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Washing Machine & Dryer Door Handle
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Washing Machine & Dryer Door Handle

  • Stock Code: PA659
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


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No stock, delayed dispatch

Product Details

Compatible replacement door handle. This door handle is suitable for Hotpoint washing machine and tumble dryer models listed below.


  • Door Handle White
  • Alternative to C00141704

Fits these models:

HVF344UK, HVL200UK, HVL211UK, HVL222UK, HVL241UK, VTD00P, VTD20P, VTD60P, WD420P, WD440P, WD640P, WD860P, WF00P, WF000P, WF100P-SC, WF100P-WE, WF100P/SC, WF100P/WE, WF100PSC, WF100PWE, WF101P, WF210P, WF220P, WF240P, WF250P, WF310P-SC, WF310P-WE, WF310P/SC, WF310P/WE, WF310PSC, WF310PWE, WF320P, WF320P-SC, WF320P-WE, WF320P/SC, WF320P/WE, WF320PSC, WF320PWE, WF321P, WF340P-SC, WF340P-WE, WF340P/SC, WF340P/WE, WF340PSC, WF340PWE, WF350P, WF430P, WF440P, WF530P-SC, WF530P-WE, WF530P/SC, WF530P/WE, WF530PSC, WF530PWE, WF540P-SC, WF540P-WE, WF540P/SC, WF540P/WE, WF540PSC, WF540PWE, WF541P, WF560P, WF561PUK, WF566PUK, WF620P, WF630P, WF640P, WF720P-SC, WF720P-WE, WF720P/SC, WF720P/WE, WF720PSC, WF720PWE, WF730P-SC, WF730P-WE, WF730P/SC, WF730P/WE, WF730PSC, WF730PWE, WF740P-SC, WF740P-WE, WF740P/SC, WF740P/WE, WF740PSC, WF740PWE, WF760, WF760P, WF840P, WF860, WF860P, WIXXL146UK, WT540/1P, WT540P, WT721-2P, WT721/1P, WT721/2P, WT721P, WT740G, WT740P, WT740T, WT741-2P, WT741/1P, WT741/2P, WT741P, WT760P, WT761P, WT940/1PUK, WT940G, WT940P, WT940T, WT960G, WT960P, WT960T, WT9401-PUK

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