Hotpoint Dishwasher Filter Cage

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Genuine dishwasher central filter cage to fit select Hotpoint dishwashers listed below:


  • Dishwasher Filter
  • Genuine

Fits these models:

DG211, ADG522UK, ADP301IXUK, ADP301WHUK, ADP502IXUK, DFG15B1CUK, DFG15B1KUK, DFG15B1SUK, DFG15B1UK, DFG26B1SUK, DFG26B1UK, DFGL17B19UK, DFP27B10UK, DFP27T94AUK, DFP58B1UK, DFP58T1CUK, DFP58T94AUK, DIF04B1UK, DIF04UK, DIF04UK.R, DIF04UKN, DIF04UKR, DIF14T1UK, DIF1614UK, DIF1614UK.R, DIF1614UKR, DIF16B1UK, DIF16M1UK, DIF16UK, DIF16UK.R, DIF16UKR, DIF3414MUK.R, DIF3414MUKR, DIFM16B1UK, DIFP18B1UK, DIFP28T9AUK, DIS04UK, DISR14B1UK, DISR14BUK, DISR57M9CAUK, DISRM16B19UK, DPG15B1NXUK, DPG15B1UK, DPG15IXUK, DPG15IXUK.R, DPG15IXUKR, DPG15WHUK, DPG15WHUK.R, DPG15WHUKR, DSR15B1KUK, DSR15B1SUK, DSR15B1UK, DSR15BKUK, DSR15BSUK, DSR15BUK, DSR15M9CUK, DSR26B1SUK, DSR26B1UK, DSR57B1UK, DSR57BUK, DSR57M19AUK, DSRL17B19, FDAB10110P, FDAL11010P, FDAL28P, FDD912G, FDD912K, FDD912P, FDD912X, FDD914G.R, FDD914GR, FDD914K.R, FDD914KR, FDD914P.R, FDD914PR, FDD914X.R, FDD914XR, FDDSN11010K, FDDSN11010P, FDEB10010P, FDEB31010G, FDEB31010P, FDEF33121G, FDEF33121P, FDEF33121V, FDEF4101G, FDEF4101P, FDEF4101X, FDEF51110P, FDEF51110X, FDEL31010G, FDEL31010P, FDEL3101G, FDEL3101P, FDEM3101P, FDF780A, FDF780G, FDF780K, FDF780P, FDF780PR, FDF780X, FDF784A.R, FDF784AR, FDF784G.R, FDF784GR, FDF784K.R, FDF784KR, FDF784P.R, FDF784PR, FDF784X.R, FDF784XR, FDFAO11011G, FDFAO32121K, FDFAO32121X, FDFET33121G, FDFET33121K, FDFET33121P, FDFET33121V, FDFEX11011G, FDFEX11011K, FDFEX11011P, FDFF1110G, FDFF1110K, FDFF1110P, FDFF1110X, FDFF31111G, FDFF31111K, FDFF31111P, FDFGREEN4413, FDFL11010G, FDFL11010P, FDFSM31011G, FDFSM31011P, FDFSM31011SB, FDFSM31111G, FDFSM31111P, FDFSM33121P, FDIS11210P, FDL570A, FDL570A.R, FDL570AR, FDL570G, FDL570G.R, FDL570GR, FDL570P, FDL570P.R, FDL570PR, FDL570X, FDL570X.R, FDL570XR, FDLET31020K, FDLET31120G, FDLET31120P, FDM550P, FDM550P.R, FDM550PR, FDM554P, FDM554P.R, FDM554PR, FDPF481G, FDPF481K, FDPF481P, FDPF481X, FDUD4212P, FDUD43133P, FDUD43133X, FDUD44110P, FDUD44110X, FDUD4411P, FDUD4411X, FDUD4812G, FDUD4812K, FDUD4812P, FDUD4812X, FDUD51110P, FDUD51110X, FDYB10011G, FDYB11011P, FDYF1100P, FDYF11011G, FDYF11011K, FDYF11011P, FDYF2100G, FDYF2100K, FDYF2100P, HFED110P, IDF125KUK, IDF125SUK, IDF125UK, IDF145UK, IDP127BD, IDP127NXUK, IDP127UK, IDP147, IDP148D, IDP148MD, IDP148UK, IDS105KUK, IDS105SUK, IDS105UK, IDS1071DUK, IDS107DUK, IDS573UK, LFS114BUK, LFS114KUK, LFS114WUK, LFS114XUK, LFS114XUK.R, LFS114XUKR, LFT04UK/TA, LFT04UK/TA.R, LFT04UKTA, LFT04UKTAR, LFT114/HA, LFT114HA, LFT114UK, LFT114UK.R, LFT114UKR, LFT2284AUK, LFT2284AUK.R, LFT2284AUKR, LFT228AUK, LFT228AUK.R, LFT228AUKR, LFT32141HKU, LFT3214-1HKU, LFT32141HXUK, LFT32147HXUK, LFT3214HXUK, LFT321HXUK, LFTH214AAHXU, LFTM214AAHXU, LFZ338XUK, LSB5B019BUK, LSB5B019WUK, LSB5B019XUK, LST216AUK, LSTB4B00UK, LSTB6M19UK, LSTF8M126UK, LSTF9H117CUK, LSTF9H126CLU, LTB4B019UK, LTB4M116UK, LTB6M126UK, LTF11M1137CU, LTF11M121CUK, LTF11M121OUK, LTF11M1246CL, LTF11M132CUK, LTF11S112OUK, LTF8B019CUK, LTF8B019UK, LTF8M121CUK, PFT834XUK, PFT8H4XUK, SDAL1200P, SDD910G, SDD910K, SDD910P, SDD910X, SDL510G, SDL510P, SDUD1200P, SIAB11000P, SIAL11010G, SIAL11010K, SIAL11010P, SISML21011P, SIUF22111G, SIUF22111K, SIUF22111P, SIUF32120K, SIUF32120P, SIUF32120X, SIUF32121X, SW14DPPAI

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