Zanussi Tumble Dryer Jockey Pulley

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Tumble Dryer
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Genuine jockey pulley to fit Zanussi tumble dryer models listed.


  • Zanussi Tumble Dryer Jockey Pulley

Fits these models:

ED207, TC450/B, TC460, TC470, TC480, TC481W, TC482W, TC484W, TC485W, TC491D, TC7102S, TC7102W, TC7103S, TC7103W, TC7114S, TC7114W, TCE7124W, TCE7127W, TCE7227W, TCE7276W, TCS584EW, TCS675EW, TCS683W, TD101/A, TD150, TD160, TD201/A, TD245/A, TD250, TD260, TD265/A, TD275/A, TD4100, TD4100W, TD4112W, TD4113W, TD4212, TD4212W, TD4213W, TD4234W, TD513, TD520AL, TD523, TD523AL, TD526, TD534, TDE4224, TDE4224W, TDE4234W, TDE4235W, TDS280W, TDS281W, TDS360T, TDS362T, TDS382AL, TDS382W, TDS383W, TDS463E, TDS483EW, TE301, TE301/A, TE350, TEI935, ZD110R, ZD225, ZDB5377W, ZDC37100W, ZDC37200W, ZDC37201W, ZDC37202W, ZDC46130S, ZDC46130W, ZDC47100G, ZDC47100S, ZDC47100W, ZDC47200W, ZDC47201W, ZDC47203W, ZDC47204W, ZDC47209W, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, ZDC67550W, ZDC67560W, ZDC68560W, ZDC77570W, ZDCB37209W, ZDCB47209W, ZDE26000W, ZDE26100W, ZDE26110W, ZDE26610W, ZDE46201W, ZDE47100W, ZDE47200W, ZDE47201W, ZDE47209W, ZDE57140W, ZDE67550W, ZDE67560W, ZDEB47209W, ZI935, ZTH485, ZTH488

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