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Genuine Hoover Candy Washing Machine Door Interlock
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Genuine Hoover Candy Washing Machine Door Interlock

  • Stock Code: PA886
  • Brand:  Hoover
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Hoover Candy washing machine door interlock or lock.


  • Hoover Candy Door Interlock

Fits these models:

823CFH, 823CFMASTER, 824CFHMASTER, 31000437, 31800065, 31800115, 37615960, A054CKD, A055CKD, A125SX/1, A711001, A711011, A711041, AAA160PL, AAA14001, AAA16001, AAA16011, AAA16031, AAA16061, AAA16071, ACS840, ACS840SY, ACS1040, ACS1040SY, AI120PL, AI1040, AI10011, AI12061, AI13001, AI13041, AI14011, AI14031, AI14061, AIS136PL, AIS136SY, AIS13631, AL80, AL120, AL130, AL150, AL7100SY, AL8011, AL8611, AL12001, AL12011, AL12031, AL12611, AL13001, AL13011, AL13031, AL13131, AL13211, AL14011, AL14031, AL15001, ALA12201, ALI31300E, ALSI21200, ALSI31300E, AM100LEB, AM110LEB, AM440/511S11, AM540S11, AM540S14, AM542SX11, AM640S, AM640S11, AM642SX11, AM842S, AM842SH/C, AM843S11, AM1042S11, AM1042SH/C, AM1243S11, AM11001, AM11011, AM11501, AM12001, AM13011, AM13111, AM13211, AMA12207, AMC12101, ASM160UK, BELWD12V, BELWD14v, BELWM13VI, BELWM14VI, BLF524TCKD, BWA5120, BWDI1206, BWMI1206, BWMI1407, CA756SS, CDB115-80, CDB126-80, CDB134-SY, CDB264-80, CDB464-47S, CDB465-47S, CDB475D-01S, CDB475D/1-01, CDB485D-37S, CDB485D/1-37, CDB754D-80, CDB754D/1-8, CDB854D-80, CHIARA642XTR, CHIARA742SET, CIW100T, CIW100TUK, CLASSICCX556, CSB51XAT, CSB440XTR, CSB640XTR, CSB840XTR, CSBE100TV-03, CSBE640TR, CSBE740TR, CSBE840TS5, CSBL75, CSBL75SY, CSBL85, CSBL85SY, CSBL100, CSBL100SY, CSD80, CSD85, CSD85-03S, CSD100-01, CSD100-03S, CSD120-03S, CSG424T, CSG624T, CSN52AT, CSN62T, CWB0806-01S, CWB0806/L-S, CWB80-37S, CWB100-37S, CWB110-80, CWB120, CWB120-37S, CWB120-80, CWB714-80S, CWB714D-80S, CWB714D/L-8, CWB814D-80S, CWB1006-01S, CWB1006/L-S, CWB1206-80S, CWB1307-01S, CWB1307/L-S, CWB1308-37S, CWB1308/L-S, CX453, CX656, DOOR, DWF638, E40, E41, E50, E60HCCKD, EH40, EH41, EH50, EH55A, EH65A, EHS33.62A, EHS40, EHS54A, EHS60, EHS64A, EHS70A, EHX33, EHX44, EHX61, EL160UK, EMA80SS, EMH80AS, ENERGACB735, EP6401X, EP6501X, EP7401ASS, EP7501MASS, ES40, ES60, ESA70, ETERNA906, ETERNA906H, EX33, EX44, EX61, EXCL.S641XTR, FLS63, FLS64, FLS83, FLS84, FLS831, FLS841, H50ATSY, H57A, H60ATSY, H63A, H70M6SY, H80E, H87E, H100EPL, H100EUNI, H108ES, H109ES, H110M, H110M6SY, H120E, H120M, H127-47, H130E, H130EUK, H130M, H130MCMT, H140E, H140EDE, H140EUK, H147-47, H160ECE, H160EDE, H160EUK, H160INE, H160IUK, H513MCE, H513MDE, H514EDE, H514ENL, H3360, H4055A, H4065E, H5065E, HC110MUK, HC120MUK, HC130MUK, HC145MUK, HC150MUK, HC557A, HC653A, HC666E, HC6120MUK, HC6130MUK, HC6145MUK, HC6150MUK, HC6160EUK, HCP160EUK, HCP160IUK, HCX453, HCX656, HDB244-80, HDB284-80, HDB284-SY, HDB642-80, HDB854D-30S, HDB854D-80, HDB854D/1-30, HDB854D/1-80, HF100E, HF110M, HF120E, HF130E, HF130EUK, HF140E, HF160E, HF160EUK, HF160IDE, HF712IFR, HF714IDE, HF714IFR, HF716E-47, HF716EDE, HF716ENL, HF716ICE, HF716IDE, HF716IFR, HF716INL, HF7130MUK, HF7150MUK, HF7160EUK, HFM130MUK, HFM150MUK, HFM160EUK, HI148, HI168, HIZ169-47, HJA8513, HJA8514, HJA8552, HJA8553, HJA8553.1, HJA8703, HJA8704, HMC131CWS, HMP756E, HMP856E, HMP1058ESS, HMP1059ESS, HMP5085E, HOL62, HOL162, HOL182, HOL186, HOL803TL, HOL1002TL, HOL1003TL, HOLID.1001TL, HOLIDAY61, HOLIDAY81, HOLIDAY161, HOLIDAY181, HOLIDAY181E, HOLIDAY181M, HOLIDAY185, HOLIDAY800, HOLIDAY800TL, HOLIDAY801TL, HOLIDAY1000, HOLIDAY1000T, HP13ECE, HP13EDE, HP16ECE, HP16EDE, HP16ENL, HQ130, HQ150, HS33.66A, HS33.88E, HS100EUN, HS100I, HSW110MUK, HSW150M80, HSW2115M, HSW2125M, HW120MUK, HW120PROMO, HW130MUK, HW130PROMO, HW160MUK, HW355-47, HW556-47, HW5213MUK, HW5513MUK, HW6313ECE, HW6313MUK, HW6316MUK, HWB240-80, HWB240/1-80, HWB280-30S, HWB280-80, HWB280D-80S, HWB614-30S, HWB814D-30S, HWB814D-80S, HWB814D/L-8, HWB814D/L-S, HWD120TD80, HWF130MUK, HWF131MUK, HWF5513EF, HWF5516ECE, HX33, HX33.8, HX33.86A, HX60ATSY, HZ611I, HZ616I, HZ710MULTI, HZ842SY, HZ1042SY, HZI1040, HZI11051, HZI16051, HZS82-30S, HZS102-30S, KITLADY833E, KITLADY834E, KITRP40T, KITRPI100TXT, KITRPI120TXT, KITRPL87T, KITZM561SM, L.FAMILYHM6S, L.FAMILYM6SS, L.MULT.7XXL, L.MULT.HXXL, L.SIXHM756E, L.SIXHM758ES, L.SIXHM856E, L.SIXHM958ES, L.TROPIC7XXL, LAD.423CKD, LADY834CKD, LADYC.623CKD, LADYC.HCX556, LADYCL.523, LADYCL.664, LADYPIUH68E, LADYPIUH77E, LADYPIUH78ES, LADYPIUH88ES, LADYPIUH99ES, LADYZ.LX64, LADYZ.Z67SS, LADYZ.ZX33, LADYZ.ZX33.8, LADYZ.ZX56, LADYZ.ZX66, LADYZEROH67S, LADYZEROHX43, LADYZEROHX56, LADYZEROHX64, LADYZEROHX66, LBC1265EXP., LBCH1265, LBD644DENSA, LBD644HDENSA, LBD1044DENSA, LBD1044H, LBO33.6, LBO646, LBO836, LBO946A, LBO1256A, LBOH33.6, LBOH160AAA, LBOH646, LBOH656A, LBOH836, LBOH836A, LFC635EX, LFC635H, LFC655AHEX, LFC835EXPERT, LFC835H, LFC836AHEXP, LFO426, LFO626, LFO826, LFOH426, LFOH626, LFOH627A, LFOH826, LFOH846A, LI3800E, LI4800E, LI31000E, LI31300E, LI41000E, LI41080E, LI41080EV, LI41280E, LI41400E, LI41480E, LI41480EV, LIOH1040, LLBC965EX, LLBD984A, LLOH33.8A, LLOH906A, LLOH946A, LLOH1256A, LMOHVARIO7, LP2-800, LP2-800BR, LP2-1000, LSI2-1200, LSI31300E, LSI41400E, LSI41400EVR1, LSP2-1000, LSTEEL1059E, MA758SS, MA958SS, MA959SS, MA1059SS, MAF1200AAW, MAF1300AAW, MBL1200, MIL.7409ASS, MIL.7509MASS, MILADY339X, MILADY5409X, MILADYHX339, MILADYHX5409, MILOGIC1041, MULT.XXLSY, MULTIPLA7XLS, MYL.HM750ES, MYLADYH740ES, MYLOGIC741, MYLOGIC841AC, MYLOGIC1041A, NHL031200, NWWD12V, NWWM10V, OH40, OH60AT5, OH83M6, OH100E6, OH103M6, OH120M7, OH130E6, OH852M5, OHS3380M, PAS1053E-04, PAS1053EN, PAS1268E, PFS2-640, PFS2-833, PFS2-840, PFS644, PFS833, PFS844, PFS/PFS2-633, RILL140-47S, RILL1480-47S, RILS120H/C, RILS140-04OS, RILS140-47, RILS1485-47S, RILS1485-UK, RILS1485/1-4, SE160E, SEL.743SETR, SEL.8507MASS, SEL.HM850ES, SEL.HX3307, SEL.HX6407, SEL.HX6507, SEL.S643XTR, SELECTA3307X, SELECTA4407, SELECTA6407X, SELECTA6507X, SELECTAH4407, SLF2060, STEELH98ES, STEELHM959ES, STX7500, SUPER7/1, SUPER7/2, TKL60/N/S, TKL61/N/S, TKL9909, TKX13WD, TKX13WS-04, TKX40.2, TKX60.3, TKX60.3/D, TKX100, TROP.VARIO7H, TROPIC44XSS, TROPICHX44S, TROPICVARIO7, VARIO7, VARIO7H, W105SX/1, WDI1000, WDM12001, WDM12501, WDM13001, WDM13011, WDM15001, WDM15011, WDM15031, Z86E, ZA77, ZA78SS, ZA88SS, ZA89SS, ZA98SS, ZM561CKD, ZX43

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