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Beko Oven Wire Shelf

Beko Oven Wire Shelf


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Bosch Oven Shelf

Hotpoint Wire Oven Shelf
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Hotpoint Wire Oven Shelf

  • Stock Code: PA366
  • Brand:  Hotpoint
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

If you need an extra shelf in your Hotpoint oven or just want to replace a shelf, then this genuine Hotpoint oven shelf may be just what you need.


  • Oven Shelf
  • Dimensions 447mm x 364mm

Fits these models:

AHP66X, AHP66X/1, AHP69PGX, AHP69PX, AHP662K, AHP662X, AHP662X/1, BS43B, BS43B/1, BS43K, BS43K/1, BS43W, BS43W/1, BS53X, BS53X/1, BS63B, BS63EB, BS63EK, BS63ES, BS63ET, BS63EW, BS63K, BS63N, BS63S, BS63W, BS73EX, BS73X, BS89EK, BS89EX, CIM53KCAIXGB, EG600X, FH103IX/HA, KSO33CX, KSO53CX, KSO89CX, KSO103PX, KSOS89PX, OS89CIX/HP, OS89IX/HP, OS897DCIX/HP, OS897DIX/HP, OS897DPIX/HP, OSX896LDCX, OSX1036NDCX, SBS51X, SBS636X, SBS638CK, SBS638CW, SBS638CX, SC36EB, SC36EK, SC36EW, SC36EX, SC52X, SC77EK, SC77EW, SC77EX, SC87EX, SC88X, SD52I, SD52K, SD97EI, SD97EK, SD97EW, SD97I, SD97K, SD97W, SE48L1012GX, SE48L1012X, SE48R1012GX, SE48R1012X, SE61X, SE87PX, SE89PGX, SE100PX, SE101PGX, SE101PX, SE102PX, SE103PGX, SE661X/1, SE662K/1, SE861X/1, SE872X, SE1002X, SE1012X, SE1022X, SE1032X, SE48101PGX, SE48101PX, SE481012GX, SE481012X, SH33K, SH33W, SH33X, SH51X, SH53CKX, SH53CX, SH53K, SH53X, SH83CK, SH83CX, SH83K, SH83X, SH89CX, SH89PX, SH103PX, SHS33CX, SHS33X, SHS33XK, SHS53X, SN56EX, SQ61I, SQ61T, SQ102PI, SQ103PGI, SQ661I, SQ661I/1, SQ661T, SQ872I, SQ872T, SQ892I, ST52X, ST55X, ST87EX, ST87X, SX898CX, SX1038LCX, SX1038LPX, SX1038NCX, SX1046LPX, SX1049LCX, SY10X, SY10X/1, SY11B, SY11W, SY36B, SY36B/1, SY36K, SY36K/1, SY36W, SY36W/1, SY36X, SY36X/1, SY37W, SY37W/1, SY37X, SY37X/1, SY51X, SY56X, SY56X/1, SY86P, SY89PG

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