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Candy Dishwasher Door Lock Catch

Candy Dishwasher Door Lock Catch

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Dishwasher Door Lock Assembly

Dishwasher Door Lock Assembly

Smeg Dishwasher Door Lock
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Smeg Dishwasher Door Lock

  • Stock Code: PA1030
  • Brand:  Smeg
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement dishwasher door lock to fit the Smeg dishwasher models as shown.


  • Dishwasher Door Lock

Fits these models:

653ELCN, ADG689IX, ADP588WH, AP542, APA6148N, APA6148X, APL1250ES, APL1259ES, CA12B, CA12S, CSE66-I2, CSE68X3, CSE68X7, CSU2007B1, CSU2007W1, D4B, D4SS, D4W, DD409S, DD409W, DD410S, DD410W, DD410W1, DD612S, DD612S7, DD612SC, DD612SCA, DD612SCA7, DD612WC, DF6SPLUS, DF410B, DF410BA, DF410BL, DF410BL1, DF410S, DF410S1, DF410SDX, DF410SDX7, DF410SF, DF410SF7, DF410W, DF410W1, DF612B, DF612BL, DF612FAS, DF612S, DF612SDX, DF612SDX7, DF612SE, DF612SI, DF612W, DF612WD, DF612WE, DF614BE, DF614FAS, DF614FAS7, DF614S, DF614SF, DF614WE, DF1255W, DFC410BK, DFC612BK, DFC612S, DI614, DW-24SS, DW759S, DW2006W, DW2006X7, DWD1SSE, DWI66, DWI67.1, ELV431, ELV471, FDS95MXS, FDS 95MXS, FML6068PX, GI63220B, GI63220E, GI63320, GI63320A, GS8260CN, GS8660CN, GSB608E, GSB6080E, GSB6080XL, GSD692, GSD693, GSGP10-4B, GSGP11-4S, GSGP15-4W, GSGP19-4E, GSGP20-5E, GSI63-4, GSI641B-3, GSI641S-3, GSI641W-3, GSI642B-3, GSI642E-3, GSI642S-3, GSI642W-3, GSI682AL, GSI682B-3, GSI682B-4, GSI682BS1, GSI682E-3, GSI682E-4, GSI682S-3, GSI682S-4, GSI682W-3, GSI682W-4, GSI682WS1, GSI8674E, GVW820RVS, GVW820W, GVW820Z, GVW830RVS, GVW830Z, IG60521B2, KFS64B, KGI63AL, KGI63E, KGI63S, KGI63W, KLS1256B, KLS1256S, KSI641AL, KSI641E-3, KSI641S-3, KSI641W-3, KSI680AL, KSI680E-3, LP6740W, LP6770W, LS12B, LS12N, LS12X, LS645XSA, LS4647XH7, LS6147XH7, LSA612G, LSA614G, LSA614X, LSA614X7, LSA615X, LSA624G, LSA643BPQ, LSA643XPQ, LSA650B, LSA653E, LSA4547B, LSA4547X, LSA4548XD, LSA4549B, LSA4549G, LSA4549X, LSA4551B, LSA4551G, LSA4645B, LSA4645X, LSA4645X7, LSA4647G, LSA4647X, LSA4647X7, LSA4647XH, LSA4649B, LSA4745B, LSA4745X, LSA4845B, LSA4845G, LSA4845X, LSA6045X, LSA6047B, LSA6047G, LSA6047X, LSA6049B, LSA6049BD, LSA6049X, LSA6050B, LSA6143B, LSA6143X, LSA6143X7, LSA6145B, LSA6145BH, LSA6145G, LSA6145N, LSA6145X, LSA6145X7, LSA6147B, LSA6147BD, LSA6147BH, LSA6147X, LSA6147X7, LSA6147XH, LSA6148B, LSA6149B, LSA6150B, LSA6151B, LSA6245B, LSA6245G, LSA6245N, LSA6245X, LSA6246B, LSA6246G, LSA6246X, LSA6248B, LSA6248G, LSAP6245X, LSAP6248X, LSAP6251G, LSE3004TA, LSE5204XA, LSG62, LSG62S, LSG63, LSG63X, LSP653B1, LSP653N1, LSP653X1, LSP1449B, LSP1449N, LSP1449X, LSP1453B, LSP1453N, LSP1453X, LSP1453X1, LVF610B, LVF612X, LVF612X7, LVF613G, LVF613X, LVF649B, LVF650B, LVS450B1, LVS450B2, LVS450N1, LVS450N2, LVS450X1, LVS450X2, LVS450X7, LVS452B1, LVS452X1, LVS454B, LVS454B1, LVS454X, LVS454X1, LVS649B1, LVS649N1, LVS649X1, LVS653B1, LVS653N1, LVS653X1, LVS655B1, LVS655EG, LVS655N1, LVS655X1, LVS949X1, LVS953X1, LVS1249B, LVS1251B, LVS1251B1, LVS1251N, LVS1251S, LVS1251X1, LVS1255B, LVS1255B1, LVS1255S, LVS1255S1, LVS1256B, LVS1256S, LVS1447X, LVS1449B, LVS1449N, LVS1449X, LVS1453B, LVS1453N, LVS1453X, LVS1453X1, LVS1559BE, LVS4107X, LVS4109B, LVX1255, PK123EB, PK123NE, PK123X, PK963, PK963EB, PK963X, PL19X-2, PL19X.1, PL113EB, PL113NE, PL113X, PL115NE, PL115X, PL148NE, PL148X, PL614WH-1, PL614X-1, PL648GSA, PL663WH, PL673WH, PL963, PL963EB, PL965TE, PL1107EB, PL1107EB1, PL1107NE, PL1107NE1, PL1107X, PL1107X1, PL1107X7, PL1108NE, PL1108X, PL1123EB, PL1123NE, PL1123X, PL1123X7, PL1144EB, PL1144NE, PL1144X, PL1144X7, PL1145NE, PL1145X, PL1145X7, PL4107NE1, PL4107X, PL4648XD7, PL6148XD7, PL8210X, PL8605WTD, PL8605X, PL8605X7, PL8605X8, PL8605XT7, PL8605XTD, PLA68XU, PLA612X, PLA613X, PLA615X, PLA615X7, PLA643XPQ, PLA4546X, PLA4550B, PLA4550N, PLA4550X, PLA4550XD, PLA4645X, PLA4645X7, PLA4648B, PLA4648N, PLA4648X, PLA4648X7, PLA4648XD, PLA4648XD7, PLA4745B, PLA4745N, PLA4745X, PLA6045B, PLA6045N, PLA6045X, PLA6047B, PLA6047N, PLA6047X, PLA6047X7, PLA6049XD, PLA6143B, PLA6143N, PLA6143X, PLA6143X7, PLA6145B, PLA6145N, PLA6145X, PLA6145X7, PLA6147B, PLA6147G, PLA6147N, PLA6147X, PLA6147X7, PLA6148B, PLA6148G, PLA6148N, PLA6148X, PLA6148X7, PLA6148XD, PLA6245B, PLA6245N, PLA6245X, PLA6246B, PLA6246N, PLA6246X, PLA6248B, PLA6248N, PLA6248X, PLA6248X7, PLA6348B, PLA6348N, PLA6348X, PLA6348XD, PLA8605X7, PLA8645X, PLA8743X, PLA8743X7, PLA8743XU, PLTW620, PLTW640X, PLTW640X7, SA614X-1, SA628WH, SA4510X, SA4510X1, SA8210BI, SA8210W, SA8210X, SA8211X, SA8211XWS, SA8605BI, SA8605W, SA8605WTD, SA8605X, SA8605X7, SA8605X8, SA8605XT7, SA8605XT8, SA8605XTD, SI641W-3, SNZ414IS, SNZ414S, SNZ442S, SNZ614X, SNZ643IS, SNZ643IS1, SNZ643S, SNZ643S7, SNZ653S, SNZ693IS, SNZ693S, SNZ693S7, ST144, ST973, ST974, ST975, ST976AF, ST994, ST994A, ST995, ST1146, STB966, STE974, STE975.1, STX.1, STX1.2, STX2.1, WD-360S, WT973, WT974, WT994, ZZS1606B, ZZS1606W

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