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Bosch Glass Oven Lamp Cover And Tool
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Bosch Glass Oven Lamp Cover And Tool

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  • Stock Code: PA259
  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine glass lamp cover and handy removal tool for many Bosch ovens. This replacement lamp cover is supplied complete with a fitting tool for easier fitting and removal of the glass cover. Simple to use, just put on the auxillary tool and turn anti-clockwise to loosen and just turn clockwise to tighten. This glass bulb cover has a diameter of 63mm.


  • Glass Oven Lamp Lens
  • Includes Glass Removal Tool
  • Diameter 63mm

Fits these models:

HBE630BGB/01, HBE630BGB/02, HBE630BGB/03, HBE630EGB/01, HBE630EGB/02, HBE630EGB/03, HBE630EGB/04, HBE630EGB/05, HBE630EGB/06, HBE630FGB/01, HBE630FGB/02, HBE630FGB/03, HBE630FGB/04, HBE630FGB/05, HBE630KGB/01, HBE630RGB/01, HBE630RGB/02, HBE630UGB/01, HBE630UGB/02, HBE632BGB/01, HBE632BGB/02, HBE632BGB/03, HBE632BGB/04, HBE632DGB/01, HBE632DGB/02, HBE632DGB/03, HBE632EGB/01, HBE632EGB/02, HBE632EGB/03, HBE632EGB/04, HBE632EGB/05, HBE632EGB/06, HBE632FGB/01, HBE632FGB/02, HBE632FGB/03, HBE632FGB/04, HBE632FGB/05, HBE632KGB/01, HBE632RGB/01, HBE632RGB/02, HBE632UGB/01, HBE636FGB/01, HBE636FGB/02, HBE636UGB/01, HBE642NGB/01, HBE642NGB/02, HBE642NGB/03, HBE642NGB/04, HBE646NGB/01, HBE646NGB/02, HBE646NGB/03, HBE646NGB/04, HBE648NGB/01, HBE648NGB/02, HBE648NGB/03, HBE6922GB/01, HBE6922GB/02, HBE6922GB/03, HBE6962GB/01, HBE6962GB/02, HBE6962GB/03, HBN220AGB/01, HBN222AGB/01, HBN3500GB/01, HBN3500GB/02, HBN3520GB/01, HBN3520GB/02, HBN3550GB/01, HBN3550GB/02, HBN3560GB/01, HBN3560GB/02, HBN3600GB/01, HBN3620GB/01, HBN3650GB/01, HBN3650GB/02, HBN3660GB/01, HBN3660GB/02, HBN410AGB/01, HBN410AGB/02, HBN410AGB/06, HBN412AGB/01, HBN412AGB/02, HBN412AGB/06, HBN430AGB/01, HBN4320GB/01, HBN4320GB/02, HBN432AGB/01, HBN4350GB/01, HBN4350GB/02, HBN435AGB/01, HBN4360GB/01, HBN4360GB/02, HBN450AGB/01, HBN450BGB/01, HBN452AGB/01, HBN452BGB/01, HBN455BGB/01, HBN456AGB/01, HBN456BGB/01, HBN4620GB/01, HBN4620GB/02, HBN4650GB/01, HBN4650GB/02, HBN4660GB/01, HBN4950GB/01, HBN49S0GB/01, HBN49S0GB/02, HBN7020GB/01, HBN7050GB/01, HBN7060GB/01, HBN9020GB/01, HBN9021GB/01, HBN9021GB/02, HBN9021GB/03, HBN9021GB/04, HBN9050GB/01, HBN9051GB/01, HBN9051GB/02, HBN9051GB/03, HBN9051GB/04, HBN9051GB/05, HBN9060GB/01, HBN9062GB/01, HBN9062GB/02, HBN9100GB/01, HBN9120GB/01, HBN9121GB/06, HBN9122GB/01, HBN9123GB/01, HBN9123GB/02, HBN9150GB/01, HBN9151GB/06, HBN9152GB/01, HBN9153GB/01, HBN9153GB/02, HBN9153GB/05, HBN9160GB/01, HBN9161GB/06, HBN9162GB/01, HBN9163GB/01, HBN9163GB/02, HBN9300GB/01, HBN9300GB/05, HBN9320GB/01, HBN9320GB/05, HBN9320GB/06, HBN9321GB/01, HBN9322GB/01, HBN9350GB/01, HBN9350GB/06, HBN9351GB/01, HBN9352GB/01, HBN9352GB/05, HBN9360GB/01, HBN9360GB/05, HBN9360GB/06, HBN9361GB/01, HBN9362GB/01, HBN9720GB/01, HBN9720GB/04, HBN9720GB/06, HBN9750GB/01, HBN9750GB/04

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bosch oven lamps
Thursday, 27 November 2014  |  Philip

good product good service
thank you

light bulb sorted
Wednesday, 25 June 2014  |  Steven

There are huge numbers of models of ovens, and parts aren't necessarily cross compatible even within one manufacturer. One phone call to parts4appliances and they checked and reassured me. Part was promptly dispatched at a reasonable cost complete with plastic device to screw the cover in - wish I'd had it for a previous bulb change. The phone support was helpful and cheerful

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