2700W Fan Oven Element Smeg

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Low cost replacement 2700 watt fan oven element to fit Smeg ovens and cookers shown.


  • Fan Oven Element.
  • 2700 Watt.
  • Alternative Part Number 806890386.

Fits these models:

72MFX5, A42-2, A42-5, A42A-2, A42A-5, A42C-5, A42D-2, A42D-5, ALFA100X, ALFA31, ALFA31A, ALFA31B, ALFA31DA, ALFA31F, ALFA31K, ALFA31N, ALFA31P, ALFA31S, ALFA31T, ALFA31V, ALFA31V1, ALFA31X, ALFA31XA, ALFA31XE, ALFA31XHT, ALFA41, ALFA41A, ALFA41AM, ALFA41B, ALFA41DA, ALFA41F, ALFA41FR, ALFA41N, ALFA41P, ALFA41S, ALFA41SAM, ALFA41T, ALFA41V1, ALFA41VEK, ALFA41XE, ALFA41XEN, ALFA50X, ALFA51X, ALFA51XGN, ALFA61X, B72MFX5, CC62MFX5, COVEN70-1, COVEN70, CS72NL-5, CS72NL2, DO4BL-5, DO4BL, DO4SS-5, DO4SS, DO4WH, DO67CAS, DO67CCS, DO67CGS, DRY50V, DUCO4SS, F65-5, F67-5, F67.1, F67, F67K, FA65-5, FA67-5, FA67, KE250X, RFF404/1, RFF504, S104X-5, S106X-5, S106X-6, S10XMF/1, S200/1, S200EB/1, S200X/1, S201X, SA240X-5, SA240X, SA301X, SA305X, SA360EB-5, SA360EB/1, SA360X-5, SA360X/1, SA365X, SA386W, SA386X-5, SA386X, SA410EB-5, SA410EB, SA410X-5, SA410X, SA415X, SA420EB-5, SA420EB, SA420X-5, SA420X, SA504X, SA506X, SA62MFX5, SA702X-5, SA704X-5, SA920MFA1, SA920MFW2, SA920MFW5, SDK250X, SDK380X-5, SDO10-5, SDO10, SDO8-5, SE106EB/1, SE106NE/1, SE106X-5, SE106X/1, SE10XMF/1, SE335BL-5, SE335BL, SE335BR, SE335GR, SE335SS-5, SE335SS, SE335SS/1, SE335WH-5, SE335WH, SE336BL-5, SE336SS-5, SE336WH-5, SE376MFX5, SE378MF-5, SE378MFB5, SE378MFX5, SE72MFX-5, SE73MFX-5, SE800MF/1, SE800MFA, SE800MFA5, SE800MFP, SE800MFP5, SE820MF/1, SE820MFB1, SE900-5, SE900, SE900X-5, SE900X, SI800MEB5, SI800MF-5, SI800MF, SI800MFA, SI800MFA5, SI800MFB5, SI800MFEB, SI800MFP, SI800MFP5, SI800MFV, SI800MFV5, SP680MFA1, SP680MFD1, SP680MFG1, SP680MFW1, SP7800A/1, SP7800P/1, SP9000B.2, SP9000B/1, SP9000BR1, SP9000BR2, SP9000G.2, SP9000G/1, SP9000W.2, SP9000W/1, SP9000X.2, SP9000X/1, SUK62CMFX, SUK62CMX5, SUK62MBL5, SUK62MFA, SUK62MFA5, SUK62MFWH, SUK62MFX, SUK62MFX5, SUK62MWH5, WE200/1, WE200EB/1, WE200X/1, WE65, WE800MF/1, WE800MFB1, WE800MFEB

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3 Reviews:

23 December 2022  |  Maria

Thank you for the fast delivery. Part was perfect, oven working great now!

Perfect fit
09 February 2022  |  David

Fast delivery. The element was a perfect replacement fit, works great.

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