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Zanussi Fan Oven Element 2400W

Zanussi Fan Oven Element 2400W

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Neff Fan Oven Element 2300W

Neff Fan Oven Element 2300W

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Neff Fan Oven Element 2300W
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Neff Fan Oven Element 2300W

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  • Stock Code: PA1304
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Low cost replacement 2300 watt fan oven element to fit Neff ovens and cookers listed. This element is no longer supplied with the earth terminal as it is not needed. The earth lead needs to be secured safely so the new element is earthed through the chassis.


  • Fan Oven Element
  • 2300 Watts

Fits these models:

B1142N0GB/04, B1310B0GB/01, B1310N0GB/01, B1310N2GB/01, B1320N0GB/01, B1320N2GB/01, B1320N2GB/02, B1320N2GB/05, B1320S2GB/01, B1320S2GB/02, B1320S2GB/03, B1320W0GB/01, B1320W2GB/01, B1320W2GB/02, B1320W2GB/03, B1321N1EU/01, B1322N0GB/01, B1322N0GB/03, B1322N1GB/01, B1322S0GB/01, B1322S0GB/03, B1322S1GB/01, B1322W0GB/01, B1322W0GB/03, B1322W1GB/01, B1412N0GB/03, B1420B0GB/01, B1420B0GB/02, B1420B0GB/03, B1420B0GB/05, B1420N0/01, B1420N0/02, B1420N0/03, B1420S0/01, B1420S0/02, B1420W0GB/01, B1420W0GB/02, B1420W0GB/03, B1420W0GB/05, B1421B0GB/01, B1421B2GB/01, B1421B2GB/02, B1421N0GB/01, B1421N0GB/06, B1421N1GB/07, B1421N2GB/01, B1421N2GB/02, B1421N2GB/05, B1421S0GB/01, B1421S2GB/01, B1421S2GB/02, B1421W0GB/01, B1421W2GB/01, B1421W2GB/02, B1422B0GB/01, B1422B0GB/03, B1422C0GB/01, B1422C0GB/03, B1422E0GB/01, B1422E0GB/03, B1422N0/01, B1422N0GB/01, B1422N0GB/03, B1422S0GB/01, B1422S0GB/03, B1422W0GB/01, B1422W0GB/03, B1428C0GB/01, B1428C2GB/01, B1428K0GB/01, B1428K2GB/01, B1428V0GB/01, B1428V2GB/01, B1430B0GB/01, B1430B0GB/02, B1430B0GB/05, B1430C0GB/01, B1430C0GB/02, B1430K0GB/01, B1430K0GB/02, B1430K0GB/03, B1430N0GB/01, B1430N0GB/02, B1430U0GB/01, B1430U0GB/02, B1430V0GB/01, B1430V0GB/02, B1430W0GB/01, B1430W0GB/02, B1430W0GB/05, B1432A2GB/01, B1432A2GB/02, B1432B0GB/01, B1432B2GB/01, B1432B2GB/02, B1432N0GB/01, B1432N0GB/06, B1432N1GB/07, B1432N2GB/01, B1432N2GB/02, B1432N2GB/05, B1432S0GB/01, B1432S2GB/01, B1432S2GB/02, B1432W0GB/01, B1432W2GB/01, B1432W2GB/02, B1438C0GB/01, B1438C0GB/02, B1438K0GB/01, B1438K0GB/02, B1441B0GB/01, B1441B0GB/02, B1441B0GB/04, B1441B0GB/05, B1441W0GB/01, B1441W0GB/02, B1441W0GB/04, B1441W0GB/05, B1442B0GB/01, B1442B0GB/03, B1442N0GB/01, B1442N0GB/03, B1442S0GB/01, B1442S0GB/03, B1442W0GB/01, B1442W0GB/03, B1451B0GB/01, B1451B0GB/05, B1451B2GB/01, B1451N0GB/01, B1451N0GB/05, B1451N1GB/07, B1451N2GB/01, B1451N2GB/05, B1451S0GB/01, B1451S0GB/05, B1451S2GB/01, B1451W0GB/01, B1451W0GB/05, B1451W2GB/01, B1452N0EU/01, B1524N0GB/01, B1524N0GB/03, B1524S0GB/01, B1524S0GB/03, B1541A1/01, B1541A1/04, B1541S0/01, B1541W0/04, B1542B0GB/01, B1542B0GB/05, B1542N0GB/01, B1542S0GB/01, B1542S0GB/05, B1542W0GB/01, B1542W0GB/05, B1544N0/01, B1561B0GB/01, B1561B0GB/04, B1561B1GB/04, B1561N0/01, B1561N0/04, B1561N0GB/01, B1561N0GB/04, B1561W0GB/01, B1561W0GB/04, B1561W1GB/04, B1564N0GB/01, B1564N0GB/03, B1564S0GB/01, B1564S0GB/03, B1583N0GB/01, B1593N0/02, B1593N0/07, B1593N0GB/02, B1593N0GB/07, B1624A0/01, B1641A0/01, B1641A0GB/01, B1641A2/01, B1641A2GB/01, B1641N0/01, B1641N0/03, B1641N0GB/01, B1641N1GB/09, B1641N2/01, B1641N2/05, B1641N2GB/01, B1641N2GB/05, B1641S0GB/01, B1641S0GB/05, B1641S2GB/01, B1641W0GB/01, B1641W0GB/05, B1641W2GB/01, B1644N0/01, B1644N0GB/01, B1644N0GB/03, B1644S0GB/01, B1644S0GB/03, B1664N0GB/01, B1664N0GB/03, B1691N0GB/01, B1691N1GB/09, B1691N2GB/01, B1691N2GB/05, B1691W0GB/01, B1691W0GB/05, B1820N0GB/03, B1820W0GB/03, B1832N0GB/01, B1832N2GB/02, B1832N2GB/05, B1861N0GB/01, B1861N2/02, B1861N2/05, B1861N2GB/02, B1861N2GB/05, B1920B0GB/01, B1920B0GB/02, B1920W0GB/01, B1920W0GB/02, E1431N0/01, E1431N0/02, E1431N0/03, E1431N0/04, U1320B0GB/01, U1320N0GB/01, U1320N2GB/01, U1320N2GB/02, U1320N2GB/03, U1320N2GB/05, U1320W0GB/01, U1320W2GB/01, U1320W2GB/02, U1320W2GB/03, U1322N0GB/01, U1322N0GB/03, U1322N1GB/01, U1322S0GB/01, U1322S0GB/03, U1322S1GB/01, U1322W0GB/01, U1322W0GB/03, U1322W1GB/01, U1410B0GB/01, U1410B0GB/02, U1410B0GB/05, U1410B0GB/06, U1410W0GB/01, U1410W0GB/02, U1410W0GB/05, U1410W0GB/06, U1420B0GB/01, U1420B0GB/02, U1420B0GB/05, U1420C0GB/01, U1420H0GB/01, U1420K0GB/01, U1420N0GB/01, U1420U0GB/01, U1420V0GB/01, U1420W0GB/01, U1420W0GB/02, U1420W0GB/05, U1421B0GB/01, U1421B2GB/01, U1421B2GB/02, U1421N0GB/01, U1421N0GB/06, U1421N1GB/07, U1421N2GB/01, U1421N2GB/02, U1421N2GB/05, U1421S0GB/01, U1421S2GB/01, U1421S2GB/02, U1421W0GB/01, U1421W2GB/01, U1421W2GB/02, U1422B0GB/01, U1422B0GB/02, U1422B0GB/03, U1422N0GB/01, U1422N0GB/02, U1422N0GB/03, U1422S0GB/01, U1422S0GB/02, U1422S0GB/03, U1422W0GB/01, U1422W0GB/02, U1422W0GB/03, U1428C0GB/01, U1428C2GB/01, U1428K0GB/01, U1428V0GB/01, U1428V2GB/01, U1441B0GB/01, U1441S0GB/01, U1441W0GB/01, U1442B0GB/01, U1442B0GB/03, U1442N0GB/01, U1442N0GB/03, U1442S0GB/01, U1442S0GB/03, U1442W0GB/01, U1442W0GB/03, U1451B0GB/01, U1451B0GB/04, U1451B0GB/05, U1451N0GB/05, U1451S0GB/01, U1451S0GB/04, U1451S0GB/05, U1451W0GB/01, U1451W0GB/04, U1451W0GB/05, U1452B0GB/01, U1452B1GB/01, U1452B2GB/01, U1452B2GB/02, U1452N0GB/01, U1452N1GB/01, U1452N2GB/07, U1452N3GB/01, U1452N3GB/02, U1452N3GB/05, U1452S0GB/01, U1452S1GB/01, U1452S2GB/01, U1452S2GB/02, U1452W0GB/01, U1452W1GB/01, U1452W2GB/01, U1452W2GB/02, U1461N0GB/01, U1461N0GB/05, U1461N1GB/07, U1461N2GB/01, U1461N2GB/05, U1461S0GB/01, U1461S0GB/05, U1461S2GB/01, U1461W0GB/01, U1461W0GB/05, U1461W2GB/01, U1524N0GB/01, U1524N0GB/03, U1524S0GB/01, U1524S0GB/03, U1551B0GB/01, U1551N0GB/01, U1551W0GB/01, U1552B0GB/01, U1552B0GB/05, U1552N0GB/01, U1552W0GB/01, U1552W0GB/05, U1562B0GB/01, U1562B0GB/05, U1562B0GB00, U1562W0GB/01, U1562W0GB/05, U1562W0GB00, U1564N0GB/01, U1564N0GB/03, U1564S0GB/01, U1564S0GB/03, U1644N0/01, U1644N0GB/01, U1644N0GB/03, U1644S0GB/01, U1644S0GB/03, U1661A0GB/02, U1661A2GB/01, U1661N0AU/02, U1661N0GB/01, U1661N0GB/02, U1661N1GB/09, U1661N2AU/01, U1661N2AU/05, U1661N2GB/01, U1661N2GB/05, U1661W0GB/01, U1661W0GB/02, U1661W0GB/05, U1661W2GB/01, U1863N0GB/01, U1863N2GB/01, U1863N2GB/05

Alternative Parts
Neff Fan Oven Element

Neff Fan Oven Element

Genuine replacement 2300W fan oven element to fit Neff cookers and ovens listed.

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fan oven element
Monday, 15 June 2020  |  Daniel

very good service all round

Great Service
Friday, 20 December 2019  |  Tim

Part came quickly and does the job. Also a lot cheaper than elsewhere.

Replacement oven element
Friday, 15 November 2019  |  J

Ordered the part after comparing costs across several sites. I paid a much lower price than I found elsewhere. The part turned up promptly and was easy to fit. It has been working fine ever since.

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