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Indesit Washing Machine Belt 1201 J6
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Indesit Washing Machine Belt 1201 J6

  • Stock Code: PA662
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This is a compatible washing machine poly V drive belt 1201 J6 to fit Indesit models listed below. This belt size was updated on some versions, please check your belt size before ordering.


  • Drive Belt
  • Length 1201mm
  • Section J6

Fits these models:

EWD81482WUK, IWC6165SUK, IWC6165UK, IWC81481ECOU, IWC81482ECOU, IWC8148UK, IWC8148UKE, IWC91482ECOU, IWD7168SUK, IWD7168UK, IWDE7168UK, IWE71682WECO, IWE7168BUK, IWE7168SUK, IWE81281ECOU, IWE81281KECO, IWE81281KUK, IWE81281KUKE, IWE81281SUK, IWE81281SUKE, IWE81281UK, IWE81281UKE, IWE81481ECOU, IWE81481SECO, IWE81481SUK, IWE81481SUKE, IWE81481UK, IWE81481UKE, IWE81681ECOU, IWE81681SUK, IWE81681UK, IWE81681UKE, IWE91281ECOU, IWE91480UK, IWE91480UKE, IWE91481ECOU, IWME147UK, IWME147UKE, PWC8128WUK, PWC8148WUK, PWDC8125WUK, PWDC8127WUK, PWDE8147SUK, PWDE81480WUK, PWDE8148SUK, PWDE81680SUK, PWDE91473SUK, PWE71420WUK, PWE8148SUK, PWE8148WUK, PWE8168SUK, PWE91272WUK, PWE91472SUK, PWE91472SUKE, PWE91472WUK, PWE91472WUKE, PWE91672WUK, PWE91672WUKE, PWE9168SUK, WMYL8552PUK, XWA81482XSUK, XWA81482XWUK, XWA81682XSUK, XWA81682XW.C, XWA81682XWUK, XWA91683XWC, XWA91683XWUK, XWC81483XSUK, XWC81483XWUK, XWDA751480XW, XWDA751680XW, XWDE1071681X, XWDE751480XK, XWDE751480XS, XWDE751480XW, XWDE861480XS, XWDE861480XW, XWDE861680XW, XWDE961480XW, XWDE961680XW, XWE81482XWUK, XWE91282XSUK, XWE91282XWUK, XWE91483XSUK, XWE91483XUK, XWE91483XWUK, XWE91683UKC, XWE91683XWWW

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