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Whirlpool Washing Machine Heater Element
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Whirlpool Washing Machine Heater Element

  • Stock Code: PA434
  • Brand:  Whirlpool
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Whirlpool washing machine element. This 2050 watt element will fit Whirlpool washing machine models as listed.


  • Washing Machine Element
  • 2050 Watts

Fits these models:

AQUASTEAM1200, AQUASTEAM1400, AQUASTEAM9700, AWC610, AWE6515, AWE6517, AWE6760, AWE6761, AWE65156, AWE65157, AWE65172, AWE65174, AWE65177, AWE67604, AWE67617, AWM045, AWM049, AWM049/3, AWM0493, AWM04937, AWM 100/1, AWM347, AWM1000, AWM1000/1, AWM1001, AWM1003, AWM1003/5, AWM1004, AWM1004/4, AWM1150, AWM1200, AWM1200/1, AWM1201, AWM1203, AWM1204/4, AWM1250, AWM1400, AWM1403, AWM1403/5, AWM1404/4, AWM3000, AWM3000/1, AWM3000/5, AWM5080, AWM5104, AWM5104/1, AWM5104/3, AWM5104/4, AWM5104/5, AWM5104/AL, AWM5104IX, AWM5105, AWM5106, AWM5125, AWM5125/1, AWM5125/3, AWM5125/4, AWM5125/5, AWM5125/S, AWM5145, AWM5145/2, AWM5145/3, AWM5145/4, AWM5145/5, AWM6100, AWM6100/1, AWM6100/3, AWM6100/S, AWM6110/3, AWM6120, AWM6120/1, AWM6120/3, AWM6120/S, AWM6120S, AWM6123, AWM6125/3, AWM6129, AWM6140/3, AWM6141/1, AWM6141/S, AWM6145, AWM6145/3, AWM7100, AWM8000, AWM8000/1, AWM8103, AWM8103/1, AWM8103/3, AWM8103/S, AWM8113/1, AWM8121, AWM8121/S, AWM8123, AWM8123/1, AWM8123/3, AWM8123/S, AWM8129, AWM8143, AWM8143/1, AWM8143/3, AWM8143/S, AWM8500, AWM10035, AWM10044, AWM12044, AWM14035, AWM14044, AWM30001, AWM30005, AWM51043, AWM51044, AWM51045, AWM51251, AWM51253, AWM51254, AWM51255, AWM51452, AWM51455, AWM51458, AWM61003, AWM61203, AWM61411, AWM61453, AWM81031, AWM81233, AWM81431, AWM100357, AWM300057, AWM512511, AWM512557, AWM514523, AWM514552, AWM514557, AWM514558, AWM610013, AWM614113, AWM810313, AWO3551, AWO3751, AWO3751/5, AWO35511, AWOC0714, AWOC07148, AWOD049, AWOD050, AWOD0502, AWOD060, AWOD4305, AWOD4306, AWOD4405, AWOD4406, AWOD4505, AWOD4506I3, AWOD4506I6, AWOD4506IS, AWOD4506W3, AWOD4506W5, AWOD4506WP, AWOD4606, AWOD4705, AWOD5316, AWOD5446, AWOD5516, AWOD5705, AWOD5706S3, AWOD5706S4, AWOD5706S5, AWOD5706S6, AWOD5706S9, AWOD5726W5, AWOD5726W9, AWOD5726WP, AWOD5926, AWOD5926W3, AWOD5926W5, AWOD5926W7, AWOD5926WP, AWOD6120, AWOD6121, AWOD6140, AWOD6527, AWOD 6527, AWOD6528W3, AWOD6528WP, AWOD6727, AWOD6727W9, AWOD6727WP, AWOD6728, AWOD 6927, AWOD6927, AWOD6927S, AWOD6927SW3, AWOD6927SW6, AWOD6927SW7, AWOD6927SWP, AWOD6928, AWOD7120, AWOD7120W3, AWOD7120WP, AWOD7121, AWOD7140W3, AWOD7140WP, AWOD7141WP, AWOD8140W3, AWOD8140WP, AWOD8528, AWOD43053, AWOD43054, AWOD43055, AWOD43057, AWOD43058, AWOD43059, AWOD43061, AWOD43063, AWOD43064, AWOD43066, AWOD44053, AWOD44054, AWOD44055, AWOD44057, AWOD44058, AWOD44059, AWOD44065, AWOD45052, AWOD45053, AWOD45054, AWOD45055, AWOD45057, AWOD45058, AWOD45061, AWOD45064, AWOD45065, AWOD45066, AWOD46053, AWOD46054, AWOD46055, AWOD46057, AWOD46058, AWOD46059, AWOD46061, AWOD46064, AWOD46066, AWOD47052, AWOD47054, AWOD47058, AWOD53165, AWOD54468, AWOD55054, AWOD55064, AWOD55065, AWOD55164, AWOD55165, AWOD55168, AWOD55264, AWOD55265, AWOD55271, AWOD55274, AWOD55565, AWOD55568, AWOD57052, AWOD57064, AWOD57065, AWOD57069, AWOD57164, AWOD57165, AWOD57168, AWOD57263, AWOD57264, AWOD57271, AWOD57274, AWOD61204, AWOD61214, AWOD61404, AWOD65273, AWOD65275, AWOD65277, AWOD65278, AWOD67273, AWOD67275, AWOD67277, AWOD67283, AWOD69273, AWOD69275, AWOD69277, AWOD69283, AWOD85287, AWOD85288, AWOE8548, AWOE8548W3, AWOE8548WP, AWOE8558, AWOE 8558, AWOE8558W3, AWOE8558W4, AWOE8558WP, AWOE8559, AWOE8562, AWOE8748, AWOE8748W3, AWOE8748WP, AWOE8758, AWOE 8758, AWOE8758W3, AWOE8758WP, AWOE8759, AWOE 8759, AWOE8759B, AWOE8760, AWOE8760B, AWOE8761, AWOE9120, AWOE 9140, AWOE9140, AWOE9202, AWOE9558, AWOE9558B, AWOE9558BLAC, AWOE9558SW3, AWOE9558SW4, AWOE9558SWP, AWOE9558W3, AWOE9558WP, AWOE9559B, AWOE9559S, AWOE9759, AWOE 9759, AWOE9760, AWOE 91400, AWOE91400STEAM, AWOE92025, AWOE97593, AWOEAS9568, AWOEAS9769, AWOE AS 9769, AWOEAST912, AWO/D 049, AWO/D049, AWO/D4305, AWO/D4405, AWO/D4505, AWO/D4605, AWO/D4705, AWO/D5316, AWO/D5446, AWO/D5505, AWO/D5506, AWO/D5516, AWO/D5526, AWO/D5547, AWO/D5556, AWO/D 5556, AWO/D5705, AWO/D5706, AWO/D5716, AWO/D5726, AWO/D5926, AWO/D 5926, AWO/D6527, AWO/D 6527, AWO/D6727, AWO/D 6727, AWO/D6927, AWO/D 6927, AWO/D8528, AWO/D10714S, AWO/D11814, AWO/DAS128, AWO/R4205, AWO/R 5206, AWO/R5206, AWO/R5406, AWOR4205, AWOR5406, AWOR5406W, AWOR42051, AWOR42054, AWOR42055, AWOR42056, AWOR42057, AWOR42058, AWOR52062, AWOR52066, AWOR52068, AWOR54064, AWOR54068, AWOR54069, AWT5108, AWT5108/1, AWT5108/3, AWT5108/4, AWT51083, AWT51084, CLWM6120, DLC7020, G2PWM1/WH/1, G2PWM1WH1, IG5120W, IG5120W4, KIW12A, PURESTEAM, STEAM9000, WWCR9230, WWCR9230B, WWCR9230B4, WWCR9230S, WWCR9230S4, WWCR92304, WWCR94304, WWCR94351, WWCR943514, WWDC6200, WWDC6210, WWDC6400, WWDC7400, WWDC8001, WWDC8220, WWDC8410, WWDC8420, WWDC62006, WWDC64001, WWDC64006, WWDC64008, WWDC72101, WWDC72102, WWDC72103, WWDC74108, WWDC82201, WWDC84201, WWDC822011, WWDL6200, WWDL6400

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