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Neff Mechanical Cooker Hood Lock

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Bosch Mechanical Cooker Hood Lock

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Wpro Type 28 Carbon Cooker Hood Filter
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Wpro Type 28 Carbon Cooker Hood Filter

  • Stock Code: PA1116
  • Brand:  Whirlpool
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine Wpro type 28 carbon cooker hood filter for Whirlpool cooker hood models shown.


  • Cooker Hood Filter
  • Type 28
  • 240 mm Diameter
  • 34 mm Depth
  • Anti Odour
  • Saturation Indicator

Fits these models:

AKR420WH-1, AKR420WH1, AKR420NB-1, AKR411, AKR420, AKR420AV-1, AKR420AV/1, AKR420AV1, AKR420IX-1, AKR420IX1, AKR420ME-1, AKR420ME1, AKR420NB-1, AKR420NB1, AKR420WH-1, AKR420WH1, AKR421, AKR425, AKR436/BL, AKR436NB, AKR436WH, AKR438/IX, AKR438/WH, AKR520, AKR609, AKR720, AKR940, BCH830/BR, BCH830/WH, BCH830/B/GB/WH, G2PCHV/BR, G2PCHV/SS, G2PCHV/WH, G2PCHV1/BR, G2PCHV1/SS, G2PCHV1/WH, G2PCHV, G2PCHVSS, G2PCHV/GR, 6AKR420IX1, 6AKR420WH1, 70018228, AKR411AV, AKR411WH, AKR420/ME/01, AKR420IX01, AKR420ME01, AKR421IX, AKR421WH, AKR421WH1, AKR425NB1, AKR425WH1, AKR438IX, AKR438NB, AKR438WH, AKR438WH/NB, AKR520ME, AKR520WH, AKR523/IX, AKR609IX, AKR609NB, AKR609WH, AKR720WH1, AKR932, AKR940IX, AKR940NB, AKR940WH, AKS679IX, AKS679WH, G2PCHV1BR, G2PCHV1SS, G2PCHV1WH, G2PCHVBR, G2PCHVGR, G2PCHVWH

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