Hotpoint Indesit Oven Door Seal

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Cooker & Oven
Door Seal
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This is a genuine 4 sided oven seal to fit select models of Hotpoint and Indesit ovens and cookers listed below.


  • 4 sided
  • 430 x 360 mm

Fits these models:

Hotpoint models, 60HEG, 60HEGS, 60HEP, 60HEPS, 60HGP, 61DCW, 61DGW, 61DGWF, 62DCW, 62DCWS, 62DGW, AHP67X, AHP67X/1, ARC60W, ARC60X, ARG60W, ARG60X, BD32B MK2, BD32B/2, BD32KMK2, BD32K/2, BD32PMK2, BD32P/2, BD42SSMK2, BD42SS MK2T, BD42SS/2, BD52BMK2, BD52B/2, BD52K MK2, BD52K/2 , BD52P MK2, BD52P/2, BD62SSMK2, BD62SS/2, BIMDS23BIX, BIMDS23BIXS, C367EIH, C367EKH, C367EWH, C367EXH, C367GIH, C367GKH, C367GWH, C367GXH, C368EWH, C60GCB, C60GCIK, C60GCIS, C60GCIW, C60GCK, C60GCS, C60GCW, C60GPC, C60GPCF, C60GPX, B62IXMK2, DB62X, DBS537X, DBS537XS, DBS539CK, DBS539CKS, DBS539CW, DBS539CWS, DBS539CX, DBS539CX, SDCL08CB, DE47X, DE47X/2, DE47X1, DE89X/1, DE89X1, DH53B, DH53BS, DH53CK, DH53CKS, DH53K, DH53KS, DH53W, DH53WS, DH53X, DH53XS, DH93CX, DH93CXS, DH93K, DH93KS, DH93X, DH93XS, DH99CX, DHS53CX, DHS53CXS, DHS53X, DHS53XS, DQ47I/2, Q47IMK2, DQ89I, DQ89I/1, DSC60S, DSC60P, DSD60S, DSD60SS, DSG60S, DX1032CX, DX1032CXS, DX892CX, DX892CXS, DX937CX, DY46K MK2, DY46K/2, DY46W MK2, DY46W/2, DY46XMK2, DY46X/2, FID10IX/1, FID10IX1S, FID20BK/1, FID20BKMK2, FID20BKMK2T, FID20IX MK2, FID20IX/1, FID20IXMK2, FID20WH/1, FID20WHMK2, FID20WHMK2T, FIDM20IX/1, FIDM20IXM2T, FIDM20IXMK2, FIMD13IX, FIMD13IXS, FIMD23WHS, FIMD23BK, FIMD23BKS, FIMD23IX, FIMD23IXS, FIMD23WH, FIMDE23IX , FIMDE23IXS, GW74G, GW74K, GW74P, GW74X, HAE60G, HAE60GS, HAE60K, HAE60KS, HAE60P, HAE60PS, HAE60X, HAE60XS, HAG60G, HAG60K, HAG60P, HAG60X, HUD61G, HUD61GS, HUD61K, HUD61KS, HUD61P, HUD61PS, HUD61X, HUD61XS, HUE61G, HUE61GS, HUE61K, HUE61KS, HUE61P, HUE61PS, HUE61X, HUE61XS, HUE62G, HUE62K, HUE62KS, HUE62P, HUE62PS, HUE62X, HUE62XS, HUE63P, HUG61G, HUG61K, HUG61P, HUG61X, HUL61G, HUL61K, HUL61P, HUL61X, ID60C2A, ID60C2KS, ID60C2M, ID60C2MS, ID60C2W, ID60C2WS, ID60C2XS, ID60E2W, ID60E2WS, ID60G1W, ID60G2X, ID60G2A, ID60G2W, KD6C35A, KD6C35K, KD6C35M, KD6C35W, KD6C35X, KD6E35W, KD6G25A, KD6G25M, KD6G25SAIR, KD6G25SWIR, KD6G25SXIR, KD6G25W, KD6G25X, KD6G25XIR, KD6G35M, KD6G35W, KD6G35X, KDP60C, Indesit models, FIDM20IX/1, ID60C2X, KD6C35K, FID20BK/1, FIDM20IXM2, ID60C2A, KD6C35M, FID20BKMK2, FIDM20IXM2T, ID60C2M, KD6C35MT, FID20BKMK2T, FIDM20IXMK2, ID60C2W, KD6C35W, FID20IX MK2, FIMD13IX, ID60E2W, KD6C35WT, FID20IX/1, FIMD23BK, ID60G1(W), KD6C35X, FID20IXMK2, FIMD23IX, ID60G2X, KD6C35XT, FID20WH/1, FIMD23WH, ID60G2A, KD6E35WT, FID20WHMK2, FIMDE23IX, ID60G2W, KD6G25A, FID20WHMK2T, ID60C2K, KD6C35A, KD6G25M, KT6G2WIR, FID10IX/1, KD6G25SAIR, KD6G25X, KDP60CT, KT6C3M, KD6G25SWIR, KD6G25XT, KDP60E, KT6C3W, KD6G25SXIR, KD6G25XIR, KDP60ET, KT6G2M, KD6G25W, KD6G35W, KDP60G, KT6G2W, KD6G25WT, KDP60C, KDP60SE

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