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Zanussi Fan Oven Element 2400W

Zanussi Fan Oven Element 2400W

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Compatible Fan Oven Motor 

Compatible Fan Oven Motor 

Zanussi Cooker Grill Pan Handle
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Zanussi Cooker Grill Pan Handle

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  • Stock Code: PA876
  • Brand:  Zanussi
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine grill pan handle to fit Zanussi cooker and oven models as shown.


  • Grill Pan Handle

Fits these models:

HC5617, HC9617, ZCE5000BK, ZCE5000W, ZCE5001X, ZCE5200BK, ZCE5200SV, ZCE5200W, ZCE7200W, ZCE7300W, ZCE7350BL, ZCE7350G, ZCE7400B, ZCE7400W, ZCE7550BK, ZCE7550W, ZCE7551X, ZCE7600B, ZCE7600W, ZCE7700C, ZCE7700G, ZCE7700X, ZCE7800B, ZCE7800W, ZCG5000BKN, ZCG5000WN, ZCG5001XN, ZCG5300BKN, ZCG5300SVN, ZCG5300WL, ZCG5300WN, ZCG7540WN, ZCG7550BKN, ZCG7550WL, ZCG7550WN, ZCG7551XL, ZCG7551XN, ZCG7552XL, ZCG7552XN, ZCG7610SVN, ZCG7610W, ZCG7610WL, ZCG7610WN, ZCG7680BK, ZCG7680BKN, ZCG7680W, ZCG7680WN, ZCG7690XL, ZCG7690XN, ZCG7902XL, ZCG7902XN, ZCM7902XL, ZCM7902XN, ZDF290B, ZDF290W, ZDF290X, ZDF290XC, ZDG58B, ZDG58W, ZHF470B, ZHF470W, ZHF470X, ZHF865B, ZHF865N, ZHF865W, ZHF865X, ZHQ575ALU, ZHQ575N, ZHQ575W, ZHQ575X, ZKC5020S1, ZKC5020W1, ZKC5020X1, ZKC5030K1, ZKC5030S1, ZKC5030W, ZKC5030X, ZKC5030X1, ZKC5540S, ZKC5540W, ZKC5540X, ZKC6010W, ZKC6020S, ZKC6020W, ZKC6020X, ZKC6040S, ZKC6040W, ZKC6040X, ZKG5020BL1, ZKG5020SL1, ZKG5020SN1, ZKG5020WFN, ZKG5020WL1, ZKG5020WN, ZKG5020WN1, ZKG5030KL1, ZKG5030SN1, ZKG5030WN, ZKG5030WN1, ZKG5030XN, ZKG5030XN1, ZKG5540SN, ZKG5540WN, ZKG5540XN, ZKG6010WN, ZKG6020SN, ZKG6020WN, ZKG6040SN, ZKG6040WN, ZKG6040XN, ZKM6040SN, ZKM6040WN, ZKM6040XN, ZKS5010B1, ZKS5010S1, ZKS5010W1, ZKT6050W, ZKT6050X, ZOD330W, ZOD330X, ZOD350X, ZOD890X, ZOU330W, ZOU330X, ZOU575N, ZOU575X, ZSG38, ZUA65B, ZUA65W, ZUF270W, ZUF270X, ZUQ875N, ZUQ875W, ZUQ875X

Customer Reviews
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Excellent service
Friday, 1 November 2019  |  Leslie

Original item lost by carrier. Replacement sent promptly. Excellent service. Very pleased

Great service
Saturday, 15 September 2018  |  Lynda

Ordered and arrived swiftly, the other broke when I dropped it on the floor so just a replacement.

Just right
Friday, 11 August 2017  |  Mark

Great replacement for our missing handle, does the job just right

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