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Neff Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

Neff Dishwasher Hinge Repair Set

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Neff Dishwasher Filter

Neff Dishwasher Filter

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Neff Cooker Oven Door Seal
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Neff Cooker Oven Door Seal

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  • Stock Code: PA1234
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Compatible replacement oven door seal for Neff oven and cooker models listed.


  • Oven Door Seal For Neff
  • Dimensions 480mm x 350mm
  • Alternative Part Number 00754066, GSK157, 5045383260646, 14BS35C, QUAGSK157

Fits these models:

B1142N0GB/04, B1142N0GB/10, B1322N0/01, B1322N0/03, B1322N0/04, B1322N0/05, B1322N0/10, B1322N0GB/01, B1322N0GB/03, B1322N1GB/01, B1322N1GB/10, B1322S0GB/01, B1322S0GB/03, B1322S1GB/01, B1322S1GB/10, B1322W0GB/01, B1322W0GB/03, B1322W1GB/01, B1322W1GB/10, B1362N0FF/01, B1362N0FF/03, B1362N0FF/10, B1362S0FF/01, B1362S0FF/03, B1362S0FF/10, B1362W0FF/01, B1362W0FF/03, B1362W0FF/10, B1412N0GB/03, B1412N0GB/10, B1422A0/01, B1422A0/03, B1422A0/05, B1422A0/09, B1422A0/10, B1422B0GB/01, B1422B0GB/03, B1422B0GB/10, B1422C0GB/01, B1422C0GB/03, B1422C0GB/10, B1422E0GB/01, B1422E0GB/03, B1422E0GB/10, B1422N0/01, B1422N0/03, B1422N0/05, B1422N0/09, B1422N0/10, B1422N0GB/01, B1422N0GB/03, B1422N0GB/10, B1422S0GB/01, B1422S0GB/03, B1422S0GB/10, B1422W0GB/01, B1422W0GB/03, B1422W0GB/10, B1432N0EU/01, B1432N0EU/03, B1432N0EU/10, B1432S0EU/01, B1432S0EU/03, B1432S0EU/10, B1442B0GB/01, B1442B0GB/03, B1442B0GB/10, B1442N0GB/01, B1442N0GB/03, B1442N0GB/10, B1442S0GB/01, B1442S0GB/03, B1442S0GB/10, B1442W0GB/01, B1442W0GB/03, B1442W0GB/10, B1452A0/01, B1452A0/03, B1452A0/05, B1452A0/09, B1452A0/10, B1452B0/01, B1452B0/03, B1452B0/05, B1452B0/10, B1452C0/01, B1452C0/03, B1452C0/10, B1452J0/01, B1452J0/03, B1452J0/10, B1452N0EU/01, B1452N0EU/03, B1452N0EU/10, B1452N0/01, B1452N0/03, B1452N0/05, B1452N0/09, B1452N0/10, B1452N0RU/05, B1452N0RU/10, B1452S0EU/01, B1452S0EU/03, B1452S0EU/10, B1452S0/01, B1452S0/03, B1452S0/05, B1452S0/10, B1452U0/01, B1452U0/03, B1452U0/10, B1452V0/01, B1452V0/03, B1452V0/10, B1452W0EU/01, B1452W0EU/03, B1452W0EU/10, B1452W0/01, B1452W0/03, B1452W0/05, B1452W0/10, B1482A0FF/01, B1482A0FF/03, B1482A0FF/04, B1482A0FF/10, B1482N0FF/01, B1482N0FF/03, B1482N0FF/04, B1482N0FF/10, B1482S0FF/01, B1482S0FF/03, B1482S0FF/04, B1482S0FF/10, B1482W0FF/01, B1482W0FF/03, B1482W0FF/04, B1482W0FF/10, B1524A0/01, B1524A0/03, B1524N0/01, B1524N0/03, B1524N0/10, B1524N0GB/01, B1524N0GB/03, B1524N0GB/10, B1524N0RU/03, B1524N0RU/10, B1524S0GB/01, B1524S0GB/03, B1524S0GB/10, B1564N0GB/01, B1564N0GB/03, B1564N0GB/10, B1564S0GB/01, B1564S0GB/03, B1564S0GB/10, B1624A0/01, B1624A0/03, B1624A0/04, B1624A0/10, B1624N0/01, B1624N0/03, B1624N0/04, B1624N0/10, B1624S0/01, B1624S0/03, B1624S0/04, B1624S0/10, B1624W0/01, B1624W0/03, B1624W0/04, B1624W0/10, B1644A0/01, B1644A0/03, B1644A0/04, B1644A0/10, B1644N0/01, B1644N0/03, B1644N0/04, B1644N0/10, B1644N0GB/01, B1644N0GB/03, B1644N0GB/10, B1644N0RU/04, B1644N0RU/10, B1644S0GB/01, B1644S0GB/03, B1644S0GB/10, B1664A0/01, B1664A0/03, B1664A0/10, B1664N0/01, B1664N0/03, B1664N0/10, B1664N0GB/01, B1664N0GB/03, B1664N0GB/10, B1664N0RU/03, B1664N0RU/10, E1422B0/01, E1422B0/03, E1422B0/05, E1422B0/10, E1422N0/01, E1422N0/03, E1422N0/05, E1422N0/10, E1422S0/01, E1422S0/03, E1422W0/01, E1422W0/03, E1422W0/05, E1422W0/10, N7140N1GB/04, U14M62B0GB/01, U14M62N0GB/01, U14M62S0GB/01, U14M62W0GB/01, U1140B0GB/01, U1322N0GB/01, U1322N0GB/03, U1322N1GB/01, U1322N1GB/10, U1322S0GB/01, U1322S0GB/03, U1322S1GB/01, U1322S1GB/10, U1322W0GB/01, U1322W0GB/03, U1322W1GB/01, U1322W1GB/10, U1422B0GB/01, U1422B0GB/02, U1422B0GB/03, U1422B0GB/10, U1422N0GB/01, U1422N0GB/02, U1422N0GB/03, U1422N0GB/10, U1422S0GB/01, U1422S0GB/02, U1422S0GB/03, U1422S0GB/10, U1422W0GB/01, U1422W0GB/02, U1422W0GB/03, U1422W0GB/10, U1442B0GB/01, U1442B0GB/03, U1442B0GB/10, U1442N0GB/01, U1442N0GB/03, U1442N0GB/10, U1442S0GB/01, U1442S0GB/03, U1442S0GB/10, U1442W0GB/01, U1442W0GB/03, U1442W0GB/10, U1524N0GB/01, U1524N0GB/03, U1524N0GB/10, U1524S0GB/01, U1524S0GB/03, U1524S0GB/10, U1564N0GB/01, U1564N0GB/03, U1564N0GB/10, U1564S0GB/01, U1564S0GB/03, U1564S0GB/10, U1644N0/01, U1644N0/03, U1644N0/10, U1644N0GB/01, U1644N0GB/03, U1644N0GB/10, U1644S0GB/01, U1644S0GB/03, U1644S0GB/10

Alternative Parts
Neff Oven Door Seal

Neff Oven Door Seal


Genuine replacement oven door seal to fit Neff ovens and cookers listed.

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Great service
Monday, 27 April 2020  |  Steve

Part was exactly as described, works really well and arrived very quickly

Neff Oven Door Seal
Thursday, 28 November 2019  |  Helen

Ordered and received within 2 days, excellent service, so easy to fit and great value for money,

Neff cooker seal
Thursday, 4 July 2019  |  Linda

Perfect. Arrived quickly and fitted in seconds

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