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Universal Drain Hose Extension Kit

Universal Drain Hose Extension Kit

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Drain Hose
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Whirlpool Dishwasher Drain Hose

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  • Stock Code: PA560
  • Brand:  Whirlpool
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This genuine replacement drain hose will fit Whirlpool, Ignis, and Diplomat dishwasher models listed.


  • Dishwasher Drain Hose
  • 2.5 Meter Drain Hose

Fits these models:

10098930, 30098929, 40027045, 40027050, 60027049, 80027051, 80027053, 90027043, 90098931, ADG623, ADG642/1BR, ADG642/1IX, ADG642/1W, ADG642/1WH, ADG644BR, ADG644IX, ADG644NB, ADG644WH, ADG6230/1IX, ADG6230IX, ADG6320IX, ADG6340 IX, ADG6340 WH, ADG6340AV, ADG6340/1AV, ADG6340/1IX, ADG6340/1NB, ADG6340/1WH, ADG6340/2IX, ADG6340/2NB, ADG6340IX, ADG6340WH, ADG6441WH, ADG6552IX, ADG6552WH, ADG6560/1WH, ADG6560IX, ADG6560WH, ADG6561IX, ADG6565IX, ADG6915IX, ADG6916IX, ADG6962IX, ADG7190, ADG7195, ADG7340, ADG7440, ADG7441, ADG7450, ADG7460, ADG7461, ADG7540, ADG7540/1, ADG7550, ADG7560, ADG7560/1, ADG7680, ADG7780, ADG7790, ADG7952, ADG7960, ADG8100, ADG8200, ADG8441/2IX, ADG8441/2NB, ADG84412IX, ADG84412NB, ADL248IX, ADL248WH, ADL347/1, ADL347/2, ADL348, ADL348B, ADL349/A, ADL349/A/1, ADL350, ADL934/1SAV, ADL934/1SWH, ADP450, ADP4000WH, ADP4108/1 WH, ADP4400 WH, ADP4400WH, ADP4403WH, ADP4404/5WH, ADP4407, ADP4440WH, ADP4500/7, ADP4500WH, ADP4501/5WH, ADP4501WH, ADP4502AL, ADP4502/5/S, ADP4502/5S, ADP4502/AL, ADP4504WH, ADP4508, ADP4544WH, ADP4601, ADP4601/1, ADP4601/IS, ADP4601/S, ADP4601IS, ADP4601WH, ADP4602AL, ADP4608, ADP4731/5/S, ADP4731/5WH, ADP4731WH, ADP4732AL, ADP5406, ADP5440AL, ADP5440WH, ADP5540AL, ADP5540/1AL, ADP5540/1WH, ADP5540GR, ADP5540WH, ADP5740WH, ADP5756PLM, ADP5962WH, ADP5966/WHM, ADP5966WHM, ADP6406, ADP6736WH, ADP6746WH, ADP6830, ADP6830/5WH, ADP6830WH, ADP6836/WH, ADP6836WH, ADP6940/5IXM, ADP6940/5WHM, ADP6940IXM, ADP6940WH, ADP6946, ADP6946/IXM, ADP6946IXM, ADP6946WHM, ADP7406, ADP7406/S, ADP7408, ADP7409 IS, ADP7409 WH, ADP7409IS, ADP7409WH, ADP8000, ADP8000/IX, ADP8000IX, ADP8332, ADP8800, ADP8800IX, ADP8900WH, APDW/2, DW110W, DWF415S, DWF415W, DWFA10S, DWFB10W, DWHB10W, DWN610W, G2PDWI/1WH, NUTIDDW60W, ADP8322, ADP8332, ADP8500, ADP8501, ADP8502

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Right product, arrived on time.
Thursday, 22 August 2019  |  Mark

This hose is the correct one for my dishwasher,for the same price as a "universal" hose of the same length. Delivery was prompt, saving me having to choose between a lot of washing or a lot of grief. Thanks guys.

Sunday, 14 June 2015  |  Paul

Brilliant service... But you sent me 2 of the same product but I only paid for 1. How do I send the other back to you?


Thankyou Paul for your honesty.
Please keep the extra item you received in your order.

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