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Compatible Drain Hose 2.5M

Compatible Drain Hose 2.5M


Compatible Drain Hose 2.5M

Compatible Drain Hose 2.5M

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Universal Aquastop Inlet Fill Hose - 1.5M
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Universal Aquastop Inlet Fill Hose - 1.5M

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In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

This universal flood-proof inlet hose is for washing machines and dishwashers. Fitting this universal Aqua-Stop hose will help prevent water leaks from the pipes to your appliance. The Aqua-Stop design incorporates a dual layer inner hose encased within a hard plastic outer hose. If either of the inner hoses should leak, a specially designed shut-off mechanism will be triggered, blocking the hose and preventing water flow. This can be fitted on any machine to replace a standard inlet hose. Why settle for a standard hose when you can protect against leakages by fitting this universal Aqua-Stop hose instead.

This product is compatible with:

  • Flood Proof Fill Hose
  • For Dishwashers / Washing Machines


  • 1.5m hose length
  • Ambient temperature: 5 - 60 Degrees
  • Cold water temperature: 25 Degrees
  • Hot water temperature: 90 Degrees
  • Operating pressure: 0.2 - 10 bar
  • Flow rate: Maximum 20L/Min
  • Flow regulator: Optional
  • Burst resistance: > 31.5 bar at the specified temperature
  • Inline testing 100%
  • Does not require a machine with a dedicated interface
  • Detects micro-leakage (crimping problem)
  • Quick-valve triggering after leakage - due to an abrupt inlet hose breaking
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