Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Adaptor

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Genuine vent hose adaptor to fit Aeg, Electrolux, Tricity and Zanussi tumble dryers models listed. This vent hose adaptor or ring nut is used for attaching the vent hose to your tumble dryer.


  • Vent Hose Adaptor

Fits these models:

AEG Tumble Dryer Models, LTHT3, LVTHRMT3, LAVATHERMT3, T37400, T35800, T35809, T35600, T35400, T6030TA, T35850, T65178AV, T65179AV, T75175AV, T65170AV, T75170AV, T75177NAV, T65170AVM, T37800, T36800, T36809, 36800, T37808, T36600, T30, T36807, T37840, T36849, T36840, T35640, T6031TA, T37850, TN73570, T35859, T35740, TN73470, TN63570, TN73571, TN63460, TN73670, Electrolux Tumble Dryer Models, ADE77550W, EDE400E, EDE401E, EDE402M, EDE403M, EDE405M, EDE406M, EDE410M, EDE411M, EDE418M, EDE419M, EDE420E, EDE421E, EDE425M, EDE429E, EDE1070PDW, EDE1071PDW, EDE1072PDW, EDE1074PDW, EDE5100, EDE5110, EDE5130, EDE5230, EDE5300, EDE5310, EDE5330, EDE5335, EDE5340, EDE5355, EDE5361, EDE6150W, EDE36130W, EDE36150W, EDE37100W, EDE45100W, EDE47130W, EDE56140W, EDE56150W, EDE56160W, EDE57150W, EDE57160W, EDE67550W, EDE77550W, SE10, TAGL2E100, TAL1E100, WT65CLASSIC, WT75CLAS, WT361, WT362, WT365, Tricity Bendix Tumble Dryer Models, 74988, BTD03, TM210W, TM220W, TM550, TM560, Zanussi Tumble Dryer Models, AE2020, EDE418M, EDE420E, F101, IZTA120, LSI147, TD160T, TD222T, TD230T, TD242T, TD322T, TD4100, TD4110, TD4112, TD4112W, TD4113W, TD4117, TD4120, TD4212, TD4213, TD4213W, TD4224, TD4230, TDE4124, TDE4224, TDE4234W, TDE4235W, TDE4240, TDS240T, TDS250T, TDS260T, TDS270T, TDS302T, TDS333E, TDS360T, TDS 362T, TDS362T, TDS363E, TDS370T, TDS371TX, TDS372T, TDS 463E, TDS463E, TDS464E, TDS473E, Z77.12, Z77.22, Z77.32, Z77.92, ZD100C, ZD102C, ZD110, ZD120, ZD120R, ZD130R, ZD150R, ZD150RL, ZD270EK, ZD320, ZD320SENSOT, ZD2000, ZDE26000W, ZDE26100W, ZDE26110W, ZDE26610W, ZDE36150W, ZDE46201W, ZDE47100W, ZDE47200W, ZDE47201W, ZDE47209W, ZDE57140W, ZDE67550W, ZDE67560W, ZDEB47209W, ZID100, ZTA110, ZTA120, ZTA140, ZTA140, ZTA210, ZTA220, ZTA230, ZTA235, ZTA240, ZTA245, ZTA250, ZTAB250, ZTB140, ZTB150, ZTB160, ZTB170, ZTB180, ZTB190, ZTB200, ZTB220, ZTB240, ZTB261, ZTB270, ZTB271, ZTB275, ZTB276, ZTBB271, ZTBB276, ZTE7100PZ, ZTE7101P, ZTE7101PZ, ZTE7102PZ, ZTE7103BZ, ZW1150DRS

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7 Reviews:

24 January 2022  |  Richard

Excellent service.

18 September 2021  |  Alistair

Correct part delivered on time . very efficient.

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