Washing Machine Drain Pump

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Low cost replacement washing machine drain pump. This pump includes the pump housing and filter and will fit Bosch, Neff and Siemens washing machine models as listed.


  • Washing Machine Drain Pump
  • Includes Pump Housing And Filter
  • Alternative Part Number 144487

Fits these models:

WFT2806GB/13, WOK2001GB/07, WET2820GB/13, WFE2020GB/12, WFE2021GB/01, WFF1100GB/01, WFF1120GB/12, WFF1120GB/14, WFF1200GB/01, WFF1200GB/12, WFF1200GB/14, WFF1201GB/01, WFF120LGB/01, WFF1400GB/12, WFF1400GB/14, WFF1401GB/01, WFF140LGB/01, WFF147SGB/01, WFF1800GB/12, WFF2000GB/12, WFF2000GB/14, WFF2001GB/01, WFF200LGB/01, WFK2200GB/12, WFG2020, WFK2201GB/01, WFK2800GB/12, WFK2801GB/01, WFP3200GB/11, WFP3200GB/12, WFP3201GB/01, WFP3300GB/01, WFT2800GB/13, WOH3010/06, WOH3010/07, WOH8710/06, WOH9710/06, WOV9900/06, WET2820GB/01, WET2820GB/11, WET2820GB/12, WFA1010/15, WFE2020GB/01, WFE2020GB/11, WFK2200GB/01, WFK2200GB/11, WFK2280GB/01, WFK2800GB/01, WFK2800GB/11, WFK5030/04, WFK5630/04, WFK5730GB/04, WFK6030GB/04, WFK6030GB/06, WFK6630/04, WFK6630/06, WFK7030/04, WFK7430GB/04, WFK8030/04, WFM2010/15, WFM2030/01, WFM2030/04, WFM3030GB/02, WFM3030GB/04, WFM3600/15, WFM4030GB/02, WFM4030GB/04, WFP3200GB/11, WFS2030/02, WFS2030/07, WFS4030GB/02, WFS4030GB/07, WFS4330/02, WFS4330/07, WFS5330/02, WFS5330/07, WFT2800GB/01, WFT2800GB/11, WFT2800GB/12, WFT8030GB/02, WFT8430GB/02, WFT8440GB/02, WFV3801/15, WFV3810/15, WFV4830/01, WFV4830/04, WIT8430GB/08, WIT8440GB/08, WIT8450GB/08, WET2820GB/01, WET2820GB/11, WET2820GB/12, WFA1010/15, WFE2020GB/01, WFE2020GB/11, WFF1800GB/01, WFF1800GB/11, WFF2000GB/01, WFF2000GB/11, WFK2200GB/01, WFK2200GB/11, WFK2280GB/01, WFK2800GB/01, WFK2800GB/11, WFK5030/04, WFK5630/04, WFK5730GB/04, WFK6630/06, WFK7030/04, WFK8030/04, WFM2010/15, WFM2030/01, WFM2030/04, WFM3030GB/01, WFM3600/15, WFP3200GB/11, WFT2800GB/01, WFT2800GB/11, WFT2800GB/12, WFV3801/15, WFV3810/15, WFV4830/01, WFV4830/04, WOH3000/01, WOH3010/01, WOH8210/01, WOH8710/01, WOH9710/01, WOV7900/02, WOV9900/02, WOK2001GB/02, WOK2001GB/04, WOK2001GB/05

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Great price and fast delivery
27 June 2022  |  Patrick

1/2 the price of the other main online parts suppliers and rapid delivery, and 1/5 of the price of the OEM part! Our Bosch washing machine is over 27years old. I replaced the OEM pump around 5 years ago with this non OEM pump which is considerably cheaper at 17 verses OEM 94. However, it won't last as long as the OEM, but at over 5 times more expensive for a part that is easily replaced, it is not worth fitting the OEM part as I assume the machine has reached the end of its design life and I expect other more major components to start failing.