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Fan Oven Element 2500W

Fan Oven Element 2500W

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Fan Oven Element 2400W
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Fan Oven Element 2400W

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  • Stock Code: PA1252
  • Brand:  Electrolux
  • Genuine Spare Part


No stock, delayed dispatch  

No stock, delayed dispatch

Product Details

This genuine replacement 2400 watt fan oven heater element fits many Electrolux and John Lewis oven and cooker models as shown.


  • Fan Oven Element
  • 2400 Watt

Fits these models:

EBSL80A, EBSL80ACN, EBSL80ASP, EI24EW25KS, EKC63004W, EKC63304W, EKC63307X, EKC63314W, EKC63314X, EKC607601W, EKC607601X, EKE63004W, EOB5600B, EOB5600W, EOB5600X, EOB5608X, EOB5610B, EOB5610K, EOB5610W, EOB5610X, EOB5620X, EOB5625W, EOB5625X, EOB5627K, EOB5627S, EOB5627W, EOB5627X, EOB5630B, EOB5630K, EOB5630W, EOB5630X, EOB5632K, EOB5632W, EOB5632X, EOB5647K, EOB5647W, EOB5647X, EOB5660R, EOB5665G, EOB5665R, EOB6630K, EOB6630W, EOB6630X, EOB6630XK, EOB6632K, EOB6632W, EOB6632X, EOB6635K, EOB6635X, EOB6636X, EOB6637X, EOB6640X, EOB6690K, EOB6690X, EOB6696X, EOB6697U, EOB6697X, EOB50100X, EOB51000B, EOB51000W, EOB51000X, EOB52100W, EOB52100X, EOB53000B, EOB53000K, EOB53000R, EOB53000W, EOB53000X, EOB53020X, EOB53100W, EOB53100X, EOB54000X, EOB62300W, EOB62300X, EOB63000W, EOB63000X, EOB63002K, EOB63002W, EOB63002X, EOB63003X, EOB63100K, EOB63100W, EOB63100X, EOB63103X, EOB63120X, EOB63300X, EOB64100A, EOB64100K, EOB64100W, EOB64100X, EOB64101A, EOB64101W, EOB64101X, EOB64140K, EOB64140U, EOB64140W, EOB64140X, EOB64201X, EOB64340W, EOB64340X, EOB65100X, EOB65140X, EOB65300X, EOB67000W, EOB67000X, EOB67200X, EOB68000A, EOB68000X, EOB68200U, EOB68200X, EOB976X1, EOC5627X, EOC6657X, EOC6690X, EOC6697U, EOC6697X, EOC55100X, EOC55300X, EOC65100X, EOC65101X, EOC65140X, EOC65300X, EOC65340X, EOC67000X, EOC68000X, EOC68200A, EOC68200X, EOC68441X, EOC69400X, EON5627K, EON5627S, EON5627W, EON5627X, EON5631B, EON5631W, EON5631X, EON5647K, EON5647W, EON5647X, EON6604X, EON6630X, EON6635X, EON6637X, EON6690X, EON6697X, EON50020B, EON50020W, EON50020X, EON50100X, EON53020B, EON53020W, EON53020X, EON53301X, EON60100X, EON63020X, EON63100X, EON63140W, EON63140X, EON63360X, EON64100A, EON64100W, EON64100X, EON67000X, EONS23.10, EONS23.10X, EOO5630X, EOO6635X, EOO55020X, EOO65140X, EOO67120X, QCE7288X, JLBIOS607, JLBIOS608, JLBIOS609

Customer Reviews
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Did the job
Friday, 12 February 2021  |  Michael

Fairly easy to fix and works perfectly.
And delivery was prompt

Cooker element
Friday, 16 March 2018  |  Clifford

Absolutely first class service, easy to identify the element I needed on the website and easy to order, very quickly delivered, and reasonably priced veryry happy.

Top stuff
Monday, 31 October 2016  |  Nick

Had to replace as the old element died. Drop in replacement on a 13 year old oven.

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