Electrolux Dishwasher Lower Door Seal

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Genuine replacement Electrolux dishwasher lower door seal. This door seal will fit Electrolux dishwasher models shown.


  • Dishwasher Lower Door Seal

Fits these models:

DW125W, ESF611, ESF6146, ESF6146S, ESF66010, ESF66010S, ESF67010, ESF68010, ESI600B, ESI600W, ESI602B, ESI602W, ESI602X, ESI604B, ESI604W, ESI6104B, ESI6104K, ESI6104W, ESI6104X, ESI6105B, ESI6105K, ESI6105W, ESI6105X, ESI63010K, ESI63010W, ESI63010X, ESI66010X, ESI68050X, ESI68850X, ESL6114, ESL6115, ESL614, ESL6210LO, ESL6211LO, ESL624, ESL63010, ESL66010, ESL66910, ESL68500

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3 Reviews:

Such good service, and an easy repair
23 December 2020  |  Alexander

I ordered this part to fix a slow leak from the front of the washer - no question it was the seal as it was all perished and falling apart. Ordered it 22/12/2020, not expecting it until the new year due to Christmas leave and whatnot. But instead the part arrived 26hrs later by standard delivery.

The seal is very simple to fit - don't disassemble the door, just carefully pull at it until it comes away, and then push the new seal in it's place. Be careful not to bend the channel it fits into.

Great service
06 February 2017  |  Mark

Excellent service part fitted perfectly

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