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Drum Paddle For Hoover Washing Machine

Drum Paddle For Hoover Washing Machine

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Zanussi Washing Machine Drum Lifter Paddle
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Zanussi Washing Machine Drum Lifter Paddle

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  • Stock Code: ZAN50252271007
  • Brand:  Zanussi
  • Genuine Spare Part


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Same day dispatch before 2pm  

Same day dispatch before 2pm

If one or more drum paddles are loose or broken in your Zanussi washing machine, this genuine replacement drum paddle could be ideal. It is recommended that all three drum paddle are exchanged at the same time.


  • Zanussi Drum Paddle

Fits these models:

F505, F1045W, F1203W, F1245W, F1256W, FJ831, FJ893, FJ1033, FJ1033SW, FJ1040, FJ1053, FJ1054W, FJ1093, FJ1094, FJ1094AL, FJ1200, FJ1214, FJ1224, FJ1224W, FJ1254W, FJ1295, FJ1296, FJ1354S, FJ1454W, FJI1204, FJI1204B, FJR1254W, FJR1454W, FJS1025W, FJS1197W, FJS1225W, FJS1397W, FJS1425W, FJS1597W, FL12INPUT, FL15 INPUT, FL411C, FL826, FL827, FL828, FL828AL, FL850, FL881, FL884, FL884AL, FL1030, FL1032, FL1032SW, FL1034, FL1081, FL1082, FL1083 AMIE, FL1084, FL1084AL, FL1085, FL1234, FL1281, FL1282, FLA1001W, FLA1002W, FLA1101W, FLA1201W, FLE1015W, FLE1016W, FLE1115W, FLE1116W, FLE1215W, FLE1216W, FLE1416W, FLI1042, FLI1042BR/B, FLI1042W/B, FLS985QAL, FLS985QW, FLS1084, FLS1183W, FLS1185QAL, FLS1185QW, FLS1186W, FLS1383W, FLS1383W, FLS1386W, FR1250S, FR1250W, FR1450W, FS1055W, FS1155W, FS1255S, FS1255W, FS1355W, FS1455W, FS1555W, IZ10, IZ12, IZ16, IZ16S, IZ141S, IZ141W, IZ161S, IZ161W, W1042W, W1242W, WD15 INPUT, WD1250W, WDA1055W, WDA1255W, WDI1215B, WDI1215W, WDJ1054, WDJ1074, WDJ1094, WDJ1285, WDJ1285B, WDJ1294, WDJ1500, WDS1072C, WDS1183W, WDT1070, WDT1072, WDT1075, WDT1085, WDT1275, WDT1275B, WJD1257S, WJD1257W, WJD1357S, WJD1457W, WJS1197W, WJS1265W, WJS1397W, WJS1397W, WJS1465W, WJS1665W, Z703C, Z705C, ZJ124, ZJ1217, ZJ1218, ZJ1284, ZJD125, ZJD1219, ZJD1285, ZJD12191, ZT102 , ZT1012, ZT1014, ZT1022, ZT1082, ZWD1251W, ZWD1260W, ZWD1261W, ZWD1270S, ZWD1270W, ZWD1271W, ZWD1470W, ZWD1471S, ZWD1471W, ZWF1010W, ZWF1020W, ZWF1021W, ZWF1210W, ZWF1217W, ZWF1218W, ZWF1220S, ZWF1220W, ZWF1221G, ZWF1221S, ZWF1221W, ZWF1230W, ZWF1231W, ZWF1241W, ZWF1415W, ZWF1420W, ZWF1421S, ZWF1421W, ZWF1430S, ZWF1430W, ZWF1431S, ZWF1431W, ZWF1434W, ZWF1441W, ZWF1521W, ZWF1621S, ZWF1621W, ZWF1630W, ZWF1631W, ZWX1505W, ZWX1605W

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Super fast delivery
Saturday, 9 May 2015  |  Alan

After getting tiny holes in our clothes because the paddle came out every time we used the washing machine I can't believe I didn't sort this sooner. It was very simple and quick to find the part and make the order. The paddle was also delivered amazingly quickly and arrived just over 24 hrs later. Very happy customer and I'd definitely use the company again and would highly recommend them to others.

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