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Bosch Dishwasher Door Hinge Rope & Spring

Bosch Dishwasher Door Hinge Rope & Spring

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Pump Bosch Washing Machine

Pump Bosch Washing Machine

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Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels Pair
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Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels Pair

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  • Stock Code: PA1074
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


In stock for immediate dIspatch  

In stock for immediate dIspatch

Product Details

Compatible dishwasher upper basket wheels suitable for many Hotpoint, Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwasher models shown.


  • Upper Basket Wheels
  • Pack of 2
  • Alternative Part Number C00247530

Fits these models:

Bosch Dishwasher Models, SMS2011GB/03, SMS2012GB/03, SMS2012GB/15, SMS2012GB/20, SMS3042GB/03, SMS4012GB/01, SMS4042GB/11, SMS4452GB/03, SMS4452GB/11, SMS4452GB/14, SMS4462GB/08, SMS4472GB/14, SMS4472GB/20, SMS4482GB/14, SMS5032GB/11, SMS5032GB/14, SMS5058GB/01, SMS5058GB/08, SMS5058GB/11, SMS5058GB/14, SMS5058GB14, SMS5082GB/11, SMS5082GB/14, SMS5082GB/19, SMS5082GB/20, SMS51005/01, SMS6012GB/14, SMS6012GB/20, SMS6032GB/03, SMS6032GB/08, SMS6032GB/11, SMS6032GB/14, SMS6032GB/16, SMS6032GB/19, SMS6032GB/20, SMS6502GB/07, SMS6502GB03, SMS6702GB/02, SMS6702GB/03, SMS6702GB/04, SMS6702GB/09, SMS9022GB/14, SMV4403GB/18, SMV4403GB/20, SMV5503GB/05, SMV5503GB/07, SN23000GB/01, SN23100ID/03, SN23300GB/14, SN23312GB/15, SN23312GB/20, SN24301GB/08, SN24301GB/11, SN24315GB/14, SN24315GB/20, SN25302GB/08, SN25314GB/14, SN25314GB/20, SN53102GB/03, SN53204GB/15, SN53300GB/07, SN53304GB/14, SN53304GB/20, SN54302GB/01, SN55301GB08, SN55320GB/03, SN55520/05, SN64000GB/19, SN64000GB/20, SN65020/01, SN65020GB, SN65020GB/07, SPI5430GB/04, SPS2432GB04, SPS2432GB06, SPS2462GB/18, SPS2462GB/19, SPS5432GB/03, SPS5432GB/04, SPS5432GB/07, SPS5442GB/04, SPS5442GB/06, SPS5462/06, SPS5462GB/18, SPS5462GB/19, SPS6432GB/03, SPS6432GB/04, SPS6432GB/06, SPS6462GB/06, SPV4503GB/06, SR23305GB/19, SR64000GB/06, SGS43C12GB/15, Neff Dishwasher Models, S3130W0GB11, S3132F0GB/11, S3132F0GB01, S3132F0GB14, S3132W0GB11, S3132W0GB14, S3132W0GB19, S3132W0GB20, S4130F0GB/01, S4130F0GB/03, S4130F0GB/08, S4130F0GB/14, S4130F0GB/20, S4130F0GB21, S4130W0GB/01, S4130W0GB/03, S4130W0GB/14, S4130W0GB/20, S4130W0GB/21, S4132F0GB/11, S4132F0GB/14, S4132W0GB/11, S4132W0GB/14, S4133F0GB/14, S4133F0GB/21, S4133W0G14, S4133W0GB/14, S4133W0GB/20, S4133W0GB/21, S4140G0GB/01, S4140G0GB/03, S4140W0GB/03, S4140WGB01, S4142B1GB/20, S4142G0GB/11, S4142N1GB/14, S4142N1GB/20, S4142S1GB/20, S4142W1GB/14, S4142W1GB/20, S4152G0GB/08, S4152W09B, S4153B0GB/07, S4153G0GB/03, S4153W0GB/07, S4172W0GB/14, S4340X0GB/20, S4350X0GB/03, S4350X0GB/05, S4350X0GB/07, S4840X0GB/06, S5453X1GB/74, U1120F20GB0, Siemens Dishwasher Models, SE26T551GB/04, SGV53E03GB/72, SM23312GB, SMI2011GB/15, SMI2011GB/20, SMI2012GB/11, SMI2012GB/13, SMI2012GB/15, SMI2012GB/20, SMI2022GB/03, SMI2031GB/14, SMI2031GB/20, SMI2032GB/14, SMI2032GB/20, SMI4040GB/14, SMI4042GB/14, SMI5022GB03, SMI5084GB/14, SMI5502GB/01, SMI5502GB/07, SMI7072GB/08, Hotpoint Dishwasher Models, 17901, 17902, 17908, 17908E, 19831, 19832, 19841, 19851, 19940, 19950, 19960, 27907, 27908, 47907, 47908, 6800P, 6800W, 6801P, 6801W, 6802B, 6802P, 6820B, 6820P, 6830P, 6830W, 6831B, 6831P, 6832B, 6832P, 6833B, 6833P, 68340, 6834B, 6834P, 7028021, 71340, 71350, 71360, 7800P, 7800W, 7801P, 7801W, 7805P, 7805W, 7806P, 7806W, 7810W, 7820P, 7820W, 7821A, 7821P, 7821W, 7822A, 7822P, 7822W, 7823A, 7823P, 7823W, 7830W, 7833A, 7833P, 7833W, 7834A, 7834P, 7834W, 7840P, 7840W, 7841A, 7841P, 7841W, 7842A, 7842P, 7842W, 7843A, 7843P, 7843W, 7844A, 7844P, 7844W, 7845A, 7845P, 7845W, 7850P, 7850W, 7860P, 7860W, 7861A, 7861P, 7861W, 7870, 7870W, 7871W, 7872W, 7873A, 7873P, 7882A, 7882P, 7882W, 7883A, 7883P, 7883W, 7885A, 7885P, 7885W, 840, 850, 860, 870, BF31B, BF31P, BF32B, BF32P, DC23P, DC23X, DC24P, DC24X, DF21A, DF21P, DF21W, DF22A, DF22P, DF22W, DF23A, DF23N, DF23P, DF23W, DF23X, DF31, DF31A, DF31P, DF31W, DF32A, DF32N, DF32P, DF32W, DF32X, DF41A, DF41P, DF41W, DF42A, DF42N, DF42P, DF42W, DF42X, DF51A, DF51P, DF51W, DF52A, DF52P, DF52W

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Very good value.
Monday, 9 July 2018  |  Tim

Good value delivered when expected. Easily fitted myself so avoided a 30 call out charge from our friendly dishwasher repairman.

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