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Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

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Electrolux Washing Machine Door Seal
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Electrolux Washing Machine Door Seal

  • Stock Code: PA353
  • Brand:  Electrolux
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

This is a genuine replacement door seal to fit various Electrolux washing machines.


  • Electrolux Washing Machine Door Seal

Fits these models:

EW71411F, EW71611F, EWF1074BW, EWF1084BMW, EWF1272BC, EWF1272BS, EWF1272BW, EWF1273BB, EWF1274BA, EWF1274BMW, EWF1274BW, EWF1280ED, EWF1284BMW, EWF1284BR, EWF1284BW, EWF1290ED, EWF1290WS, EWF1293RB, EWF1294BW, EWF1403RB, EWF1403RC, EWF1404BR, EWF1404RA, EWF1404RC, EWF1405RA, EWF1471ED, EWF1472BS, EWF1480ED, EWF1481BS, EWF1482BC, EWF1482BS, EWF1483BB, EWF1484BA, EWF1484BW, EWF1484RR, EWF1490WS, EWF1494RA, EWF1494RB, EWF1494RC, EWF1495RB, EWF1674BW, EWF11274BW, EWF11284BW, EWF11294BW, EWF11484BW, EWF11674BW, EWFB1294BR, EWFB1674BR, EWFK1074BW, EWFK1284BR, EWFL1074BW, EWFL1274BW, EWFL1284BR, EWFL1284BW, EWFL1484BW, EWFM1074BW, EWFR1074BW, EWFR1284BR, RWF1072BW, RWF1074BW, RWF1077BWE, RWF1084BW, RWF1272BW, RWF1274BW, RWF1284BW, RWF1287BWE, RWF1293BW, RWF1295BW, RWF1404BR, RWF1406BR, RWF1485BR, RWF1486BR, RWF1494BR, RWF1496BR, TF1474, TF1484, TF1685

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