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Neff Oven Shelf

Neff Oven Shelf

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Whirlpool Oven Grid Shelf
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Whirlpool Oven Grid Shelf

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  • Stock Code: PA376
  • Brand:  Whirlpool
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement oven shelf to fit Whirlpool, Ikea and Ignis cooker models listed. This oven shelf is the perfect replacement if you are adding an extra shelf or replacing a broken shelf in your oven.


  • Oven Shelf
  • Size 445 x 340 mm

Fits these models:

00015087, 00048865, 00094744, 00094747, 00094777, 00128225, 10015077, 10015082, 10048855, 10065524, 10094734, 10094753, 14529285, 20015086, 20123750, 24528110, 30015081, 30024448, 30027079, 30048864, 30065641, 30094766, 30123740, 30128224, 34527110, 40015085, 40015090, 40018258, 40065594, 40094756, 40123004, 44528185, 50015080, 50065616, 50065640, 50094732, 50123008, 50123744, 54527185, 60015089, 60018257, 60094741, 60122999, 70015084, 70065615, 70123012, 80015088, 80094778, 80123747, 90015078, 90015083, 90048856, 94529210, AKL380/AV, AKL380/IX, AKL380/NB, AKL380/WH, AKL381/WH, AKL392/AV, AKL392/AV/01, AKL392/WH, AKL392/WH/01, AKL393/AV, AKL393/WH, AKL394/AV, AKL394/WH, AKL404/AV, AKL404/AV/01, AKL404/WH, AKL404/WH/01, AKL429/01RUSTIC, AKL429/GR/01, AKL429/NA/01, AKL429/WH, AKL429/WH/01, AKL436/AV, AKL436/JA, AKL436/WH, AKL437/AV, AKL437/WH, AKL446IX, AKL477/AV, AKL477/WH, AKL490/AV, AKL490/IX, AKL490/WH, AKL827/AV, AKL827/WH, AKL828/AV, AKL828/GR, AKL828/IX, AKL828/JA, AKL828/WH, AKL829/IX, AKL833/AV, AKL833/WH, AKL874/GR, AKL874/IX, AKL874/WH, AKL875/AV, AKL875/IX/01, AKL875/WH, AKL876/01IX, AKL876/01WH, AKL876/AV, AKL876/IX, AKL876/WH, AKL887/01IX, AKL887/01WH, AKL888/01IX, AKL888/01WH, AKL898/IX, AKL898/WH/01, AKL899/IX, AKL899/IX/01, AKL899/WH, AKL900/IX/01, AKL900/WH/01, AKL901/IX, AKL905/IX, AKL906/IX/01, AKL906/WH, AKL907/IX, AKL907/IX/01, AKL907/NB, AKL907/WH, AKL908/IX/01, AKL909/IX, AKL909/NB, AKL914/IX, AKL914/WH, AKP510AV, AKP510/WH, AKP510/WH/01, AKP510/WH/02, AKP510WH, AKP511AV, AKP511/AV, AKP511/AV/02, AKP511/GR, AKP511/GR/02, AKP511/IX/02, AKP511/NB/02, AKP511/WH, AKP511/WH/02, AKP511WH, AKP513AV, AKP513/AV, AKP513/WH, AKP513WH, AKP519AV, AKP519/AV, AKP519/AV/02, AKP519/WH, AKP519/WH/02, AKP526/AV, AKP526/WH, AKP526/WH/01, AKP529WH, AKP595/AV, AKP595/WH, AKP601NB, AKP601WH, AKP603/AV, AKP603/WH, AKP605.AV, AKP605.WH, AKP605AV, AKP605/AV, AKP605/WH, AKP607.AV, AKP607AV, AKP607/AV, AKP607/WH, AKP607WH, AKP609/IX, AKP609/NB, AKP609/WH, AKP609IX, AKP609NB, AKP611AV, AKP611/IX, AKP611/NB, AKP611/WH, AKP611IX, AKP611NB, AKP611WH, AKP614/AV, AKP614/AV/02, AKP614/AV/03, AKP614/IX, AKP614/IX/02, AKP690/NB, AKP690/WH, AKP690WH, AKP691AV, AKP691/AV, AKP691/AV/01, AKP691/AV/02, AKP691/IX/02, AKP691/NB, AKP691/NB/02, AKP691/WH, AKP691/WH/01, AKP691/WH/02, AKP691NB, AKP691WH, AKP695/AV, AKP695/WH, AKP696/AV, AKP696/IX, AKP696/WH, AKP701/IX, AKP701/NB, AKP701/NB/01, AKP701/WH, AKP701/WH/01, AKP701IX, AKP701NB, AKP701NB01, AKP701WH, AKP701WH01, AKP703NB, AKP703WH, AKP706AV, AKP706IX, AKP706NB, AKP706WH, AKP712AV, AKP712AV01, AKP712/IX, AKP712/IX/01, AKP712/NB, AKP712/WH, AKP712IX, AKP712IX01, AKP712NB, AKZ146/WH, AKZ150AV, AKZ150/WH, AKZ150GR, AKZ150IX, AKZ150NB, AKZ150WH, AKZ151/AR, AKZ151/AV, AKZ151/GR, AKZ151/IX, AKZ151/NA, AKZ151/WH, AKZ153AV, AKZ153IX, AKZ153WH, AKZ154AL, AKZ154/AV, AKZ154/IX, AKZ154/NB, AKZ154/WH, AKZ155/AR, AKZ155/GR, AKZ155/JA, AKZ155/NA, AKZ155/WH, AKZ158/AV, AKZ158/IX, AKZ158/WH, AKZ159/IX, AKZ159/WH, AKZ160AV, AKZ446AV, AKZ446/WH, AKZ446IX, AKZ446WH, AKZ451AV, AKZ451IX, AKZ451WH, AKZ454AL, AKZ454IX, AKZ454NB, AKZ454WH, AKZ456/IX, AKZ457/IX, AKZ469IX, AKZ472/IX, AKZ472/IX/01, AKZ506/IX, AKZ506/WH, AKZ511/IX, AKZ515/IX, AKZ515/WH, AKZ516/IX, AKZ516/NB, AKZ516/WH, AKZ551/IX, AKZ555/IX, AKZ650/IX, AKZ659IX, AKZ671/IX, AKZ677/IX, AKZ810/IX, APDFO/02/AV, APDFO/1/BR, APDFO/1/RG, APDFO/1/WH, APDFO/2/AV, APDFO/2/RG, APDFO/2/WH, APDFO/AV, APDFO/BR, APDFO/GR, APDFO/RG, APDFO/WH, APSCF0/1/AR, APSCF0/1/NA, APSCFO/AV, APSCFO/BR, APSCFO/GR, APSCFO/RG, APSFO/02/AV, APSFO/02/IX, APSFO/02/RG, APSFO/02/WH, APSFO/AV, APSFO/BR, APSFO/GR, APSFO/RG, APSFO/WH, BDO810/AV, BDO810/WH, BDO814/AV, BDO814/WH, BQ02X, BSO800/AV, BSO800/AV/01, BSO800/WH, BSO800/WH/01, BSO801/AV, BSO801/WH, BSO802/AV, BSO802/WH, BSO803/AV, BSO803/WH, BSO806/AV, BSO806/IX, G2P64F/WH, G2P65/F/FP/SS, G2P65FFPSS, G2P90F/BR, G2P90F/SS, G2P90F/SS/01, G2P90F/WH, G2P90F/WH/01, G2P91R/BK, G2P91R/GR, G2P91R/WH, LPR825/01, LPR826/01, TRA801/BR, TRA801/WH

Alternative Parts
Universal Extendable Oven Cooker Shelf

Universal Extendable Oven Cooker Shelf


Universal extendable chrome oven shelf complete with fixing screws.

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Very satisfied
Sunday, 7 July 2019  |  Carol

Product just as expected and delivered promptly, very pleased.

it was cheap and it fits
Sunday, 21 April 2019  |  Peter

Bought as a second shelf for my whirlpool. Not as good as the original but it is a third of the price and will do.

IKEA oven shelf
Saturday, 3 February 2018  |  Robert

Great product,and service from supplier.

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