Hotpoint Indesit Dishwasher Drain Hose

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This genuine replacement drain hose will fit Hotpoint and Indesit dishwasher models as listed.


  • Dishwasher Drain Hose
  • 90 Deg Hose End

Fits these models:

Indesit models, D41UK, D61DUK, D61SUK, D61UK, D63SUK, D63UK, D64UK, D66SUK, DE43UK, DE72UK, DE73UK, DG6100WG, DG6109S, DG6145W, DG6145WE, DG6145WG, DG6300WG, DG6450WG, DI450UK, DI6, DI61A, DI61UK, DI62, DI620UK, DI62UK, DI62UKB, DI65UK, DI67SUK, DI67UK, DV61BRUK, DV61IXUK, DV61WHUK, DV620BKUK, DV620KIXUK, DV620WHUK, DV62BK, DV62BKUK, DV62IX, DV62KIXUK, DV62WH, DV62WHUK, DVG622BKUK, DVG622KIXUK, DVG622WHUK, IDE1000UK, IDE1000UK.2, IDE1005SUK, IDE1005SUK.2, IDE44UK, IDL40SUK, IDL40UK, IDL500UK, IDL500UK.2, IDL500UK.2T, IDL505SUK, IDL505SUK.2, IDL530UK, IDL535SUK.2, IDL700UK, IDL700UK.2, IDL705SUK, IDL705SUK.2, IDL730UK.2, IDL735SUK.2, IDTMUK, Hotpoint models, 6800P, 6800W, 6801P, 6801W, 6802B, 6802P, 6820B, 6820P, 6830P, 6830W, 6831B, 6831P, 6832B, 6832B, 6832P, 6833B, 6833P, 68340, 6834B, 6834B, 6834P, 6834P, 71340, 71350, 71360, 7800P, 7800W, 7801P, 7801W, 7806P, 7806W, 7810W, 7820P, 7820W, 7821A, 7821P, 7821P, 7821W, 7822A, 7822A, 7822A, 7822P, 7822P, 7822P, 7822W, 7822W, 7822W, 7823A, 7823A, 7823P, 7823P, 7823W, 7823W, 7830W, 7833A, 7833A, 7833P, 7833P, 7833W, 7833W, 7834A, 7834P, 7834W, 7840P, 7840W, 7841A, 7841P, 7841W, 7842A, 7842P, 7842W, 7843A, 7843A, 7843P, 7843P, 7843W, 7843W, 7844A, 7844A, 7844P, 7844P, 7844W, 7844W, 7845A, 7845A, 7845P, 7845P, 7845W, 7845W, 7850P, 7850W, 7860P, 7860W, 7861A, 7861P, 7861W, 7870W, 7871W, 7871W, 7872W, 7872W, 7873A, 7873A, 7873P, 7873P, 7882A, 7882A, 7882P, 7882P, 7882W, 7882W, 7883A, 7883A, 7883P, 7883P, 7883W, 7883W, 7885A, 7885A, 7885P, 7885P, 7885W, 7885W, BCI45, BCI450, BF31B, BF31B, BF31P, BF31P, BF32B, BF32B, BF32P, BF32P, BFI62, BFI620, BFI68, BFI680, BFQ700T, BFT680X, BFT68X, BFV620B, BFV620K, BFV620W, BFV620X, BFV62B, BFV62K, BFV62W, BFV62X, BFV680X, BFV68X, BFZ680X, BFZ700X, DC23P, DC23X, DC24P, DC24X, DC27P, DC28N, DC28P, DC28S, DF21A, DF21A, DF21P, DF21P, DF21W, DF21W, DF22A, DF22A, DF22P, DF22P, DF22W, DF22W, DF23A, DF23A, DF23N, DF23N, DF23P, DF23P, DF23W, DF23W, DF23X, DF23X, DF31A, DF31A, DF31P, DF31P, DF31W, DF31W, DF32A, DF32A, DF32N, DF32N, DF32P, DF32P, DF32W, DF32W, DF32X, DF32X, DF41A, DF41A, DF41P, DF41P, DF41W, DF41W, DF42A, DF42A, DF42N, DF42N, DF42P, DF42P, DF42W, DF42W, DF42X, DF42X, DF51A, DF51A, DF51P, DF51P, DF51W, DF51W, DF52A, DF52A, DF52P, DF52P, DF52W, DF52W, DWF40P, DWF40P.2, DWF50N, DWF50P, DWF50PT, DWF50S, DWF70N, DWF70P, DWF70S, DWM55A, DWM75A, DWT10P, DWT10P.2, FDW20P, FDW60G, FDW60P, FDW60T, FDW65A, FDW70G, FDW70P, FDW70T, FDW75A, FDW80G, FDW80P, FDW80T, FDW85A, SDW60P, SDW80G, SDW80P, SDW80T, SDW85A

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6 Reviews:

Saved a dishwasher from landfill
09 March 2023  |  Matthew

Our dishwasher hose had a split in it internally. This replacement fitted exactly as it should. Not easy to fit due to the placement of the connection to the pump within the dishwasher internal gubbins but got there in the end. 10 on a hose has saved spending 400 on a new dishwasher!

Great Value
18 November 2021  |  Paul

Good price.Pleasantly surprised it came fitted with new clips and holding washer.Perfit fit.Excellent.

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