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Neff Fridge Door Hinge Kit

Neff Fridge Door Hinge Kit

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Neff Integrated Fridge Freezer Door Hinges
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Neff Integrated Fridge Freezer Door Hinges

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  • Stock Code: PA165
  • Brand:  Neff
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

If you need to replace the door hinges on your integrated Neff fridge freezer, this door hinge set includes both hinges and will fit Neff fridge freezers listed.


  • Door Hinge Kit
  • 2 x Hinges and Screws

Fits these models:

G5614X0GB/41, G5614X0GB/42, G5624X0GB/41, G5624X0GB/43, G5624X7GB/01, G5624X7GB/02, G5624X7GB/03, K4254X4GB/01, K4254X4GB/02, K4254X4GB/03, K4254X6GB/01, K4254X6GB/02, K4254X7GB/01, K4254X7GB/02, K4254X7GB/03, K4255X1GB/01, K4255X3GB/01, K5604X4GB/01, K5604X6GB/01, K5604X6GB/02, K5604X7GB/01, K5604X7GB/02, K5605X0GB/31, K5605X0GB/42, K5605X1GB/01, K5614X0GB/31, K5614X0GB/32, K5614X4GB/01, K5614X6GB/01, K5614X6GB/02, K5614X7GB/01, K5624X0GB/31, K5624X0GB/32, K5624X1GB/01, K5624X4GB/01, K5624X6GB/01, K5624X6GB/02, K5624X6GB/03, K5624X7GB/01, K5625X4GB/01, K5634X0GB/41, K5634X0GB/42, K5654X0GB/31, K5654X0GB/32, K5654X0GB/33, K5654X0GB/34, K5654X0GB/35, K5654X1GB/01, K5654X1GB/02, K5654X4GB/01, K5654X6GB/01, K5654X6GB/02, K5654X7GB/01, K5654X7GB/02, K5665X0/31, K5724X7GB/01, K5724X7GB/02, K5724X7GB/03, K5744X4GB/01, K5744X4GB/02, K5744X4GB/03, K5744X4GB/04, K5744X6GB/01, K5745X0/02, K5745X0/31, K5745X0GB/02, K5745X0GB/31, K5745X1/01, K5745X1GB/01, K5745X1GB/02, K5745X2/01, K5745X2/02, K5764X0GB/01, K5764X0GB/02, K5764X0GB/03, K6614X6/01, K6614X6/02, K6614X6/03, K6614X6IE/01, K6654X7FF/01, K6654X7/01, K8614X0GB/31, K9514X4GB/02, K9514X4GB/03, K9514X4GB/04, K9514X6GB/01, K9514X6GB/02, K9514X6GB/03, K9524X4/02, K9524X4/03, K9524X4/04, K9524X4GB/02, K9524X4GB/03, K9524X4GB/04, K9524X6GB/01, K9524X6GB/02, K9524X7GB/01, K9524X7GB/02, K9524X7GB/03, K9524X7GB/04, K9524X7GB/05, K9525X4GB/01, K9525X4GB/02, K9525X4GB/03, K9525X4GB/04, K9625X0/03, K9625X0/31, K9625X0/32, K9625X0GB/31, K9625X0RK/01, K9625X0RK/02, K9625X1GB/01, K9625X1GB/02, K9625X3GB/01, K9723X0GB/01, K9724X4FF/01, K9724X4FF/02, K9724X4FF/03, K9724X4FF/04, K9724X4FF/05, K9724X4FF/06, K9724X4/02, K9724X4/03, K9724X4/04, K9724X4/05, K9724X4/06, K9724X4GB/02, K9724X4GB/03, K9724X4GB/04, K9724X4GB/05, K9724X4GB/06, K9724X7GB/01, K9724X7GB/02, KI6863F30G/01, KI6873F30G/01

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wonderful product. !!!
Tuesday, 1 October 2019  |  Kathleen

Well made,strong-Does what is says on the tin!

Did the job
Saturday, 28 September 2019  |  Gerald

The hinges fitted well and seem of good quality. Would like to have had relevant screws to fit them included in the package.

Thursday, 18 July 2019  |  Martin

Spot on for correct hinges though took over a week to turn up

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