Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels X 8

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Basket Wheels
Low Cost Parts
Product Details

Low cost replacement set of eight upper basket wheels or rollers to fit many dishwasher models as listed.


  • Upper Basket Wheel Set
  • Pack of 8
  • Alternative Part Number 50286967000

Fits these models:

AEG Dishwasher Models, F.40010VI D, AEG F.60760 UK, ASI66011K, F30010IM, F34030IM0, F34030VI0, F34032VI0, F35010IB, F35010ILB, F35010ILM, F35010ILW, F35010IM, F35010IW, F35010VI, F35010VIL, F35020IM, F35020VI, F35085VI, F35090I-B, F35090I-M, F35090IM, F35090IW, F35090VI, F35400IM0, F35400VI0, F35410IM, F35410VI, F40010IM, F40010VI, F40012ID, F40012IM, F40012IW, F40012UM, F40360, F40370, F40370U, F40375U, F40379U, F40561U, F40742, F40760, F40860, F40860M, F40860U, F43011VI, F43070VI, F43080IB, F43080IM, F43080IW, F43080VI, F43410IM, F43480I-D, F43480I-M, F43480I-W, F44010ID, F44010ILM, F44010IM, F44010IW, F44010VI, F44010VIL, F44011VI, F44060VI, F44080IA/1, F44080IB, F44080ID, F44080IL-M, F44080IM, F44080IM/1, F44080IW, F44080VI, F44080VIL, F44086IA, F44086IM, F44090ID, F44090IL-M, F44090IM, F44090IW, F44090VI, F44090VIL, F44410IM, F44410VI, F44411VI, F44420, F44450, F44460, F44480I-M, F44490I-M, F44490VI, F44760, F44860, F44860M, F44860U, F44860UM, F44861, F44861M, F44880, F45000M0, F45000W0, F45001, F45001M, F45002, F45002M, F45003, F45003M, F45005, F45005M, F45010M0, F45010W0, F45011M0, F45011W0, F50002ID0, F50002IM0, F50002IW0, F50010VI, F50580VI, F50671, F50671U, F50672, F50672M, F50672U, F50672UM, F50673, F50673M, F50673S, F50674, F50675, F50675M, F50742, F50760, F50765, F50777, F50777S, F50860, F50860U, F50863, F50863U, F50863U-M, F50863U-S, F50865, F50866, F50870, F50870B, F50870FUB, F50870FUM, F50870FUS, F50870M, F50870S, F50870U, F50870UM, F50870US, F50871, F50871M, F50871U, F50872, F50872U, F50873, F50873M, F50873S, F50874, F50874FM, F50874M, F50875, F50875M, F50875U, F50875UM, F50876U, F50877, F50878, F50878M, F50879, F50879M, F50879U, F50879UM, F51879, F51879M, F54000IM0, F54000VI0, F54012ID, F54012IM, F54012IW, F54012UD, F54012UM, F54012UW, F54052VI0, F54750, F54760, F54850, F54850S, F54860, F54860M, F54861, F54861M, F55000M0, F55000W0, F55010IA, F55010IB, F55010ID, F55010IM, F55010IW, F55010M0, F55010VI, F55010VIL, F55010W0, F55011IB, F55011ID, F55011IM, F55011IW, F55011VI, F55051VI0, F55060VI0, F55062VI0, F55080VI, F55080VI-M, F55090IA, F55090ID, F55090IM, F55090IW, F55090VI, F55090VIL, F55097ID, F55097IM, F55097IW, F55400IM0P, F55400VI0P, F55402IM0P, F55402VI0P, F55402VI0PS, F55410IM, F55410W0P, F55420W0P, F55490I-M, F60010IM, F60010VI, F60018ID, F60018IM, F60018IW, F60018UD, F60018UM, F60018UW, F60650, F60650M, F60660, F60660M, F60669, F60669M, F60760, F60760B, F60760M, F60761, F60761M, F60761S, F60767, F60767M, F60850VIM, F60860, F60870, F60870FM, F60870M, F60870U, F60870UM, F60870US, F60871, F60871UM, F60872, F60873, F60879M, F64080I-A, F64080IA/1, F64080IB, F64080IB/1, F64080IL-A, F64080IL-M, F64080IM, F64080IM/1, F64080IW, F64080IW/1, F64080VI, F64080VIL, F64085IL-M, F64085IM, F64085VIL, F64086IA, F64086IB, F64086IM, F64086IW, F64480I-A, F64480I-D, F64480I-M, F64480I-W, F64480IM, F64660, F64760, F64760M, F64860, F64860U, F65010IB, F65010ID, F65010ILM, F65010IM, F65010IW, F65010VI, F65010VIL, F65011IA, F65011IB, F65011IM, F65011VI, F65012ID, F65012IM, F65012IW, F65012UD, F65012UM, F65012UW, F65013IM, F65018ID, F65018IM, F65018IW, F65018UD, F65018UM, F65018UW, F65019ID, F65019IM, F65019IW, F65019UM, F65060VI, F65080IA, F65080IB, F65080IM, F65080VI, F65080VI/1, F65080VIL, F65086VI, F65090ID, F65090IL-M, F65090IM, F65090IW, F65090VI, F65090VIL, F65099ID, F65099IM, F65099IW, F65401IM0P, F65401VI0P, F65402ID0P, F65402IM0P, F65402IW0P, F65402VI0P, F65410IA, F65410ID, F65410IM, F65410IW, F65410M0P, F65410VI, F65410W0P, F65411VI, F65490I-A, F65490I-D, F65490I-M, F65490I-W, F65490VI, F65510VI, F65511VI, F65570VI, F75011VIL, F75500VI0, F77402M0P, F77402W0P, F78400IM0P, F78400VI0P, F80010ILM, F80010IM, F80010VI, F80010VIL, F80870, F80870M, F80870U, F80870UM, F80870US, F80871M, F80872, F80873, F80873M, F80874, F80874M, F84011VI, F84410VI, F84470VI, F84485VI, F85010ILM, F85010IM, F85010VI, F85010VIL, F85015ILM, F85015IM, F85015VI, F85015VIL, F85060VI, F85090IL-M, F85090IM, F85090VI, F85090VIL, F85095IL-M, F85095IM, F85095VI, F85095VIL, F85460VI, F85480VI, F86010VI, F86011VI, F86019IM, F86070IM, F86070VI, F86080FUM, F86080IA, F86080IL-M, F86080IM, F86080VI, F86080VIL, F86099IM, F86410IM, F86480I-A, F86480I-M, F87029IM, F88010IA, F88010IM, F88010VI, F88010VIL, F88012ILM, F88012IM, F88012VI, F88012VIL, F88014IM, F88015IM, F88015VI, F88015VISL, F88016IA, F88016IM, F88020IM, F88020VI, F88020VIL, F88021VI, F88021VIL, F88025ILM, F88025IM, F88025VI, F88025VIL, F88025VIM, F88070IA, F88070IM, F88070V, F88070VI, F88070VIL, F88080IA, F88080IB, F88080IM, F88080VI, F88080VIL, F88090IA, F88090IM, F88090VI, F88090VIL, F88400IM0P, F88400VI0P, F88410VI, F88419M0P, F88419W0P, F88420IM, F88420VI, F88421IM, F88421VI, F89020IA, F89020IM, F89020VI, F89020VIL, F89021IA, F89021IM, F89021VI, F98010IMM, F99020IMM, FAAA, FAAAID, FAAAIM, FAAAIW, FAAAUTO, FAAAVI, FAUTO, FAUTOAA, FAVG340, FAVOKO, FAVOKOID, FAVOKOIM, FAVOKOIW, FAVOKOUM, FAVOKOVI, FCOMPAAA, FCONTROLID, FCONTROLIM, FCONTROLIW, FCONTROLVI, FEXPPRESS, FEXPRESSID, FEXPRESSIM, FEXPRESSIW, FEXPRESSM, FEXPRESSVI, FFIESTAAA, FINTENSIVA, FMAGIC-IM, FMAGIC-VI, FOKO45M0P, FOKO45W0P, FOKOPLUS, FOKOPLUSID, FOKOPLUSIM, FOKOPLUSIW, FOKOPLUSUM, FOKOPLUSVI, FOKPLUSILM, FOKPLUSVIL, FOPTIMAAA, FPERFECTAA, FPERFORMID, FPERFORMIM, FPERFORMIW, FPLUS, FPOWER, FPROTECT-N, FPROTECT-S, FSILENCE, FSILENCE-M, FSILPLUS, FSILPLUSID, FSILPLUSIM, FSILPLUSIW, FSILPLUSM, FSILPLUSU, FSILPLUSUM, FSILTECH, FSILTECHM, FSILTECHU, GS45BV220, P09113082865, F35400VI0, GS45AVB, F55612W0P, F55612M0P, TP893N, F35400IMO, F35400IM0, F35400VIO, GS45AV221, FAUTO, F45000W0, F45000M0, F45001W0, F45001M0, FAUTOAA, FOPTIMAAA, F40742, F50742, F50765, FPERFECTAA, FPROTECT-N, FAAAUTO, F54000IM0, F50002IM0, F50002IW0, F50002ID0, F34030IM0, F30010IM, F35020IM, F54000VI0, F54052VI0, F34030VI0, F35020VI, F34032VI0, F44760, F44450, FFIESTAAA, F44420, F54750, F44460, F54760, F43480I-W, F43480I-D, F43480I-M, F43410IM, F35410IM, F35410VI, F55400W0P, F99000MP, F50777, F50777S, FPROTECT-S, 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10 Reviews:

Value for Money
23 May 2024  |  Alison

Much cheaper than other sites, did the job!

Wheelie good!
17 December 2020  |  Ian

Item arrived very quickly after order. Easy to fit and work extremely well. “Wheelie” pleased with service and product.

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