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Lamona Washer Integrated Door Hinge

Lamona Washer Integrated Door Hinge

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Hoover Washing Machine Door Hinge

Hoover Washing Machine Door Hinge

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Electrolux Washing Machine Door Hande Kit
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Electrolux Washing Machine Door Hande Kit

  • Stock Code: P4A1100
  • Brand:  Electrolux
  • Genuine Spare Part


In stock, immediate dispatch  

In stock, immediate dispatch

Product Details

Genuine replacement door handle kit suitable for select Electrolux washing machine models.


  • Electrolux Door Handle Kit
  • Includes Door Handle
  • Includes Latch Pin

Fits these models:

EWC10550W, EWF8020W, EWF8040W, EWF8047W, EWF8048W, EWF8070W, EWF8170W, EWF8277W, EWF10020W, EWF10040W, EWF10049W, EWF10080W, EWF10149W, EWF10190W, EWF10240W, EWF10277W, EWF10279W, EWF10470W, EWF10479W, EWF10480W, EWF10570W, EWF10591W, EWF10670W, EWF10679W, EWF10771W, EWF12040W, EWF12049W, EWF12070W, EWF12240W, EWF12250, EWF12270W, EWF12287W, EWF12370W, EWF12376W, EWF12440W, EWF12470W, EWF12479W, EWF12480W, EWF12491W, EWF12580W, EWF12591W, EWF12670W, EWF12680W, EWF12780W, EWF12981W, EWF14070W, EWF14180W, EWF14240W, EWF14248W, EWF14260, EWF14270W, EWF14280W, EWF14283W, EWF14370W, EWF14373W, EWF14380W, EWF14440W, EWF14448W, EWF14450, EWF14460, EWF14470W, EWF14480W, EWF14580W, EWF14581W, EWF14583W, EWF14589W, EWF14591W, EWF14597W, EWF14780, EWF14780W, EWF14781W, EWF14981W, EWF16070W, EWF16079W, EWF16250, EWF16260, EWF16370W, EWF16460, EWF16470W, EWF16487W, EWF16580W, EWF16589W, EWF16780, EWF16780W, EWF16781W, EWF16980W, EWF16981W, EWFH12280W, EWFM12470W, EWFM14480W, EWFM14580W, EWS845, EWS8000W, EWS8010W, EWS8012W, EWS8014W, EWS10010W, EWS10012W, EWS10070W, EWS10170W, EWS10277W, EWS10400W, EWS10410W, EWS10412W, EWS10470W, EWS10610W, EWS10612W, EWS10670W, EWS10710W, EWS10712W, EWS10770W, EWS11600W, EWS12410W, EWS12412W, EWS12470W, EWS12610W, EWS12612W, EWS12670W, EWS12710W, EWS12712W, EWS12770W, EWW12470W, EWW12480W, EWW12580W, EWW14470W, EWW14581W, EWW14582W, EWW14781W, EWW14791W, EWW15580W, EWW16489W, EWW16781W, WAGL5S100, WF14079W, WTGL3E100

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