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Drum Paddle For Hoover Washing Machine
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Drum Paddle For Hoover Washing Machine

  • Stock Code: PA1237
  • Brand:  Hoover
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Hoover washing machine drum lifter paddle. This drum paddle has six fixing lugs underneath.


  • Hoover Drum Lifter Paddle

Fits these models:

CKDVHD814, DST8146PV-47, DST8166P-14, DST8166P-30, DST9146PVG, DST9166P-30, DST9166PG, DST10146P-3, DST10146P-8, DST10146P-A, DST10146P84S, DST10146PG, DST10146PV4, DST10166PG, DYN7124DZ-30, DYN8124D-18, DYN8124DZ-30, DYN8144D-84, DYN8144DHC, DYN8146P-30, DYN8146P-84S, DYN8164D-80, DYN9124DG, DYN9124DZ-30, DYN9124DZG, DYN9144DG, DYN9144DPG, DYN9146P-30, DYN9146PG, DYN9164DP-84, DYN9164DPG, DYN9166P-AU, DYN9166PG, DYN10124D-03, DYN10124DP, DYN10124DPG, DYN10144DP, DYN10144DPG, DYN10145DPG, DYN10146P-16, DYN10146P-47, DYN10146P-80, DYN10146P-84, DYN10146PG, HDB642-80, HDB854D-30S, HDB854D-80, HDB854D/1-30, HDB854D/1-80, HHET8140, HHET8164Z, HHET9140Z, HHET9163Z, HWB814D-30S, HWB814D-80S, OPH147-80, OPH147/2-80, OPH148-80, OPH714D-80, OPH714D/1, OPH714D/2-80, OPH714DS, OPH714DS1-80, OPH714DS/2-8, OPH716D-80, OPH814-86S, OPH814/1-86S, OPH814/2-86S, SE147, SE147/1-80, SE147/2-80, SE148-80, SE148/1-80, SKDVHD814S, VHD147A/1, VHD148A, VHD148A/1, VHD168/1-86S, VHD708-49S, VHD710-49S, VHD710/1-30, VHD714-84, VHD716-84, VHD810-04S, VHD810-30, VHD810/1-04S, VHD810/2-04S, VHD811-30, VHD812-85S, VHD812-AU, VHD812/1-30, VHD812/1-47, VHD812/2-85S, VHD814-86S, VHD814/1-47, VHD814/1-86S, VHD814/3-86S, VHD814P/1-30, VHD816/1-47, VHD822-80, VHD822/1-80, VHD842-80, VHD842/1-80, VHD844DB-80, VHD862-80, VHD912-30, VHD912Z-30, VHD914Z-86S, VHD916Z-86S, VHD916ZI-47, VHD924D-80, VHD944D-80, VHD964ZD-80, VHD7124ZD-30, VHD7144D-14, VHD7144D-84, VHD7144D/2-8, VHD7164D-84, VHD8103D07S, VHD8104ZD-30, VHD8121-30, VHD8122-80, VHD8123D07S, VHD8124D-30, VHD8124ZD-30, VHD8142-80, VHD8143DB-80, VHD8143ZD-14, VHD8143ZDB, VHD8144D-84, VHD8144D-AU, VHD8144DB-8, VHD8144DHC4S, VHD8144PD-30, VHD8162-80, VHD8163D-86S, VHD8163ZD-14, VHD8163ZI, VHD8164D-86S, VHD8812-47, VHD8813-47, VHD8814D-47, VHD8816D-47, VHD9103D-37S, VHD9104D-37S, VHD9123D-17S, VHD9123D-80, VHD9123ZD-47, VHD9123ZD/1, VHD9124D-17S, VHD9124D-49S, VHD9124D31OS, VHD9143PD-30, VHD9143PD/1, VHD9143ZD-37, VHD9143ZD-47, VHD9143ZD-80, VHD9143ZD/1, VHD9143ZI-84, VHD9144ZD, VHD9153ZD-47, VHD9163ZD-8, VHD9163ZD-14, VHD9163ZD-80, VHD9163ZI-16, VHD9163ZI-84, VHD9163ZI-86, VHD9164ZD-86, VHDF810-30, VHW458A-80, VHW854D-80, VHW854DB-80, VHW854DP-47, VHW854ZD-86S, VHW854ZD/1, VHW856D-80, VHW964D-14S, VHW964D-80, VHW964DP-37S, VHW964DP-47, VHW966DP-80, WDYN854D-80, WDYN854DG, WDYN856DG, WDYN9646G-80, WDYN9646P-A, WDYN9646PG, WDYN9666PG, WMH147DF-80, WMH147DF/1-8, WMH148DF-80, WMH148DF/1-8, WT1496E

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