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Vax Vacuum Hepa Filter Set

Vax Vacuum Hepa Filter Set

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Vax Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter Kit
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Vax Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter Kit

  • Stock Code: PA1258
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Compatible replacement Vax Hepa filter kit for Vax vacuum cleaner models listed. Filters should be replaced regularly to prevent the loss of suction on your Vax vacuum cleaner.


  • Vax Filter Kit
  • Equivalent To 1112618401
  • 1 Central Hepa Filter
  • 1 Pre Motor Filter

Fits these models:

Cadence V-044, Cadence V-044AA, Cadence V-044T, CENTRIX, CENTRIX3, Centrix 3 U89-CX3-B-A, Essentials Pet VEU-21, Essentials Pet VEU-105, Essentials VEU-11, Essentials VEU-102, Essentials VEU-103, Essentials VEU-104, Infinity by Vax V-044B, Performance U91-PF-B-T, POWER1, Power 1 Pet U90-P1-P, Power 1 Pet U91-P1P, Power 1 Scent of Summer U90-P1-O, Power 1 U89-P1-B, Power 1 U91-P1, Power 2 Anniversary Edition U91-P2-AN, Power 2 Pet U90-P2-P, Power 2 Pet U91-P2P, Power 2 Scent of Summer U90-P2-O, Power 2 U90-P2-B, Power 2 U91-P2, Power 2 VX U88-P2-VX, Powermax VRS1-B, Powermax VRS1-R, Powermax VRS3B, Powermax VRS3R, POWER ONE, Power VX 2 U89-P2-VX, QUICKLITE, Quicklite FoldAway V-047, Quicklite FoldAway V-047B, Quicklite FoldAway V-047S, U88-P1-B, U89-CX3-B-A, U89-P2-VX, U90-P1-P, U90-P2-P, U90P2-P, U91 P2 PET HEPA, U91-P1, U91-P1P, U91-P2P, U91-PIP, U91P1P, U91P2, V-044, V-044B, V-044T, V-047, V-110, V044, V044AA, V044B, V044TV, V047, Vax 1200 X-003, Vax 1400 X-003B, Vax 1500 X-003T, Vax Lightweight V-044AP, VAX POWER 2, VEU-11, VEU-102, VEU-103, VEU11, VEU102, VEU103, Vivality Turbo V-110, VRS1-B, VRS1-R, VRS3-B, VRS3-R, VX-3, VX2, X-003, X003, X003B, X003T

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