Main Oven Door Seal

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Compatible replacement main oven door seal for Beko, Belling, Flavel and Leisure Cooker models listed below.


  • Main Oven Door Seal
  • Alternative To 455920052

Fits these models:

Beko Cooker Models, D531AW, D531S, D531W, D532AS, D532AW, D532S, D532W, D532X, D533AK, D533AS, D533AW, D533K, D533S, D533W, D533X, D555X, DC3511SI, DC3511W, DC5422AS, DC5422AW, DC5422S, DC5422W, DC5422X, DC543S, DC543W, DC543X, DC545AW, DV555AS, DV555AW, DV555AX, DV555S, DV555W, DV555X, DVC5622X, DVC563AK, DVC563AW, DVC563S, DVC563W, DVC565S, DVC565W, DVC565X, S512SI, S512W, S512X, SC524X, Belling Cooker Models, 100DF, 100EAN, 100ESI, 334SI, 334WH, 335AN, 335SI, 335WH, 351MK2SI, 351MK2WH, 355WH, 356WH, 358AN, 358WH, Flavel Cooker Models, AP10FRKP, AP10FRSP, FN10FRS, FN10FRSP, ML10CRS, ML10FRS, ML10FRSP, ML5CDW, Leisure Cooker Models, AAP10FRC, AAP10FRK, ACM10FRC, ACM10FRK, AP10FRK, AP10FRKP, AP10FRS, AP5PDS, AP5PDW, CA10FRS, CM 101 FRK, CM101CRR, CM101FRCP, CM101FRK, CM101FRKP, CM105FRBP, CM105FRNP, CM105FRWP, CM10FRC, CM10FRK, CM10FRKP, CMT100FRKP, CMT102FRKP

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3 Reviews:

Door seal
06 October 2021  |  Jeffrey

Very good

26 April 2020  |  Jay

Fast delivery and a good spare parts inventory

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