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Drum Paddle For Candy Washing Machine
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Drum Paddle For Candy Washing Machine

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  • Stock Code: PA1236
  • Brand:  Candy
  • Genuine Spare Part



In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement Candy washing machine drum lifter paddle. This drum paddle has six fixing lugs underneath.


  • Candy Washing Machine Drum Lifter Paddle

Fits these models:

CDB264-80, CDB464-47S, CDB475D-01S, CDB475D/1-01, CDB485D-37S, CDB485D/1-37, CDB754D-80, CDB754D/1-8, CDB854D-80, CKDGO128, CO108F-12, CO108F-37S, CO127DF-16S, CO128DF-12, CO217-47, CO372-47, CWB714-80S, CWB714D-80S, CWB814D-80S, CWB1307-01S, CWB1308-37S, GO107-04S, GO107-36S, GO107DF-01, GO107DF/1-01, GO107/1-01, GO107/1-04S, GO108-01, GO108-04S, GO108-16S, GO108DF-01, GO108DF-16S, GO108DF/1, GO108/1-01, GO108/1-16S, GO108/1-37, GO108/2-01, GO108/2-16S, GO108TXT-07S, GO109-01, GO127-18S, GO127DF-18S, GO128-86S, GO128DF-18S, GO128TXT-07S, GO129-86S, GO129E-86S, GO147DF-47, GO147DF-84, GO147DF-84S, GO147/1-01, GO148-14, GO148-47, GO148-86S, GO148DF-03S, GO148DF-47, GO148/1-86S, GO148/2-86S, GO148/3-86S, GO148L-47, GO149-47, GO218-47, GO282-80, GO282/1-80, GO282/2-80, GO292-80, GO482-80, GO482/1-80, GO482/2-80, GO492-80, GO682-80, GO712-47, GO713/1-47, GO714/1-47, GO812D-12S, GO822-47, GO914-49, GO1080D-36S, GO1272D-84S, GO1280D-01, GO1280D-16S, GO1280D-37, GO1280DX-37S, GO1282-80, GO1282D-01, GO1282D-04OS, GO1282D-04S, GO1282D-12, GO1282D-18S, GO1282D-37, GO1282D-UK, GO1282D/1-1, GO1282DS-18, GO1284L-12, GO1292D-12, GO1292D-37S, GO1292DE-S, GO1480D-37, GO1480D-86S, GO1480DH-01, GO1480DH-86S, GO1480HLS, GO1482-80, GO1482D-14, GO1482D-47, GO1482D-84, GO1482D-86S, GO1482DE-47, GO1482DH-01, GO1482DH-16S, GO1484LE-01, GO1492D-01, GO1492DH-16S, GO1494DH-16S, GO1494LE-01, GO1494LE-47, GO1672D-84, GO1675D-84, GO1682-80, GO1682D-84, GO1682D-86S, GO12102D-04, GO12102D-37, GO121054L, GO121054L-1, GODF800-80, GODF800/1, GOF107-36S, GOF107/1-36, GOF107/2-36S, GOF108-16S, GOF108/1-16, GOF108/2-16, GOF127-01S, GOF127-47, GOF127/1-47, GOF127/2-47, GOF137-47, GOF147-01S, GOF472/2-80, GOW338D-47, GOW475-47, GOW475-80, GOW485D-01S, GOW485D-47, GOW485D-UK, GOW485D/1-01, GOW485D/1-47, GOW485DS-04, GOW496D-01S, GOW496D-12S, GOW1458-37S, GOW1458/1-3, SKDGO149

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Candy drum paddle
Friday, 18 June 2021  |  First

Easy online purchase, quick delivery. Product is of perfect quality.

Candy Paddle
Thursday, 1 June 2017  |  Edwin

Fast delivery. Correct product.
Problem free transaction

Candy washing machine drum paddle
Monday, 29 May 2017  |  Edwin

Fast delivery. Perfect product

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