Fan Oven Element 2500W For Bosch Siemens

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Low cost replacement 2500 watt fan oven element to fit Bosch and Siemens oven and cooker models as shown.


  • Fan Oven Element.
  • 2500 Watt.
  • Height 240mm.
  • Width 193mm.
  • Alternative Part Number 480484.
  • See below for list of models this part fits.

Fits these models:

Bosch Cooker Models, HBN200SGB/01, HBN200SGB/02, HBN200SGB/03, HBN200SGB/04, HBN200SGB/05, HBN200SGB/06, HBN200SGB/07, HBN200TGB/01, HBN200TGB/02, HBN200TGB/03, HBN200TGB/04, HBN200TGB/05, HBN200TGB/06, HBN200TGB/07, HBN202SGB/01, HBN202SGB/02, HBN202SGB/03, HBN202SGB/04, HBN202SGB/05, HBN202SGB/06, HBN202SGB/07, HBN202TGB/01, HBN202TGB/02, HBN202TGB/03, HBN202TGB/04, HBN202TGB/05, HBN202TGB/06, HBN202TGB/07, HBN205TGB/01, HBN205TGB/02, HBN205TGB/03, HBN205TGB/04, HBN205TGB/05, HBN206UGB/01, HBN206UGB/02, HBN206UGB/03, HBN2300GB/01, HBN2300GB/02, HBN2320GB/01, HBN2320GB/02, HBN2320GB/03, HBN2350GB/01, HBN2350GB/02, HBN2350GB/03, HBN2350GB/04, HBN2350GB/05, HBN2360GB/01, HBN2360GB/02, HBN2800GB/01, HBN2800GB/02, HBN2820GB/01, HBN2820GB/02, HBN2820GB/03, HBN2850GB/01, HBN2850GB/02, HBN2850GB/03, HBN2850GB/04, HBN2850GB/05, HBN2860GB/01, HBN2860GB/02, Siemens Cooker Models, HB12320GB/01, HB12320GB/02, HB12320GB/03, HB12320GB/04, HB12320GB/05, HB12320GB/06, HB12320GB/07, HB12340GB/01, HB12340GB/02, HB12340GB/03, HB12340GB/04, HB12340GB/05, HB12340GB/06, HB12340GB/07, HB12420GB/01, HB12420GB/02, HB12420GB/03, HB12420GB/04, HB12420GB/05, HB12420GB/06, HB12420GB/07, HB12440GB/01, HB12440GB/02, HB12440GB/03, HB12440GB/04, HB12440GB/05, HB12440GB/06, HB12440GB/07, HB12450GB/01, HB12450GB/02, HB12450GB/03, HB12450GB/04, HB12450GB/05, HB23024GB/01, HB23024GB/02, HB23044GB/01, HB23054GB/01, HB23064GB/01, HB23064GB/02, HB24024GB/01, HB24024GB/02, HB24044GB/01, HB24054GB/01, HB24054GB/02, HB24064GB/01, HB24064GB/02

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