Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

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Cooker & Oven
Door Seal
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Low cost compatible main oven door seal rubber suitable for Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit oven and cooker models listed below.


  • Main Oven Door Seal Gasket
  • Dimensions 300mm x 410mm
  • Alternative To C00081579

Fits these models:

BIG51KAIXGB, BIG53KAIXGB, BIG53KAIXGBS, BIG73KC.AIXG, BIG73KCAIXS, BIMS31KABIX, BIMS31KABIXS, BIMS53K.ABIX, BIMS53KABIXS, BIMS53KAIXGB, BS43B, BS43B/1, BS43K, BS43K/1, BS43W, BS43W/1, BS53X, BS53X/1, BS63, BS63B, BS63EB, BS63EK, BS63ES, BS63ET, BS63EW, BS63K, BS63N, BS63S, BS63W, BS73, BS73EX, BS73X, BS89EK, BS89EX, C6VM3(A), C6VM3(W), C6VM3(X), C6VP1(W), C6VP1(X)SK, C6VP4(W), C6VP4(X), C6VP6(A), C6VP6(X), C60N1(W), C60P1(W), C61N1, C61N1(X), C61P1(W), C61S, C61SM2(W), C61ST6(W), C64G(W), C64SG1, C64SG1(W), C64SG1(X), C64SG3(B), C64SG3(W), C64SG3(X), C64SM2(W), C64SN(W), C64SN1(W), C64SP4(W), C64SP4(X), C64ST(W), C65G1(W), C65P6XF, C65SP1(W), C65SP1(X), C65SP2X, C65SP4(W), C65SP4(X), C65SP6(W), C66SP6(A), C66SP6(W), C66SP6(X), C67SP2X, C67SP6X, C612S, CE6VM3, CE6VP4, CE6VP5, CE6VP6, CE60N1, CE60P1, CG64G, CG64G1, CG64SG1, CG64SG1(W), CG64SG1(X), CG64SG3, CIM53KCAIXGB, CIMS51KAIXGB, CISFBG, CISFD, CISFRG, CX61P6, CX61SP6, CX64SM2, CX64ST, CX64ST6, CX65E9, CX65SEA, CX65SP1, CX65SP1(X), CX65SP2, CX65SP4, CX66SP6, CX66SP6(X), DIM51K.AIXGB, DIMS53KCAIX, EG600X, FB11, FB11(BR)GB, FB11(WH)GB, FB21IX, FB36, FB36(BK)GB, FB36(BR)GB, FB36(IX)GB, FB36(WH)GB, FB51, FB51(ALU)GB, FB51(IX)GB, FB51IX, FBG(BK), FBG(WH), FC52, FC52(IX), FC88, FC88C(IX), FE10KC, FE10KC(BK)GB, FE10KC(WH)GB, FG10K, FG10KBK.1, FG10KWH.1, FGI, FI21K, FI21K.BBKGB, FI21K.BIXGB, FI21K.BWHGB, FI31K, FI31K.B(BK), FI31K.B(WH), FI31K.BIXGB, FI53KAIXBKUK, FIE36K, FIE36K.B(BK), FIE36K.B(WH), FIE36K.BIXGB, FIE36KBBKGB1, FIE36KBIXGB1, FIE36KBWHGB1, FIE56K, FIE56K.B(BK), FIE56K.B(WH), FIE56K.BIXGB, FIE56KBBKGB1, FIE56KBIXGB1, FIE56KBWHGB1, FIE76KC.AIXG, FIE76KCAXGB1, FIM21K.BBK-T, FIM21K.BBKGB, FIM21K.BIXGB, FIM21K.BWHGB, FIM21K.BWHT, FIM21KB(BK)G, FIM21KBIX(T), FIM21KBIXGB, FIM31K.ABK-T, FIM31K.ABKGB, FIM31K.AIX-T, FIM31K.AIXGB, FIM31K.AWH-T, FIM31K.AWHGB, FIM31KAWHGB, FIM33K.ABKGB, FIM33K.ABKT, FIM33K.AIX-T, FIM33K.AIXGB, FIM33K.AWHGB, FIM33K.AWHT, FIM51K.A(BK), FIM51K.ABKS, FIM53K.ABKGB, FIM53K.ABKS, FIM53K.ABKT, FIM53K.AIX-T, FIM53K.AIXGB, FIM53K.AWHGB, FIM53K.AWHS, FIM53K.AWHT, FIM73KC.AIX, FIM73KC.AIXT, FIM73KCAIXGB, FIMS20K.AAX, FM20KC, FM20KC(IX)GB, FO55C, FO55C(IX), FO87C, FO87C(ALU), FO87C(AN), FO87C(IX), FR34S, FR34S(AN)GB, FR34S(WH)GB, FT85, FT85(AN), FT85(AV), FT85(OW), FV10KB(IX)GB, FV20KB, FV20KB(WH)GB, FV101KB, HOTPOINT, IF51K.AIXUK, IF51KAIXS, IF63K.AANUK, IF63K.AIX UK, IF63KAIXUKS, IF89K.AIXS, IF89K.AIX UK, IF89K.AWHUK, IFG51K.ABKGB, IFG63K.AWHS, IFG63KABKGB, IS60C1W, IS60C1WS, IS60C1X, IS60C1XXS, IS60D1X, IS60D1XXS, IS60EW, IS60EWS, IS60G1W, K6C7(W)-SK, K6C7(X)-SK, K6C10(W)-R, K6C11(W)-R, K6C32, K6C32(W)-G, K6C32(W)/G, K6C32(X)-G, K6C32(X)/G, K6C51(W)-F, K6C51(W)-GR, K6C51(W)-R, K6C56(X)-GR, K6C320, K6C320(W)-G, K6C320(W)/G, K6C320(X)-G, K6C320(X)/G, K6E1(W)-SK, K6E11(W)-F, K6E11(W)-GR, K6E11(W)-R, K6E32, K6E32(W)-G, K6E32(W)/G, K6E32(X)-G, K6E32(X)/G, K6E51(W)-FR, K6E52(W)-EX, K6E52(W)-GR, K6E55(W)-GR, K6G1(W)-T, K6G2(W)-F, K6G4(W)-T, K6G7S(W)-DK, K6G11S(W)-I, K6G11S(W)-NL, K6G20(W)-R, K6G20S(W)-I, K6G21, K6G21(B)-R, K6G21(W)-CF, K6G21(W)-EX, K6G21(W)-G, K6G21(W)-R, K6G21(W)/G, K6G21(X)-G, K6G21(X)-P, K6G21(X)/G, K6G21S(W)-I, K6G21S(W)-R, K6G21S(WX)-P, K6G21S(X)-I, K6G21S(X)-P, K6G21S(X)-R, K6G25S(W)-U, K6G32, K6G32(W)-G, K6G32(W)/G, K6G32(X)-G, K6G32(X)/G, K6G52, K6G52(W)-G, K6G52(W)-U, K6G52(W)/G, K6G52(X)-G, K6G52(X)/G, K6G52S(X)-R, K6G56S(X)-U, K6G72(W)-EX, K6G76S(A)-U, K6G210(W)-G, K6G210(W)/G, K6G210(X)-G, K6G210(X)/G, K6G210S(W)/G, K6G210S(X)/G, K6G520, K6G520(W)-G, K6G520(W)/G, K6G520(X)-G, K6G520(X)/G, K6G520S(X)/G, K6M1(W)-F, K6M4S(W)-T, K6M5(W)-F, K6M5S(W)-T, K6M11(W)-EX, K6M52(W)-F, K6M56(W)-FR, K6T21(X)-EX, K6T21S(X)-EX, K6T52S(W)-I, K6T52S(X)-I, K6T72S(W)-I, K6T72S(W)-NL, K6T72S(X)-I, K6T72S(X)-NL, KJ6G2(W)-R, S036, S036EB, S036EK, S036EW, S036EX, S077E, S077EEK, S077EEW, S077EEX, S077EK, S077EW, S077EX, SC36, SC36EB, SC36EK, SC36EW, SC36EX, SC52VX, SC52X, SC77, SC77EK, SC77EW, SC77EX, SC87, SC87EX, SC88X, SD52, SD52I, SD52K, SD97, SD97EI, SD97EK, SD97EW, SD97I, SD97K, SD97W, SE662K/1, ST52X, ST55X, ST87EX, ST87X, SY10X, SY10X/1, SY11B, SY11W, SY36B, SY36B/1, SY36K, SY36K/1, SY36W, SY36W/1, SY36X, SY36X/1, SY37W, SY37W/1, SY37X, SY37X/1, SY51X, SY56X, SY56X/1

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