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Candy Washing Machine Door Hinge

Candy Washing Machine Door Hinge

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Hoover Candy Door Seal Gasket

Hoover Candy Door Seal Gasket

Integrated Decor Door Hinge Kit
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Integrated Decor Door Hinge Kit

  • Stock Code: PA1523
  • Brand:  Hoover
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine decor door hinge kit for Hoover, Candy and Baumatic integrated washing machine models listed.


  • Includes Hinges Screws Caps
  • See below for list of models this part fits

Fits these models:

Hoover Model Numbers, HBWD7514DA-80, HBWD8514D-80, HBWD8514DAC-80, HBWD8514DC-80, HBWD8514S-80, HBWD8514TAHC-80, HBWD8516DCB/1-80, HBWDO8514TAHC-80, HBWDO8514THC-S, HBWM814D-80, HBWM814DC-80, HBWM814S-80, HBWM814SAC-80, HBWM814TAHC-80, HBWM815TH-S, HBWM816S-80, HBWM84TAHC-80, HBWM914D-80, HBWM914DC-80, HBWM914DCB/1-80, HBWM914SC-80, HBWM915D-80, HBWM915D-80, HBWM916TAHC-80, HBWMO916TAHC-S, HBWMO96TAHC-80, Candy Model Numbers, CBWD7514D-80, CBWD8514D-19, CBWD8514D-80, CBWD8514DC-80, CBWD8514D-S, CBWD8514SC-80, CBWD8514TH-07, CBWD8514TWH-07, CBWD8514TWH-80, CBWDS8514TH-S, CBWM712D-S, CBWM814DC-80, CBWM814D-S, CBWM814DW-07, CBWM815D-80, CBWM816D-80, CBWM816S-80, CBWM914D-80, CBWM914DW-07, CBWM914S-80, CBWM916D-80, CBWM916TWH-80, CBWMS914TWH-S, CMWM712D-01, Baumatic Model Numbers, BWDI1485D-80, BWMI1472D3/1-80, BWMI147D-80, BWMI148D-80

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