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Zanussi Washing Machine 2500W Element
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Zanussi Washing Machine 2500W Element

  • Stock Code: P4A1991
  • Brand:  Zanussi
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Zanussi washing machine 2500 watt heating element.


  • Zanussi Heating Element
  • 2500 Watt Element

Fits these models:

FJ831, FJ893, FJ963, FJ964, FJ1033, FJ1033SW, FJ1040, FJ1053, FJ1093, FJ1094, FJ1094AL, FJ1200, FJ1214, FJ1224, FJ1224W, FJ1295, FJ1296, FJI1204, FJI1204B, FJS1097NW, FJS1197W, FJS1397W, FJS1597W, FL826, FL827, FL828, FL828AL, FL850, FL881, FL884, FL884AL, FL1030, FL1032, FL1032SW, FL1034, FL1081, FL1082, FL1083, FL1084, FL1084AL, FL1085, FL1234, FL1281, FL1282, FLI1042, FLS883W, FLS985QAL, FLS985QW, FLS1084, FLS1183W, FLS1185QAL, FLS1185QW, FLS1186W, FLS1383W, FLS1386W, WDI1215B, WDI1215W, WDJ1054, WDJ1074, WDJ1094, WDJ1285, WDJ1285B, WDJ1294, WDJ1500, WDL1282, WDL1282B, WDS1183W, WDT1070, WDT1072, WDT1075, WDT1085, WDT1275, WDT1275B, WJS1197W, WJS1397W, ZJ124, ZJ1284, ZJD125, ZJD1285, ZT102, ZT1082

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