61X, UY46W, MK2T, EW74X, HAE60K, KD6E35W, UY46X, MK2(T), EW74X(T), HAE60P, KD6G35M, UY46X/2, EW84G, HUD61G, KD6G35X, UY46XMK2, EW84G(T), HUD61K, Indesit Cooker Models, FID10IX/1, FIDM20IX/1, FIU20WH/1, KD6C35X(T), FID20BK/1, FIDM20IXM2, FIU20WHMK2, KD6E35W(T), FID20BKMK2, FIDM20IXM2T, FIU20WHMK2T, KD6G35W, FID20BKMK2T, FIDM20IXMK2, KD6C35A, KDP60C, FID20IX, MK2, FIU20BK, KD6C35K, KDP60C(T), FID20IX/1, FIU20BKMK2, KD6C35M, KDP60E, FID20IXMK2, FIU20IX, MK2, KD6C35M(T), KDP60E(T), FID20WH/1, FIU20IX/1, KD6C35W, KDP60SE, FID20WHMK2, FIU20IXMK2, KD6C35W(T), KT6C3W, FID20WHMK2T, FIU20IXMK2T, KD6C35X

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6 Reviews:

Good item, works perfectly
25 September 2022  |  David

This item is exactly the same as the part to replace and works perfectly.
I was a bit hesitant to purchase at first because I hadn't used this company before and the price - (must be a scam if it's half price, right?)
Happy to say I was proven wrong - very pleased and will shop here again

Cooker grill element
20 October 2020  |  Ian

Excellent quality, easy installation, very quick delivery..

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