Zanussi Washing Machine Pump

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Washing Machine
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Genuine replacement Zanussi washing machine drain pump.


  • Zanussi Drain Pump
  • Type: Askoll Pump

Fits these models:

F1003W, F1045W, F1203W, F1245W, F1256W, FA8023, FJDR1266W, FJDR1466S, FJDR1466W, FJDR1666W, FJR1254W, FJR1454W, FR1250S, FR1250W, FR1450W, FS1055W, FS1155W, FS1255S, FS1255W, FS1355W, FS1455W, FS1555W, FX1165W, FX1265W, FX1365W, FX1465W, ZKG2125, ZKG7125, ZKG7143, ZKG7145, ZKG7165, ZKG7169, ZKH7146J, ZKI225, ZKI245, ZKN7147J, ZWD12270G1, ZWD12270S1, ZWD12270W1, ZWD14270W1, ZWD14581S1, ZWD14581W1, ZWD14791W, ZWD16270W1, ZWF10020W, ZWF10070W, ZWF10070W1, ZWF1010W, ZWF1011W, ZWF1012W, ZWF1020W, ZWF1021W, ZWF1111W, ZWF1112W, ZWF12070G1, ZWF12070S, ZWF12070S1, ZWF12070W, ZWF12070W1, ZWF12080W, ZWF1210W, ZWF1211W, ZWF12170W, ZWF1217W, ZWF1218W, ZWF1220S, ZWF1221G, ZWF1221S, ZWF1221W, ZWF1227W, ZWF12280W, ZWF1230W, ZWF1231W, ZWF12370W, ZWF1237W, ZWF12380W, ZWF1240W, ZWF1241W, ZWF1311W, ZWF14069W, ZWF14070G1, ZWF14070W, ZWF14070W1, ZWF14080G, ZWF14080W, ZWF1415W, ZWF14170W, ZWF1420W, ZWF1421S, ZWF1421W, ZWF1427W, ZWF14280S, ZWF14280W, ZWF1430S, ZWF1430W, ZWF1431S, ZWF1431W, ZWF1432S, ZWF1432W, ZWF1434W, ZWF1437S, ZWF1437W, ZWF14380G, ZWF14380S, ZWF14380W, ZWF1440W, ZWF1441W, ZWF1450W, ZWF1451W, ZWF14581W, ZWF14791W, ZWF1521W, ZWF16070S, ZWF16070W, ZWF16070W1, ZWF1621S, ZWF1621W, ZWF16281W, ZWF1630W, ZWF1631W, ZWF1632W, ZWF1637W, ZWF16381W, ZWF1640S, ZWF1640W, ZWF1650W, ZWF1651W, ZWF16581G, ZWF16581S, ZWF16581W, ZWF1840, ZWF1850, ZWG3102, ZWG5145, ZWG6122, ZWI1125, ZWI2125, ZWT71201WA, ZWT71401WA, ZWV1651S, ZWX1505W, ZWX1506W, ZWX1605W, ZWX1606W

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As described
07 March 2020  |  Terry

promt delivery as promised and product as described