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Hoover Washing Machine Heater 1950W
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Hoover Washing Machine Heater 1950W

  • Stock Code: HVR91201638
  • Brand:  Hoover
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Hoover washing machine 1950 watt element.


  • Genuine Hoover Heater Element
  • Element 1950 Watts

Fits these models:

A054CKD, A125SX/1, AI1040, AM1042S11, AM1243S, AM13211, AM440/511S, AM540S14, AM640S, AM842S, AM843S, H45TCKD, H513MCE, H514H5, H60ATSY, HN4105-30S, HN4805-30S, HN5060-30, HN5065-30, HN5075-30, HN5125-84S, HN5135-83M, HN565, HN6125-89S, HN6135-84, HN6135-86S, HN6145-86S, HN6655-30, HNS4085-30, HNS4105-30, HNS5065-30, HNS6105-16S, HNS6105P-3, HNS6125P-3, HNS9125-16S, HNS9125P, HNT2135-80, HNT409.6SY, HNT412SY, HNT510.6SY, HNT512.6AA, HNT512.6SY, HNT513-47, HNT513-84, HNT514.6AAA, HNT5146 AAA, HNT514AAA, HNWS6125, HNWS6125-03, HPA135-80, HPB145-80, HPL145-84, HS100I, HT265-30A, HTC11AA-84, HTC11AA-86, HTC120AA, HTC13AA-84, HTC13AA-86, HTC9AA-03, HTV610-47, HTV611-16, HTV612-47, HTV613-16, HTV613-84, HTV709.6, HTV710-03, HTV712.6, HTV714-84, HTV714.6, HTV714.6AAA, HTV911-03, HTV913-16, HTV913-47, HTV913-84S, HTV914, HTV914-47, HTV914-84, HTV914.6, HTV914.6P, HVT913-86

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