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Bosch Dishwasher Impeller Jug

Bosch Dishwasher Impeller Jug

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Neff Dishwasher Impeller Jug
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Neff Dishwasher Impeller Jug

  • Stock Code: PA1433
  • Brand:  Neff
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

This is a genuine replacement impeller jug to fit select Neff dishwashers. If your dishwasher is displaying the check water light, this part could be just what you need.


  • Neff Dishwasher Impeller Jug

Fits these models:

B1421N2GB/05, S4443B6GB/19, S4443B8GB/08, S4443B8GB/16, S4443N6GB/19, S4443N8GB/08, S4443N8GB/16, S4443S8GB/08, S4443S8GB/16, S4443W6GB/19, S4443W8GB/08, S4443W8GB/16, S44E43B0GB/22, S44E43B0GB/23, S44E43B0GB/26, S44E43B0GB/28, S44E43B0GB/29, S44E43B0GB/30, S44E43B0GB/31, S44E43B0GB/33, S44E43N0GB/22, S44E43N0GB/23, S44E43N0GB/26, S44E43N0GB/28, S44E43N0GB/29, S44E43N0GB/30, S44E43N0GB/31, S44E43N0GB/33, S44E43S0GB/22, S44E43S0GB/23, S44E43S0GB/26, S44E43S0GB/28, S44E43S0GB/29, S44E43S0GB/30, S44E43S0GB/31, S44E43S0GB/33, S44E43W0GB/22, S44E43W0GB/23, S44E43W0GB/26, S44E43W0GB/28, S44E43W0GB/29, S44E43W0GB/30, S44E43W0GB/31, S44E43W0GB/33, S44E45B0GB/06, S44E45B0GB/09, S44E45B0GB/10, S44E45B0GB/14, S44E45N0GB/06, S44E45N0GB/09, S44E45N0GB/10, S44E45N0GB/14, S44E45W0GB/06, S44E45W0GB/09, S44E45W0GB/10, S44E45W0GB/14, S44E55W0EU/93, S44E55W1EU/01, S44M45N3GB/35, S44M45N3GB/73, S44M45N5GB/01, S44M45N5GB/82, S44M45N5GB/90, S44M45N5GB/93, S45E55N2EU/28, S45E55N2EU/29, S45E55N2EU/31, S45E55N2EU/33, S45E55N2EU/36, S45E55N2EU/37, S5433X1/55, S5433X1/70, S5433X1/72, S5444X1GB/08, S5444X1GB/16, S5444X1GB/19, S5444X1GB/21, S5444X1GB/22, S5444X1GB/23, S5444X1GB/26, S5444X1GB/28, S5444X1GB/29, S5444X1GB/30, S5444X1GB/31, S5444X1UK/06, S5444X1UK/09, S5453X1GB/55, S5453X1GB/70, S5453X1GB/72, S5453X1GB/73, S5453X1GB/74, S54E33X2EU/23, S54E33X2EU/26, S54E33X2EU/27, S54E33X2EU/28, S54E33X2EU/29, S54E33X2EU/31, S54E33X2EU/33, S54E33X2EU/36, S54E33X2EU/37, S54E33X2EU/39, S54E53X0EU/08, S54E53X0GB/06, S54E53X0GB/09, S54E53X0GB/10, S54E53X1EU/35, S54E53X1EU/70, S54E53X1EU/72, S54E53X1EU/73, S54E53X1EU/74, S54E53X1EU/82, S54E53X1EU/93, S54E53X1GB/01, S54E53X1GB/82, S54E53X1GB/86, S54E53X1GB/90, S54E53X1GB/93, S54E53X2GB/37, S54M43X0EU/73, S54M43X0EU/82, S54M43X0EU/93, S54M45X0GB/31, S54M45X0GB/33, S54M45X0GB/36, S54M45X1GB/10, S54M45X1GB/14, S54M45X2GB/36, S54M45X2GB/39, S54M45X5GB/01, S54M45X5GB/82, S54M45X5GB/86, S54M45X5GB/90, S54M45X5GB/93, S54M45X5GB/94, S5555X0GB/55, S5555X0GB/70, S5555X0GB/73, S5555X0GB/79, S5555X0GB/82, S5555X0GB/86, S5555X0GB/90, S5555X0GB/93, S5555X0GB/94, S55T59X0GB/13, S55T59X0GB/16, S55T59X0GB/18, S55T59X0GB/20

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Dishwasher Impeller Jug Neff

Dishwasher Impeller Jug Neff

Quality impeller jug to fit select Neff dishwashers.

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