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Fan Oven Element 2500W

Fan Oven Element 2500W

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Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels X 8
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Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels X 8

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  • Stock Code: PA453
  • Brand:  Low Cost Parts
  • Compatible Spare Part


No stock, delayed dispatch  

No stock, delayed dispatch

Product Details

Low cost replacement set of eight upper basket wheels or rollers to fit many dishwasher models as listed.


  • Upper Basket Wheel Set
  • Pack of 8
  • Alternative Part Number 50286967000

Fits these models:

AEG Dishwasher Models, F.40010VI D, AEG F.60760 UK, ASI66011K, F30010IM, F34030IM0, F34030VI0, F34032VI0, F35010IB, F35010ILB, F35010ILM, F35010ILW, F35010IM, F35010IW, F35010VI, F35010VIL, F35020IM, F35020VI, F35085VI, F35090I-B, F35090I-M, F35090IM, F35090IW, F35090VI, F35400IM0, F35400VI0, F35410IM, F35410VI, F40010IM, F40010VI, F40012ID, F40012IM, F40012IW, F40012UM, F40360, F40370, F40370U, F40375U, F40379U, F40561U, F40742, F40760, F40860, F40860M, F40860U, F43011VI, F43070VI, F43080IB, F43080IM, F43080IW, F43080VI, F43410IM, F43480I-D, F43480I-M, F43480I-W, F44010ID, F44010ILM, F44010IM, F44010IW, F44010VI, F44010VIL, F44011VI, F44060VI, F44080IA/1, F44080IB, F44080ID, F44080IL-M, F44080IM, F44080IM/1, F44080IW, F44080VI, F44080VIL, F44086IA, F44086IM, F44090ID, F44090IL-M, F44090IM, F44090IW, F44090VI, F44090VIL, F44410IM, F44410VI, F44411VI, F44420, F44450, F44460, F44480I-M, F44490I-M, F44490VI, F44760, F44860, F44860M, F44860U, F44860UM, F44861, F44861M, F44880, F45000M0, F45000W0, F45001, F45001M, F45002, F45002M, F45003, F45003M, F45005, F45005M, F45010M0, F45010W0, F45011M0, F45011W0, F50002ID0, F50002IM0, F50002IW0, F50010VI, F50580VI, F50671, F50671U, F50672, F50672M, F50672U, F50672UM, F50673, F50673M, F50673S, F50674, F50675, F50675M, F50742, F50760, F50765, F50777, F50777S, F50860, F50860U, F50863, F50863U, F50863U-M, F50863U-S, F50865, F50866, F50870, F50870B, F50870FUB, F50870FUM, F50870FUS, F50870M, F50870S, F50870U, F50870UM, F50870US, F50871, F50871M, F50871U, F50872, F50872U, F50873, F50873M, F50873S, F50874, F50874FM, F50874M, F50875, F50875M, F50875U, F50875UM, F50876U, F50877, F50878, F50878M, F50879, F50879M, F50879U, F50879UM, F51879, F51879M, F54000IM0, F54000VI0, F54012ID, F54012IM, F54012IW, F54012UD, F54012UM, F54012UW, F54052VI0, F54750, F54760, F54850, F54850S, F54860, F54860M, F54861, F54861M, F55000M0, F55000W0, F55010IA, F55010IB, F55010ID, F55010IM, F55010IW, F55010M0, F55010VI, F55010VIL, F55010W0, F55011IB, F55011ID, F55011IM, F55011IW, F55011VI, F55051VI0, F55060VI0, F55062VI0, F55080VI, F55080VI-M, F55090IA, F55090ID, F55090IM, F55090IW, F55090VI, F55090VIL, F55097ID, F55097IM, F55097IW, F55400IM0P, F55400VI0P, F55402IM0P, F55402VI0P, F55402VI0PS, F55410IM, F55410W0P, F55420W0P, F55490I-M, F60010IM, F60010VI, F60018ID, F60018IM, F60018IW, F60018UD, F60018UM, F60018UW, F60650, F60650M, F60660, F60660M, F60669, F60669M, F60760, F60760B, F60760M, F60761, F60761M, F60761S, F60767, F60767M, F60850VIM, F60860, F60870, F60870FM, F60870M, F60870U, F60870UM, F60870US, F60871, F60871UM, F60872, F60873, F60879M, F64080I-A, F64080IA/1, F64080IB, F64080IB/1, F64080IL-A, F64080IL-M, F64080IM, F64080IM/1, F64080IW, F64080IW/1, F64080VI, F64080VIL, F64085IL-M, F64085IM, F64085VIL, F64086IA, F64086IB, F64086IM, F64086IW, F64480I-A, F64480I-D, F64480I-M, F64480I-W, F64480IM, F64660, F64760, F64760M, F64860, F64860U, F65010IB, F65010ID, F65010ILM, F65010IM, F65010IW, F65010VI, F65010VIL, F65011IA, F65011IB, 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Wheelie good!
Thursday, 17 December 2020  |  Ian

Item arrived very quickly after order. Easy to fit and work extremely well. “Wheelie” pleased with service and product.

Dishwasher wheels
Monday, 16 March 2020  |  Peter


Dishwasher wheels
Friday, 28 July 2017  |  John

Very efficient and speedy delivery, wheels somewhat stiff and needed lubricating

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