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Bosch Oven Lamp Cover

Bosch Oven Lamp Cover


Neff Glass Oven Lamp Cover And Tool

Neff Glass Oven Lamp Cover And Tool

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Neff Oven Lamp & Cover Removal Tool
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Neff Oven Lamp & Cover Removal Tool

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  • Stock Code: PA280
  • Brand:  Neff
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

If the light is not working in your oven then the lamp will need replacing. This genuine Neff oven lamp comes complete with a handy removal tool to allow easy removal of the old lamp. This tool is specially designed with locating lugs to remove oven lamp cover. Just put on the auxiliary tool and turn anticlockwise to loosen and turn clockwise to tighten.


  • Oven Lamp and Removal Tool
  • Includes E14 Oven Bulb
  • Special Tool To Remove Cover

Fits these models:

B12M42N0GB/01, B12M42N0GB/35, B14M42B0GB/01, B14M42N0GB/01, B14M42N0GB/35, B14M42S0GB/01, B14M42S0GB/35, B14M42W0GB/01, B14M42W0GB/35, B14M62B0GB/01, B14M62B0GB/35, B14M62N0GB/01, B14M62N0GB/35, B14M62S0GB/01, B14M62S0GB/35, B14M62W0GB/01, B14M62W0GB/35, B15E54S0GB/01, B15M42N0GB/01, B15M42N0GB/35, B15M42S0GB/01, B15M42S0GB/35, B15M62N0GB/01, B15M62N0GB/35, B15M62S0GB/01, B15M62S0GB/35, B16W74N0GB/01, B45E42N0/01, B45E42N0/35, B45E42N0GB/01, B45E42N0GB/35, B45E42N0RU/01, B45E42N0RU/35, B45E54N0/01, B45E54N0/35, B45E54N0GB/01, B45E54N0GB/35, B45M42N0/01, B45M42N0/35, B45M42N0GB/01, B45M42N0GB/35, B45M62N0GB/01, B45M62N0GB/35, B46E74N0GB/01, B46E74N0GB/35, B46W74N0GB/01, B46W74N0GB/07, U12M42N0GB/01, U14M42B0GB/01, U14M42N0GB/01, U14M42S0GB/01, U14M42W0GB/01, U14M62B0GB/01, U14M62N0GB/01, U14M62S0GB/01, U14M62W0GB/01, U15E42N0GB/01, U15E42N0GB/06, U15E42S0GB/01, U15E42S0GB/06, U15E54N0GB/01, U15E54N0GB/06, U15E54S0GB/01, U15E54S0GB/06, U15M42N0GB/01, U15M42S0GB/01, U15M62N0GB/01, U15M62S0GB/01, U16E74N0AU/01, U16E74N0AU/06, U16E74N0GB/01, U16E74N0GB/06, U17M42N0GB/01, U17M42S0GB/01, U17M42W0GB/01, U17M62N0GB/01, U17M62S0GB/01, U17M62W0GB/01, U17M72N0GB/01, U17M72S0GB/01

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Excellent Tool
Wednesday, 3 June 2020  |  Andrew

Our bulb failed 2 years ago. We couldn't change it because we simply couldn't remove the glass dome. With the tool that comes with the bulb it came straight off. Excellent product pairing.

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