Fan Oven Element 2400W

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This genuine replacement 2400 watt fan oven heater element fits many Electrolux and John Lewis oven and cooker models as shown.


  • Fan Oven Element
  • 2400 Watt

Fits these models:

EBSL80A, EBSL80ACN, EBSL80ASP, EI24EW25KS, EKC63004W, EKC63304W, EKC63307X, EKC63314W, EKC63314X, EKC607601W, EKC607601X, EKE63004W, EOB5600B, EOB5600W, EOB5600X, EOB5608X, EOB5610B, EOB5610K, EOB5610W, EOB5610X, EOB5620X, EOB5625W, EOB5625X, EOB5627K, EOB5627S, EOB5627W, EOB5627X, EOB5630B, EOB5630K, EOB5630W, EOB5630X, EOB5632K, EOB5632W, EOB5632X, EOB5647K, EOB5647W, EOB5647X, EOB5660R, EOB5665G, EOB5665R, EOB6630K, EOB6630W, EOB6630X, EOB6630XK, EOB6632K, EOB6632W, EOB6632X, EOB6635K, EOB6635X, EOB6636X, EOB6637X, EOB6640X, EOB6690K, EOB6690X, EOB6696X, EOB6697U, EOB6697X, EOB50100X, EOB51000B, EOB51000W, EOB51000X, EOB52100W, EOB52100X, EOB53000B, EOB53000K, EOB53000R, EOB53000W, EOB53000X, EOB53020X, EOB53100W, EOB53100X, EOB54000X, EOB62300W, EOB62300X, EOB63000W, EOB63000X, EOB63002K, EOB63002W, EOB63002X, EOB63003X, EOB63100K, EOB63100W, EOB63100X, EOB63103X, EOB63120X, EOB63300X, EOB64100A, EOB64100K, EOB64100W, EOB64100X, EOB64101A, EOB64101W, EOB64101X, EOB64140K, EOB64140U, EOB64140W, EOB64140X, EOB64201X, EOB64340W, EOB64340X, EOB65100X, EOB65140X, EOB65300X, EOB67000W, EOB67000X, EOB67200X, EOB68000A, EOB68000X, EOB68200U, EOB68200X, EOB976X1, EOC5627X, EOC6657X, EOC6690X, EOC6697U, EOC6697X, EOC55100X, EOC55300X, EOC65100X, EOC65101X, EOC65140X, EOC65300X, EOC65340X, EOC67000X, EOC68000X, EOC68200A, EOC68200X, EOC68441X, EOC69400X, EON5627K, EON5627S, EON5627W, EON5627X, EON5631B, EON5631W, EON5631X, EON5647K, EON5647W, EON5647X, EON6604X, EON6630X, EON6635X, EON6637X, EON6690X, EON6697X, EON50020B, EON50020W, EON50020X, EON50100X, EON53020B, EON53020W, EON53020X, EON53301X, EON60100X, EON63020X, EON63100X, EON63140W, EON63140X, EON63360X, EON64100A, EON64100W, EON64100X, EON67000X, EONS23.10, EONS23.10X, EOO5630X, EOO6635X, EOO55020X, EOO65140X, EOO67120X, QCE7288X, JLBIOS607, JLBIOS608, JLBIOS609

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3 Reviews:

Did the job
12 February 2021  |  Michael

Fairly easy to fix and works perfectly.
And delivery was prompt

Cooker element
16 March 2018  |  Clifford

Absolutely first class service, easy to identify the element I needed on the website and easy to order, very quickly delivered, and reasonably priced veryry happy.

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