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Compatible Fan Oven Motor 

Compatible Fan Oven Motor 


Tricity Bendix Dryer Vent Hose Adaptor

Tricity Bendix Dryer Vent Hose Adaptor

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Tricity Bendix Cooker Grill Pan Handle
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Tricity Bendix Cooker Grill Pan Handle

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  • Stock Code: PA875
  • Brand:  Tricity Bendix
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine grill pan handle to fit Tricity Bendix cooker and oven models as shown.


  • Grill Pan Handle

Fits these models:

1509, 1588W, 1992, 2000S, 2100C, 2200R, 3000S, 4610W, ATB3441, ATB3451, ATB3510, ATB3511, ATB3520, ATB3521, ATB4411, ATB4421, ATB4510, ATB4511, ATB4520, ATB4610, ATB4611, ATB4620, ATB4621, ATB45121, BD900/2B, BD900/2W, BD910B, BD910BNA, BD910W, BD910WNA, BD911B/1, BD911W/1, BS621B/1, BS621W/1, BS630BNA, BS660B, BS660W, CSE327SV, CSE327W, CSE452SV, CSE452W, CSG500XN, CSI255W, CSI3302, CSI6001B, CSI6001W, CSIE316BU, CSIE316GR, CSIE316W, CSIE317B, CSIE317GR, CSIE317W, CSIE500B, CSIE500GR, CSIE500W, DSIE328GR, DSIE328W, DSIE343GR, DSIE343W, DSIE456BK, DSIE456GR, DSIE456SV, DSIE456W, DSIE500W, E710B, E710W, EL370W, RE50GCBK, RE50GCGR, RE50GCW, RE50GGR, RE50GW, RE50MW, RSE50MGR, RSE50MW, SB200/1, SB200/2, SB200/3W, SB411W, SB412W, SB415GR, SB416GR, SB422B, SB422W, SB423W, SB430B, SB430W, SB431B, SB431C, SB431GR, SB431W, SB432C, SB432W, SB461B, SB462B, SB463BK, SE305B, SE305C, SE305GR, SE305S, SE305W, SE310FPS, SE310W, SE323B, SE323BK, SE323GR, SE323SV, SE323W, SE326SV, SE326W, SE335W, SE335X, SE340BK, SE340GR, SE340SV, SE340W, SE402W, SE424SV, SE428X, SE454B, SE454BK, SE454GR, SE454SV, SE454W, SE500/1X, SE501/1S, SE501/1W, SE501SV, SE501W, SE558/1FPS, SE558FPS, SE558W, SG305/1BN, SG305/1SN, SG305/1WL, SG305/1WN, SG335XN, SG402/1WN, SG550/1WN, SG558FPSN, SI055W, SI222B, SI222GR, SI222W, SI222Y, SI320, SI400GR, SI452B, SI452W, SI453B, SI453W, SI455B, SI455BU, SI455GR, SI455RD, SI455W, SI505B, SI505W, SI510B, SI510W, SI520B, SI520W, SI530B, SI530BU, SI530GR, SI530RD, SI530W, SI4023, SIE056W, SIE225B, SIE225GR, SIE225W, SIE250W, SIE252B, SIE252W, SIE305B, SIE305BU, SIE305C, SIE305GR, SIE305S, SIE305W, SIE305Y, SIE306B, SIE306BU, SIE306C, SIE306GR, SIE306W, SIE323B, SIE323W, SIE324BK, SIE324BU, SIE324GR, SIE324W, SIE325W, SIE326S, SIE326W, SIE340BK, SIE340GR, SIE340W, SIE400BU, SIE400C, SIE400GR, SIE400W, SIE459TCBU, SIE459TCC, SIE459TCGR, SIE459TCRD, SIE459TCW, SIE505C, SIE505GR, SOV50CH, TBD950WH, TBD950X, TBU750X

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