Dishwasher Heating Element 1800W

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Heater Element
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Low cost replacement 1800w water heater element for Beko, Lamona and other brands of dishwashers listed.


  • Dishwasher Heater Element
  • 1800 Watts
  • Alt to 1888150100

Fits these models:

Beko Dishwasher, D3422F, DE3430FW, DE3762FW, DIN1401XN, D3422FS, DE3431FS, DE3861FS, DIS1501, D3422FS (NEW), DE3431FW, DE3861FW, DSFN1530B, D3422FSNEW, DE3541FS, DE3861FW (NEW), DSFN1530S, D3422FW, DE3541FW, DE3861FW(NEWVERS.), DSFN1530W, D3422FW (NEW), DE3542FS, DE3861FWNEW, DSFN6830B, D3422FWNEW, DE3542FW, DE6340S, DSFS1531S, DE2431FS, DE3761FS, DE6340W, DW12, DE2541FX, DE3761FW, DFN1420, DW450, DE3430FS, DE3762FS, DFN6830, DW600, DW8657W-1, DWD5411S, DWD8657S/1, DWFA20S, DWD4310S, DWD5411W, DWD8657W, DWFA20W, DWD4310W, DWD8650S, DWD8657W/1, DWLT68, DWD4311S, DWD8650W, DWD8657X, FDW45, DWD4311W, DWD8650X, DWD8657X/1, FDW60, DWD5410S, DWD8657S, DWF640S, HDA8630, DWD5410W, DW663, Belling Dishwasher, IDW704, Candy Dishwasher, 32000773 (CBI1974-47), 32900370 (CDI10P27-07), 32900368 (CDI10P57X-E), 32900431 (CDI10P75X), 32900361 (CDI4545-E-80), 32900356 (CDI9P45-E-S), 32900369 (CDI9P50-07), 32900357 (CDI9P50-E-S), 32900371 (CDIP96-07), 32000870 (CDP4549-47), 32000871 (CDP4549X-47), 32000686 (CDP4610BL-80), 32000704 (CDP4709-07), 32000705 (CDP4709X-07), 32000846 (CDP4725), 32000847 (CDP4725X), 32000797 (CDP4810-86), 32000798 (CDP4810X-86), 32000848 (CDP5710-47), 32000849 (CDP5710X-47), 32000836 (CDP5915-01), 32000837 (CDP5915X-01), 33000696 (CGG5611SBW), 32000875 (CPR110), Diplomat Dishwasher, ADP8630, ADP8640, Flavel Dishwasher, DWF640S, DWF640W, DWFA20S, DWFA20W, FDW60, Lamona Dishwasher, HJA8362, HJA8630, HJA8640, LAM8602, LAM8603, Leisure Dishwasher, DWLT48, DWLT65, Smeg Dishwasher, 653ELCN, APA113, APA6148N, APA6148X, APK450, APKE450, APL12-1, APL1250ES, APL1259ES, BLV1AZ, BLV1AZ-1, BLV1NE, BLV1NE-1, BLV1O, BLV1O-1, BLV1P, BLV1P-1, BLV1R, BLV1R-1, BLV1RO, BLV1RO-1, BLV1VE, BLV1VE-1, BLV1X, BLV1X-1, BLV2AZ-1, BLV2AZ-2, BLV2AZK, BLV2NE-1, BLV2NE-2, BLV2O-1, BLV2O-2, BLV2P-1, BLV2P-2, BLV2PK, BLV2R-1, BLV2R-2, BLV2RK, BLV2RO-1, BLV2RO-2, BLV2ROK, BLV2VE-1, BLV2VE-2, BLV2X-1, BLV2X-2, BLV496ES, CA01-3, CA01-4, CA01-5, CA01S, CA129B, CA12B, CA12S, D452I, DS643, DW54SSA, DWB45FI, DWI450, DWI600, ELV431, ELV451I, ELV471, ELV472B, ELVI451F, ELVI461B, ELVI461I, ELVI461N, FN52B, GSB4080E, GSI4210, GSI6210, GSI6310XL, GSV4050E, GSV4220, GSV6050E, GSV6110, GSV6220, GSV6320XL, KLS1256B, KLS1256S, KLS51B, KLS51S, KLS57B, KLVS30EB, KLVS32X, KLVS50EB, KLVS51NE, KLVS52X, KM45FI, KM45SI, KM60FI, KM60SI, KS45-3T, LLI6057, LS12B, LS12N, LS12X, LS13B, LS13B-2, LS13N, LS13N-2, LS13X, LS13X-2, LS19-3, LS19-7, LS4647XH7, LS6147XH7, LS6148BH9, LS6445BNL, LS6445XNL, LS6447BNL, LS6447XNL, LS645XNL2, LS645XSA, LS647XNL2, LSA1257BE, LSA1257LB, LSA12XD9, LSA12XPQ, LSA13X, LSA13X2, LSA14X, LSA14X7, LSA4547B, LSA4547X, LSA4548XD, LSA4549B, LSA4549G, LSA4549X, LSA4551B, LSA4551G, LSA4552B, LSA4645B, LSA4645X, LSA4645X7, LSA4647G, LSA4647X, LSA4647X7, LSA4647XH, LSA4649B, LSA4650B, LSA4745B, LSA4745X, LSA4845B, LSA4845G, LSA4845X, LSA6045X, LSA6047B, LSA6047G, LSA6047X, LSA6049B, LSA6049BD, LSA6049X, LSA6050B, LSA6051B, LSA612G, LSA6143B, LSA6143X, LSA6143X7, LSA6145B, LSA6145BH, LSA6145G, LSA6145N, LSA6145X, LSA6145X7, LSA6147B, LSA6147BD, LSA6147BH, LSA6147X, LSA6147X7, LSA6147XH, LSA6148B, LSA6149B, LSA614G, LSA614X7, LSA6150B, LSA6151B, LSA6245B, LSA6245G, LSA6245N, LSA6245X, LSA6246B, LSA6246G, LSA6246X, LSA6248B, LSA6248G, LSA624G, LSA642G, LSA642G-2, LSA6439AX2, LSA6439X2, LSA643BPQ, LSA643XPQ, LSA6444B, LSA6444B2, LSA6444X, LSA6444X2, LSA6445B, LSA6445B2, LSA6445FX, LSA6445G, LSA6445N, LSA6445N2, LSA6445X, LSA6445X2, LSA6446B, LSA6446B2, LSA6446X, LSA6446X2, LSA6447B, LSA6447B2, LSA6447FX, LSA6447X, LSA6447X2, LSA6448B, LSA6448B2, LSA6448G, LSA6448G2, LSA644G, LSA644G2, LSA645X, LSA645X2, LSA647WSA, LSA647XSA, LSA649WSA, LSA650B, LSA6539X, LSA653E, LSA6544B, LSA6544X, LSA6544X2, LSA6544X3, LSA6545B, LSA655X, LSAP6245X, LSAP6248X, LSAP6251G, LSAP6445X, LSAP6448B, LSAP6448X, LSAP6449G, LSG62, LSG62S, LSG63, LSG63X, LSP137B, LSP137N, LSP137X, LSP1449B, LSP1449N, LSP1449X, LSP1453B, LSP1453N, LSP1453X, LSP1453X1, LSP327B, LSP327N, LSP327X, 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Customer Reviews
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8 Reviews:

Dishwasher inline heater
16 April 2021  |  Laurie

Part arrived very quickly and well packed. Repair went really well thanks to Youtube video on replacement. All around very satisfied.

Ideal replacement
04 May 2020  |  Garrett

This was the perfect replacement for the flow through element on my Beko DW80323W. It eas easy to install and reconnect to the wiring. It's been functioning perfectly for the last 2 weeks. Competitively priced, parts4appliances were charging almost 10 less than other sites. Delivered in a timely fashion. I would've given 5 stars but the item came in an excessive amount of packaging. It was already boxed in an appropriately sized box (15cm x 15cm) but this was then put in a massive box (50cm x 30cm) seemingly for no reason as there was no protectve packaging in the bigger box.

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