Hotpoint Indesit Washing Machine Pump Filter Kit

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Genuine replacement pump filter kit to fit Hotpoint Indesit washing machines listed below. The genuine pump filter helps stop foreign objects from clogging up the pump, causing drainage problems and damage to your washing machine.


  • Drain Pump Filter Kit
  • 3 Types Of Pump Filter Per Pack

Fits these models:

Hotpoint Washing Machine Models, AQD1170D697E, AQD1170D697I, AQD1170F697E, AQD1170F697I, AQXL169UK, AQXXD169PM, AQXXF149HPI, AQXXF149PI, AQXXF149PM, AQXXL129PI, AQXXL129PM, AVXXF145EX, BS1400UK, BWD12, BWD129, BWM12, BWM129, ET1400UK, HVL200UK, HVL211UK, HVL222UK, HVL241UK, WDAL9640GUK, WDD960AUK.C, WDD960AUK.CA, WDD960GUK.C, WDD960GUK.CA, WDD960KUK, WDD960PUK.C, WDD960PUK.CA, WDF740AUK.C, WDF740GUK.C, WDF740KUK, WDF740PUK, WDF740PUKA, WDF740XUK, WDL540PUK.C, WDPG8640GUK, WDPG8640KUK, WDPG8640PUK, WDPG8640XUK, WDPG9640GUK, WDPG9640KUK, WDPG9640PUK, WDUD10760DPU, WDUD9640GUK, WDUD9640KUK, WIN82EX, WMTL80, WT400, Indesit Washing Machine Models, IWDE12UK, IWDE7145KUK, IWDE7145SUK, IWDE7168UK, PWDC7142WUK, PWDC8127WUK, PWDE8147SUK, PWDE81480WUK, PWDE81680SUK, PWDE91473SUK, W103UK, WDG1095GH(G), WE10UK, WE11UK, WE12SUK, WE12UK, WE13UK, WE14SUK, WE14UK, WE16SUK, WE16UK, WG1085WG, WG1086G, WG1185BG, WG1185WG, WG1185WG/1, WG1230(GF)G, WG1285WG, WG1286G, WG1286SG, WG1385WG, WG1386W(G), WG1436T(G), WG2020WG, WG820PG, WG830TPG, WG833PG, WG924PG, WI101UK, WI121UK, WI141UK, WIA101UK, WIA111UK, WIA121UK, WIB101UK, WIB111UK, WIDXE146SUK, WIDXE146UK, WIDXL102UK, WIDXL126SUK, WIDXL126UK, WIDXL146UK, WIE137SUK, WIE147UK, WIE147UKCO, WIE157SUK, WIE167UK, WIL103UK, WIL113UKBG, WIL123SUK, WIL133UK, WIL133UKCO, WIL143SUK, WIL143UK, WIL144SPUK, WIL153UK, WIL163SUK, WIL163UK, WIXE127UK, WIXL123SUK, WIXL123SUK.1, WIXL123SUK/Y, WIXL123SUK1Y, WIXL123UK, WIXL123UKTEV, WIXL143SUK, WIXL143SUK/Y, WM12XUK, WME6X

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