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Genuine Bosch Nef Siemens Oven Shelf

Genuine Bosch Nef Siemens Oven Shelf

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Genuine Bosch Nef Siemens Oven Shelf
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Genuine Bosch Nef Siemens Oven Shelf

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  • Stock Code: PA203
  • Brand:  Neff
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

If you need to replace your old or broken Neff oven shelf or just need more space in your oven, this genuine replacement oven shelf could be just what you need. This genuine oven shelf will fit Bosch, Neff and Siemens oven models listed below.


  • Oven Shelf.
  • Dimensions 465 x 375mm.
  • Ideal for ovens with side or drop opening doors.
  • High quality and strong design.
  • See below for list of models this part fits.

Fits these models:

Bosch Oven Models, HBA13B120B/01, HBA13B120B/02, HBA13B120B/03, HBA13B150B/03, HBA13B150B/04, HBA13B160B/01, HBA13B160B/02, HBA13B160B/03, HBA13B222B/03, HBA13B222B/04, HBA13B253B/03, HBA13B253B/04, HBA13B262B/03, HBA13B262B/04, HBA23B150B/03, HBA43B251B/03, HBA43B251B/04, HBA43B261B/03, HBA43B261B/04, HBA63B251B/45, HBA63B261B/45, HBG13B550B/45, HBG13B550B/56, HBG33B550B/45, HBG33B550B/56, HBG53R520B/45, HBG53R520B/55, HBG53R550B/45, HBG53R550B/56, HBG53R560B/45, HBG53R560B/55, HBG73R550B/45, HBG78R750B/35, HBG78R750B/45, HBG78R750B/46, HBG78R950B/45, HBL33B550B/45, HBL43B250B/45, HBM13B120B/45, HBM13B120B/47, HBM13B150B/45, HBM13B150B/47, HBM13B160B/45, HBM13B160B/47, HBM13B221B/45, HBM13B221B/47, HBM13B251B/45, HBM13B251B/47, HBM13B261B/45, HBM13B261B/47, HBM13B550B/45, HBM13B550B/47, HBM43B150B/45, HBM43B150B/47, HBM43B250B/45, HBM43B250B/47, HBM43B260B/45, HBM43B260B/47, HBM53R550B/45, HBM53R550B/47, HBM56B551B/45, HBM56B551B/47, HBN13B221B/45, HBN13B221B/46, HBN13B251B/45, HBN13B251B/46, HBN13B261B/45, HBN13B261B/46, HBN43B250B/45, HBN43B250B/46, HBN43B260B/45, HBN43B260B/46, HBR33B550B/45, HBR43B250B/45, Neff Oven Models, B12S32N3GB/01, B12S32N3GB/02, B12S32N3GB/04, B12S52N3GB/01, B12S52N3GB/02, B12S52N3GB/04, B14M42N3GB/01, B14M42N3GB/04, B14M42S3GB/01, B14M42S3GB/04, B14M42W3GB/01, B14M42W3GB/04, B14P42N3GB/01, B15E52N3GB/01, B15E52N3GB/04, B15M42N0/35, B15M52N3GB/01, B15M52N3GB/04, B15M52S3GB/01, B15M52S3GB/04, B15P52N3GB/01, B15P52S3GB/01, B16P52N3GB/01, B44M42N3/01, B44M42N3FR/01, B44M42N3GB/01, B44M42N3GB/04, B44M42N3S/01, B44S32N3GB/01, B44S32N3GB/04, B44S42N3GB/01, B44S42N3GB/04, B45C52N3GB/01, B45E42N3/01, B45E42N3FR/01, B45E42N3RU/01, B45E42N3S/01, B45E52N3GB/01, B45E52N3GB/04, B45E54N3GB/01, B45E54N3GB/04, B45E74N3GB/01, B45E74N3GB/04, B45M52N3GB/01, B45M52N3GB/04, B46C74N3GB/01, B46C74N3GB/04, B46E54N3GB/01, B46E54N3GB/04, B46E74N3/01, B46E74N3AU/01, B46E74N3AU/04, B46E74N3AU/05, B46E74N3FR/01, B46E74N3GB/01, B46E74N3GB/04, B46E74N3RU/01, B46E74N3S/01, C17E54N3GB/01, C17E54N3GB/03, U12S32N3GB/01, U12S32N3GB/02, U12S32N3GB/04, U12S52N3GB/01, U12S52N3GB/02, U12S52N3GB/04, U14M42N3GB/01, U14M42N3GB/04, U14M42S3GB/01, U14M42S3GB/04, U14M42W3GB/01, U14M42W3GB/04, U15E52N3GB/01, U15E52N3GB/04, U15M52S3GB/04, U15E52S3GB/01, U15E52S3GB/04, U15M52N3GB/01, U15M52N3GB/04, U15M52S3GB/01, U16E74N3GB/01, U16E74N3GB/03, U16E74N3GB/04, U17M42N3GB/01, U17M52S3GB/01, U17M52S3GB/03, U17S32N3GB/01, U17S32N3GB/02, U17M42N3GB/03, U17M42S3GB/01, U17M42S3GB/03, U17M52N3GB/01, U17M52N3GB/03, Siemens Oven Models, HB13AB523B/03, HB13AB523B/04, HB13AB550B/45, HB13AB550B/56, HB13AB622B/03, HB13AB622B/04, HB13MB521B/45, HB13MB521B/47, HB13MB621B/45, HB13MB621B/47, HB13NB521B/45, HB13NB521B/46, HB13NB621B/45, HB13NB621B/46, HB43AB521B/03, B43AB521B/04, HB43AB550B/45, HB43AB550B/56, HB43MB520B/45, HB43MB520B/47, HB43NB520B/45, HB43NB520B/46, HB55MB551B/45, HB55MB551B/47, HB55NB550B/45, HB55NB550B/46, HB63AB521B/45, HB63AB551B/45, HB75GB550B/45, HB75LB551B/45, HB75RB551B/45, HB76GT560/45, HB76GT560/46, HB78GB570/45, HB78GB570/46, HB78GB570B/45, HB78GB570B/46, HB78GB570C/45, HB78GB570C/46, HB78GB570J/45, HB78GB570J/46, HB78GB590B/45, HB78GB670B/45, HB78GB670B/46

Alternative Parts
Universal Extendable Oven Shelf

Universal Extendable Oven Shelf

Universal extendable oven shelf including clips.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021  |  Claire

Good product. Easy website. Fair price. Fast delivery.

Excellent service
Thursday, 7 February 2019  |  Rose

I canít fault the product or the service from this company. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Thank you

NEF oven shelf
Thursday, 11 October 2018  |  Maggie

Easy ordering and quick delivery. Shelf just like the others I had with the oven. Great!

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