Fan Oven Element 2500W

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Compatible low cost 2500 watt fan oven element for many cookers sold by different manufacturers and brands including Zanussi, Aeg, Tricity, Electrolux, Moffat, John Lewis and more. This fan oven element is suitable to fit brands and models listed below.


  • Fan Oven Element.
  • 2500 Watt.
  • 3 Turns.
  • Height 225mm.
  • Width 192mm.
  • Tags 92mm.
  • Alternative to 3117704001.

Fits these models:

Aeg Cooker Models, D1100-4-M, D1100-4-W, D1100-5-M, D1100-5-W, D2100-4-B, D2100-4-D, D2100-4-M, D2100-4-W, D2100-5-B, D2100-5-M, D2100-5-W, D3100-5-M, D4101-4-A, D4101-4-B, D4101-4-M, D4101-4-W, D4101-5-B, D4101-5-M, D5701-4-A, D5701-4-M, D5701-5-M, D8800-4-A, D8800-4-M, D8800-5-A, D8800-5-M, Electrolux Cooker Models, EDOMSS, EDOMWH, EOD31000W, EOD31000X, EOD33002B, EOD33002K, EOD33002W, EOD33002X, EOD43102K, EOD43102W, EOD43102X, EOD5310B, EOD5310W, EOD5310X, EOD5330B, EOD5330K, EOD5330W, EOD5330X, EOD5331K, EOD5331X, EOD63142K, EOD63142X, EOD6330B, EOD6330K, EOD6330W, EOD6330X, EOD6335K, EOD6335X, EOD6335XK, EOD6390X, EOD67642X, EOU41000W, EOU41000X, EOU5330W, EOU5330X, EOU6330B, EOU6330K, EOU6330W, EOU6330X, EOU6330XK, EOU6335X, John Lewis Cooker Models, JLBIDO906, JLBIDO911, JLBIDOS904, Moffat Cooker Models, MDB900W, MDB900X, Tricity Bendix Cooker Models, CSE500X, SB432C, SB432W, SB463BK, SE402W, SE501SV, SE501W, SE550W, SE558FPS, TBD950WH, TBD950X, Zanussi Cooker Models, ZCE7550BK, ZCE7550W, ZCE7551X, ZCE7610SV, ZCE7610W, ZCE7680BK, ZCE7680W, ZCE7690X, ZDF290B, ZDF290W, ZDF290X, ZDF290XC, ZDQ595N, ZDQ595W, ZDQ595X, ZDQ995X, ZOD330W, ZOD330X, ZOD350X, ZOD550N, ZOD550X, ZOD685X, ZOD890X

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4 Reviews:

Oven element
01 December 2020  |  Ian

Ordered this item from Parts4appliances as much cheaper than other suppliers. It is exactly the right part, arrived quickly, fitted and working fine.

Needed quick, got it quick
23 July 2018  |  Dan

Great price compared to other sites. received it within 2 working days.

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