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Leisure Oven Thermostat

Leisure Oven Thermostat

Siemens Oven Temperature Limiter
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Siemens Oven Temperature Limiter

  • Stock Code: PA491
  • Brand:  Siemens
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine temperature limiter or thermostat to fit Simens oven and cooker models listed.


  • Temperature Limiter
  • 130 Deg
  • Green Spot

Fits these models:

BHB27024GB/01, HB27024GB/06, HB27054GB/01, HB27054GB/06, HB90425GB/01, HB90425GB/02, HB90425GB/03, HB90455GB/01, HB90455GB/02, HB90455GB/03, HB90455GB/05, HB90520GB/01, HB90520GB/02, HB90520GB/06, HB90524GB/01, HB90525GB/06, HB90526GB/01, HB90540GB/01, HB90540GB/02, HB90540GB/06, HB90544GB/01, HB90554GB/01, HB90555GB/06, HB90556GB/01, HB90557GB/01, HB90557GB/05, HB90565GB/06, HB90566GB/01, HB90567GB/01, HB91520GB/01, HB91524GB/01, HB91524GB/05, HB91524GB/06, HB91526GB/01, HB91540GB/01, HB91544GB/01, HB91544GB/05, HB91550GB/01, HB91554GB/01, HB91554GB/06, HB91555GB/01, HB91556GB/01, HB91556GB/05, HB91564GB/01, HB91564GB/05, HB91564GB/06, HB91566GB/01, HB95050/01, HB96520GB/01, HB96540GB/01, HB96550GB/01, HB96556GB/01, HB96556GB/05, HB96560GB/01, HB96574GB/01, HB96574GB/04, HB96574GB/06, HB96575GB/01, TKC800/2, TKC8081, TKC8082, TKC8085, TKC850/2

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