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Zanussi Washing Machine Drive Belt
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Zanussi Washing Machine Drive Belt

  • Stock Code: P4A4414
  • Brand:  Zanussi
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Zanussi washing machine 1200mm belt. This belt fits Zanussi washing machine models listed below.


  • Zanussi Washing Machine Belt
  • Belt Length 1200mm

Fits these models:

EWD1057, FE4000, FJ1023/A, FJ1033, FJ1033SW, FJ1040, FJ1214, FJ1224, FJ1224W, FJ1354S, FJ1454W, FJD1266W, FJD1466S, FJD1466W, FJD1666W, FJDR1466S, FJDR1466W, FJDR1666W, FJI1204, FJI1204B, FJR1454W, FJS1425W, FJS1597W, FL12INPUT, FL15INPUT, FL1025, FL1030, FL1032, FL1032SW, FL1234, FLE1416W, FLI1042, FLI1042BR/B, FLI1042W/B, FR1450W, FS1355W, FS1455W, FS1555W, FX1365W, FX1465W, IZ16, IZ141S, IZ141W, IZ161S, IZ161W, WD15INPUT, WDI1215B, WDI1215W, WDJ1074, WDJ1285, WDJ1285B, WDJ1500, WDL1282, WDL1282B, WDT1070, WDT1072, WDT1275, WDT1275B, WJD1357S, WJD1457W, WJD1667W, WJS1465W, WJS1665W, ZKG7143, ZKG7145, ZKG7165, ZKG7169, ZWD1470W, ZWD1471S, ZWD1471W, ZWD1472S, ZWD1472W, ZWD1480W, ZWD1662W, ZWD1680W, ZWD1681W, ZWD14270W, ZWD14270W1, ZWD16270W, ZWD16270W1, ZWF1112W, ZWF1211W, ZWF1221W, ZWF1311W, ZWF1415W, ZWF1420W, ZWF1421S, ZWF1421W, ZWF1430S, ZWF1430W, ZWF1431S, ZWF1431W, ZWF1432S, ZWF1432W, ZWF1434W, ZWF1441W, ZWF1521W, ZWF1621S, ZWF1621W, ZWF1630W, ZWF1631W, ZWF1632W, ZWF12070W, ZWF12070W1, ZWF12170W, ZWF14069W, ZWF14070G1, ZWF14070W, ZWF14070W1, ZWF14170W, ZWF16070S, ZWF16070W, ZWF16070W1, ZWG5145, ZWG6122, ZWG6165, ZWX1505W, ZWX1605W

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